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1200 most commonly repeated words in IELTS Listening Test – Set 2

Most commonly used and repeated words for IELTS Listening test

Practice these words and improve your listening skills to score 8 bands.


linguistics, bilingual, trilingual, polyglot, Portuguese, Mandarin, Bengali, Chinese, Hindi, Russian, Japanese, German, Punjabi, Thai, Persian, Filipino, French, Italian, Greek, French,


semi-detached house, duplex, terraced house, town house, row house,
bungalow, thatched cottage, mobile home, houseboat, block of flats, apartment
building, condominium, chimney, bedroom, basement, landlord, tenant, rent, lease,
neighborhood, suburb, sofa, coffee table, dormitory, storey, kitchen, refrigerator,
microwave, ground floor, oven, hallway, insurance

In the city

cities, street, lane, city centre, central station, car park, department
store, bridge, temple, embassy, road system, hospital, garden, avenue


mushroom, fungus, leaves, seed, core, bark, trunk, twig, branch, flower, stem, roots, cluster, fertilizer


Egypt, Mexico, France, Indonesia, Turkey, England, Germany, China, Greece, Brazil, India, North Korea, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, the Dominican Republic, the Philippines, Denmark

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