children should start school at a very early age

Children should Start School at a very Early Age IELTS Essay

Children should Start School at a very Early Age IELTS Essay

Some people think that children should start school at a very early age, but others believe that children should go to school until they are older. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Education

Sample Essay 1

People have differing opinions on whether children should begin formal education as soon as feasible or wait until later in life. Personally, I believe that starting school early would be significantly more advantageous than starting later.

To begin with, starting school at an early age has a number of advantages. It is undeniable that the younger a person is, the easier it is for them to learn new things. As a result, these kids will have an advantage over their peers who are pursuing higher education.

Aside from that, they’d have a better chance of discovering their innate abilities. Most Indian children, for example, start kindergarten when they are three or four years old, where they are taught basic skills like addition and subtraction. Those who show promise will be followed up on by teachers for a few months with the goal of training them to become specialised students who can represent their school in national and international contests in the not-too-distant future. Several people, on the other hand, advocate for a later start to formal schooling for a variety of reasons. It is thought that starting school later in life will provide children more time to learn from their parents at home. As a result, in the next few years, these youngsters will mature and integrate more easily into the school environment. Furthermore, it may be more helpful for children to have a childhood in which they can develop their own abilities and interests through normal household activities.

Such concepts, in my opinion, are misguided because delaying schooling diminishes opportunities for social connection. Despite being safe at home with their parents, the children would have fewer opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities that would provide them with important soft skills such as collaboration and communication. Furthermore, while they are not in school, many children lead hazardous lifestyles because they spend their free time playing online games, which gradually isolates them from society.

To sum up, I feel that parents should send their children to school at a young age.

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Early Age School for Children IELTS Essay

Sample Essay 2

Education is an inevitable part of our lives and without it man’s life is like a ship without a sailor. Many people reckon that children should begin with schooling at an early age, whereas others say that young ones should attend school by the age of seven. This essay will discuss both the above given views and will arrive at a logical conclusion at the end.

On the one hand, various studies have shown that the first five years of a child’s age is the most critical period of their life, so it is the perfect time to expose them to a nurturing and educational setting during those years. In preschools, a safe, fun filled and motivating ambience is provided to young children under the guidance of veterans tutors which guarantees a perfect start of their academic life. In addition, it prepares the kid for higher levels given that they come to know what to expect in a classroom setting. Moreover, early schooling helps children to develop dynamic skills such as taking turns, attending to others, assisting one another, and cooperating or sharing with other children of the same age helps them to learn better communication.

On the other hand, many people ponder that the real essence of childhood is often lost when schooling is begun early as more or less, children have to study and are given homework which puts a burden on their minds. Furthermore, if not thoroughly monitored in school, the child can also take on immoral habits such as fighting or bullying. It is believed that children after the age of five are mentally and physically developed enough to begin with schooling as playfulness is important to ensure the proper physical and cognitive development of a child which gets compromised when one starts school. A recent study conducted by Stanford University has established that parents who waited to enroll their kids in kindergarten till the age of 6 had better performing kids. The kids usually have better test scores and better self-control by the time they reach 7 so that is an apt age to begin their formal education.

To sum up, I ardently believe that children should begin school around the age of six as they can learn basics like toilet manners, reciprocation and many basic qualities at their home from parents as well, playing with toys and friends itself activates many special connections in the brain such as critical thinking and usage of specialised signals and rules.

Children should Start School at a very Early Age Writing Task 2

Sample Essay 3

The appropriate age for children to begin school is one of the most heated and polarizing issues in education, but the ongoing debate in across the globe is pushing already a divided opinion to extremes. In one circle, it is argued that schools to start admitting children as young as three to try to solve the problem of poor parenting. In the opposite circle, it is believed that children should spend more time playing and formal schooling should be delayed till seven. In this instance, I am of the honest opinion that children should spend most time playing.

In most countries, compulsory schooling starts at five, although in practice almost all four years old kids are in school. But many argue that even five is too late for some children. They contend that some children from poor background need to start school at three or even two to counter the effects of their upbringing. In the case, a research conducted by the Sutton Trust, a charity that works for improving social mobility, reveals that four and five year old kids from the wealthiest backdrops were 19 months ahead of those from the poorest families. Moreover, they believe the earlier the better. They argue that when children start school at an early, they tend to remember and retain more.

Pushing in the opposite direction, many circles outcry that five is already too early and damages our kids. Rather than starting earlier, they contend that children should start school at seven, and focus between three and seven on playing rather than studying. They argued that evidence on the nexus between achievement and school starting age is inconclusive. Dr David White bread, an expert in developmental psychology in Cambridge University’s faculty of education, sets forth evidence that even children from underprivileged backgrounds in particular benefit from an extended play-focused experience. He emphasizes on the importance of play in children development. He says that play is fun, but it is more than that. According to White bread, play is closely related to cognitive development and emotional well-being. Children enjoy play, but at the same time they also learn from.

However, I support the notion that playing is not merely a way of entertainment of children. Children can learn subtly through the play. Children can get real experience during the playtime and on which they can later develop their theoretical knowledge. In addition to this, play is also crucial for becoming active and for physical fitness. That is why, I feel that children should spend more time play instead of sitting in a classroom that matters children’s overall development.

From what has been discussed above we may draw the conclusion that both points of view have their merits. Although schools provide children with an organized learning approach, play is the handiest tool to develop a rounded child. Most importantly, we have no right to truncate their childhood.

IELTS Writing Task 2 – Early Age School for Children

Sample Essay 4

People have different views about whether children should start their formal education as early as possible or delay it until they are older. Personally, I believe an early commencement of study would be far more beneficial than a later start.

Firstly, starting school at a young age would generate a number of positive outcomes. Undeniably, the younger an individual is, the easier it is for them to acquire new knowledge and information. As a result, these children would have a head start over their peers pursuing higher education. Besides this, they would have more opportunity to figure out their natural talents. Most Vietnamese children, for example, are sent to kindergarten at the age of 3 or 4 where they are taught basic skills such as addition and subtraction. After a couple of months, those showing potential will be further cared for by teachers with an aim to train them to become specialized students who can represent their school in national and international competitions in the not-too-distant future.

On the other hand however, several individuals advocate a later start to formal schooling due to a number of reasons. It is believed that commencing school at a later age will offer kids more time to learn many things via their parents at home. As a result, these children will become more mature and integrate more easily into the educational environment in the upcoming years. In addition, it might also be more beneficial for children to have a childhood in which they can cultivate their own skills and interests through normal activities at home.

Personally, I believe that such ideas are flawed because delaying schooling reduces the opportunity for social interaction. Despite being safe with their parents at home, children would have fewer chances to engage in extracurricular activities which would equip them with vital soft skills including teamwork and communication skills. Not to mention, while not at school, many children tend to lead an unhealthy lifestyle as their free time is devoted to online games, which gradually isolate them from society.

To conclude, I do believe that it would be well-advised that parents send their children to school at an early age.

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Children should Start School at a very Early Age IELTS Essay

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