Children Spend Long Hours on Homework IELTS Essay

Children Spend Long Hours on Homework IELTS Essay

Children Spend Long Hours on Homework IELTS Essay

In many countries, children spend long hours on homework. Some people think less homework can reduce student’s stress and give them a chance to develop other skills. Do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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Children Spend Long Hours on Homework IELTS Essay

Every school has designed their curriculum in a way that students must spend sufficient time on their homework. Many people reckon that students should not be burdened with excessive homework rather they should be allowed to develop other skills during their home stay. However, in my opinion, the amount of homework given must be sufficient enough to keep them busy after school.

Apparently, the students were given homework so that they can practice whatsoever they had learned in class room and it also help in developing discipline among students. The routine of doing homework is certainly fruitful and brings positive results in a long term.For Instance, the students who daily do their homework are more likely to retain their coursework and significantly excel in their examinations. Secondly, it has been observed that students experience stress when they are unable to understand the subject matter, and slight tension in mind is necessary for students to learn and leads to positive results.

In addition to this, it is not necessary that students will use their time to develop special skills, opposite might also happen like wasting their time on futile activities and wandering aimlessly. Henceforth, reducing the homework can sometimes lead to more problems than solutions. Moreover, if a student really possess some talent he or she will definitely work on honing their skills after completing their school work.

In my opinion schools have planned their curriculum in way so that it caters all the needs of children and help them to develop various skills as well. Thus, one must not challenge the amount of homework given to children.

Children Spend Long Hours on Homework Agree Disagree IELTS Essay

Over the past decade, the amount of time that student spends on homework has increased significantly, especially in the third world countries. Some people thinks that it brings detrimental effects and they hardly explore the other skills. I strongly agree that children should have more time to explore their interests and to play sports.

It is undeniable fact that the homework is beneficial to children. The assignments are mostly based on what they are learnt in the school on the same day so during the exams it wont pile up and they just need to revise the subjects if they did the homework regularly. Moreover, some students will not learn anything unless it is compulsory. Subjects like Mathematics and Science needs regular revision and extra studying other than school hours so it requires homework or assignments for children to learn. Although, the homework can benefits student but it can deteriorate their mind and life if they bring home too much of homework.

If the children go home and brings dozens of homework after spending six to eight hours at school, the consequences can be catastrophic. Especially, it can cause a lot of stress which the brain of young children cannot be handled, it requires lots of resting and free time to refresh. Moreover, too much of homework leaves no time to focus on their own interests such as learning music, dancing and involving in sports which are vital as learning those school subjects. By focusing too much of studies might result in loosing their individuality and talent in other skills.

In conclusion, as goes by the famous saying “too much of anything is good for nothing” so they need more time to breathe on their interest rather than spending all of it on the homework.

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Children Spend Long Hours on Homework IELTS Essay

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