Directors of large organizations earn Higher Salaries ielts essay

Directors of large organizations earn Higher IELTS Essay

Directors of large Organizations earn Higher Salaries Essay

Directors of large organizations earn much higher salaries than ordinary employees do. Some people think it is necessary, but others are of the opinion that it is unfair. Discuss both views and give your own opinions.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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Directors Earn Higher Salaries IELTS EssayModel Answer 1

In an organization, there are various positions and each position has a defined range of salary depending upon the intensity of the work. While some people find the notion to be justified, others oppose it. This essay will aim to discuss both viewpoints before giving a final opinion.

To begin with, there are several factors why some senior personnel, such as directors, are given higher remuneration than other employees. Firstly, they have years of experience under their belt which is extremely beneficial to the company. Secondly, they have the skill set required to accomplish the wide range of tasks assigned to them which might vary from organizing teams to collaborating with stakeholders to implementing strategies that will raise the company’s profit. Consequently, to handle these factors, they not only have to work within the company but also travel to various places. ieltsxpress

However, some employees, such as managers or engineers, have a workload similar to the higher personnel, if not more. For instance, a construction engineer has to frequently visit sites to ensure that tasks are carried out according to plans and conduct meetings with the stakeholders to constantly update them on the progress. This aids in delivering the tasks on time as well as maintaining a good rapport with the client. Therefore, it seems unfair if these personnel are paid lower wages despite the efforts they give. This can be resolved if companies keep a track of their hard-working employees, evaluate and reward them in a timely manner.

To recapitulate, although the directors work hard to maintain the clients and enhance the profits for the company, many employees also give efforts to manage their tasks as well as maintain the image of the organization by delivering on time. Hence, I believe the high pay package of seniors is justified but the salary of hard-working employees ought to be taken into consideration as well.

Directors Higher Salaries than Ordinary People IELTS Essay – Model Answer 2

In the past few years, the corporate sector has witnessed immense growth globally. This progress has created several job opportunities for professionals in various fields at all levels. When it comes to salaries, we often see a huge difference between the earnings of the ordinary employees and top managers. Senior managers usually draw massive salaries whereas the junior and middle level workers are paid just average amounts.

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In my viewpoint, I would agree with the statement that directors should be paid more as compared to their subordinates. Firstly, their job responsibilities, working skills and problem-solving attitude are significantly different from that of the other employees of the organization. Secondly, executive directors and managers are accountable for the profits and losses of their companies. They have a tight schedule as they have to fulfill their responsibilities within the given duration. Considering all these factors, I think that the senior managers deserve a higher payroll. ieltsxpress

Moreover, an attractive salary acts as a motivation for the workers as they will also work harder to reach the top position. Therefore, companies can use this factor for inculcating a sense of healthy competition among employees. It also helps in getting the best out of them.

To conclude, we can say that it is vital for companies to provide impressive salary hikes to their directors. This practice motivates the staff to work diligently for reaching higher positions in the organization.

Directors Higher Salaries Discussion/Opinion Essay

Model Answer 3

According to some people, the astronomical salaries of corporate executives are not justified especially since ordinary employees earn only a paltry sum. In my opinion, it is perfectly all right for management-level employees to earn higher remuneration.

To commence with, higher officials of corporates enjoy a large pay scale for manifold reasons. First, people sitting on higher posts have to deal with several grave situations and they have to control such situations on a war footing. Here, their decision-making and intellectual level are tested for which they are paid enormously. Apart from this, people occupying executive posts have coveted degrees and invaluable experience. They often start as a junior-level employee and by virtue of their talent and hard work reach the top positions. Consequently, the company has to reward their contribution by offering them a fat paycheque.

On the flip side, there are those who believe that employees who work day and night for a company and performing laborious jobs must be given equivalent salaries to directors. They assert that their efforts are unmatched and they are the backbone of the corporation/organization. Thus, they deserve to get higher remuneration comparable to those of managers and executives. Even so, I believe that although higher officials do not do a lot of manual work, they are always under stress as they have to manage the whole company and its staff judiciously. For this, they need to make error-free judgements and they are also completely accountable for any mistakes they make / any mistakes on their part.

To recapitulate, I firmly reiterate that even though ordinary staff members perform a lot of laborious work, companies do not hold them accountable for their failure. Conversely, executives have to bear the brunt for all their decisions and that is why they are paid much higher than ordinary employees.

Higher Salaries Directors and Employees IELTS Essay – Model Answer

It is a fact that bosses and top executives earn a substantially larger salary than other employees. They are also rewarded with better pay rises and bonuses. It can be argued that they deserve this money due to the fact that their role is considered to be more difficult yet this may not always be the case. ieltsxpress

There is strong evidence to support the assertion that a huge salary attracts talented individuals. The level of income offered creates healthy competition and encourages possible management employees to try to reach their full potential. It also ensures that only the most qualified people apply for certain positions. Clearly, the effort and intelligence needed to obtain the appropriate qualifications should be reflected in a person’s wages. In a similar manner, however, consistent good work must be recognised irrespective of an employee’s position with financial incentives such as bonuses.

Conversely, a large salary or bonus does not necessarily mean that a manager or director is worthy of it. There are many examples in which an individual holds a high position due only to family connections. In the global market, such examples of nepotism do not help to further a company’s success. More importantly, this could cause dissatisfaction amongst staff and reduce productivity in general. In order to ensure fairness and a more equal form of encouragement, a maximum wage should be established. This would stop extravagant and unwarranted salaries and pay rises being paid to managers and directors who have not ‘earned’ it. It also supports the idea that a large company does not succeed only because of its management. All employees within a big corporation have an important role and this should be rewarded equally.

To summarise, money is a powerful motivator. In order to use this tool properly, limits must be imposed on large companies to ensure that all staff members feel their work is rewarded appropriately. This would ultimately lead to an environment in which all talent is met with the same response.

Ideas for Higher Salaries in Directors IELTS Essay

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Directors of large organizations earn Higher IELTS Essay

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