Effective Ways to Master English Grammar For Beginners

Effective Ways to Master English Grammar For Beginners

Ways to Master English Grammar

Most of the government job aspirants in India find it difficult to score well in the English section asked in the examinations. It is due to their weak Grammar basics and lack of Reading Skills. The fundamentals of English lie deep within Grammar Rules. The Grammar Rules might seem a bit complex for beginners. However, the good thing is, English Grammar can be easily studied and mastered- given the individual’s ability to learn and practice sincerely.

Even the students from Hindi-Medium backgrounds can easily score well in English if they prepare for Grammar smartly. Here, in this article, we will be sharing the tips to ace English Grammar, even if you are a beginner.

Steps To Master English Grammar for General Competition

Grammar Foundation

Your foundation of English Grammar depends a lot on a few chapters, namely Noun, Tense, Verb, Subject-Verb Agreement, Adverbs, and Conjunctions. These chapters are the building blocks of your Grammar foundation. Instead of mugging up Grammar Rules, in these chapters, your main focus should be on understanding the basic structure of a sentence rather than mugging up rules. Interestingly, if your basics are strong, you will not need to mug up hundreds of Grammar Rules and Tricks.

Rule-Based Chapters

There are many chapters of English that contain a lot of grammar rules. These chapters can only be mastered by mugging up various basic Grammar Rules. Some of these chapters are Articles, Prepositions, Pronoun, Conditional Sentences, etc. In these chapters, your main focus should be on practicing all the rules and concepts through quizzes and topic-wise tests. The more you practice, the less you will face the problem of forgetting Grammar rules.

Voice and Narration

One of the major portions of English Grammar is Voice and Narration. Be it direct or indirect speech or Passive or Active Voice- these topics are purely based on Grammatical Rules. However, if you understand the basic structure of conversion in Voice and Narration, you will find it much easier to remember rules. The road to perfection in these chapters depends a lot on how much you practice. The more you practice, the better you score in Voice and Narration questions.


When you will start learning Grammatical Rules, you will come across various exceptions. The majority of the exceptions in Grammar Rules are from topics like prepositions, pronouns, conditional sentences, etc. These exceptions in Grammar Rules are very important since many questions are framed in competitive exams from these selective rules themselves. Hence, you should note down these rules separately and revise them frequently.

Practice Mixed Questions

Studying and Mugging Up Grammar Rules will not make you a master in Grammar, but practicing will. All your efforts of learning Grammar Rules can go waste if you don’t practice well. It is advisable to attempt topic-wise quizzes of individual chapters in the beginning. And, once you get enough grasp of Grammar Rules, you should practice mixed questions like Sentence improvement, Checking Errors, Mixed Chapters Quizzes.


Reading doesn’t have a very direct relation with learning grammar rules but has a strong indirect relation. The more you will read, the better you will understand sentence formation. With reading, you can learn basic preposition usage, sentence verb agreement, vocabulary, and the basic structure of sentences. There are numerous benefits of reading. Hence, choose a material of your choice, whether an English Newspaper or a Novel and make a habit of reading daily.

Be it any exam, English plays a significant role in maximizing your score. Your chances of clearing a competitive exam increase a lot if you score well in English. All you need is to devote a few months mastering English Grammar, and you will get a strong edge over other aspirants. In reality, English is a simple subject to comprehend as compared to complex subjects like Maths. Hence, you can easily do it- given you are honest with your goal of mastering English.

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Effective Ways to Master English Grammar For Beginners

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