Housing Shortage in Big Cities IELTS Essay

Housing Shortage in Big Cities IELTS Essay

Housing Shortage in Big Cities IELTS Essay

Housing shortage in big cities can cause severe social consequences. Some people think only government action can solve this problem. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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India 7th May 2022

Housing Shortage in Big Cities can Cause Severe Social Consequences IELTS Essay

Big cities act as magnets for everyone. Therefore it is increasingly difficult for ordinary people to have somewhere to call home in big cities due to housing shortage, especially the lack of affordable housing. Some people think only the Government has the power to solve this problem. I completely agree with this statement.

The main reason for the housing shortage in large cities in the burgeoning urban population. The situation goes from bad to worse as each year millions of job seekers rush into the city to try their lucky break and the majority of them eventually get settled down, which makes housing shortage even more serious. Careful planning of cities is required to address the issue and obviously, only the government has the power to address this problem.

Even if the population were indeed under control, we still need more apartment buildings to house people who have already worked and lived in the city without decent housing. Again, only the government can decide which old buildings should demolish to make way for new ones and which area could be designated for residential housing development. Of course, individuals can have their voices heard. But the final decision has to be made by the government.

Another reason that causes housing shortage is those in the real estate business raise the cost of housing exorbitantly. To stop those profit-making housing developers and real estate brokers from pushing up the prices of housing effective rules and regulations are need. which can be done by the government. As for the housing projects for low-income families, we can only depend on the government, too.

To put it in a nutshell. I pen down saying that only the government action can solve the problem of the housing shortage in big cities.

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Rapid urbanizations, as well as demographic and technological changes, are among the trends reshaping the cities that adversely impact the housing market in major cities. Some people argue that only government can tackle this issue. However, in my opinion, both public and authorities can find solutions collaboratively.

Firstly, the government can solute it by applying a land acquisition method through which developers are permitted to construct new housing on the periphery of a city in return for opening up additional land for cultivation beyond city boundaries. Secondly, repurposing vacant property can also help to reduce the housing shortage. For example, In Los Angeles recently passed a law allowing motels to be converted into permanent supportive housing for the homeless, regardless of current zoning requirements. This is typically quicker and cheaper than new construction, as it involves only adding small kitchens to the motel rooms. Besides this, if the government will provide all modern facilities to the rural areas, the chain of migrating population towards cities can break.

However, the public can work collaboratively with the government to find solid solutions. The governments partnering with the private sector, non-governmental or community housing groups to develop or renovate social housing units in neighborhoods that need renewal can help to handle situations. Additionally, public funding can control the circumstances that homeless people face. For instance, the Hamburg city public has improved housing supply by pooling publicly owned assets into an Urban Wealth Fund those partners with the private sector to deliver projects. Sharing risks and benefits aligns the interests of these stakeholders and can streamline infrastructure development, planning, and land-use regulations.

In conclusion, every problem has its solution but the need of the time is that people should not leave everything on government and authorities should become aware of its responsibility for making people facilitate according to their needs.

IELTS Essay on Housing Shortage in Big Cities

Nowadays, as the population bulge in big cities, individuals are facing the severe problem of housing shortage consequently. However, whether it is the authority’s obligation to address the difficulty remains a controversial issue. I agree with the view that as housing is a kind of basic human need, authority should shoulder the responsibility to make a difference.

First, it is obvious that housing is the essential part of the human well-being. If people are always struggling to find the ideal place to live, how could they expect to settle up and realise their other accomplishments? Besides, what is worse is that the frequent movement of population will probably lead to the social disruption. ieltsxpress

Moreover, we should not forget that only the government has the ability to tackle the issue because it can pool all the social resources, like manpower, facilities, financial aid to make plans, lay down regulation and carry out the policy. Some countries, like Germany, did the great job to stabilise the price of the housing by means of tax leverage in order to make the housing affordable in recent years. Therefore, we should learn the experience to enhance our social welfare system.

That is not to say that the house can be got for free. As the most expensive commodity for most ordinary people, citizens still need to take efforts to earn enough money to choose what quality of houses they can afford. But basically, this dream should be feasible with the help of various national policies, such as bank loan.

In sum, government should play their roles to maintain a healthy housing market for ordinary people; meanwhile, citizens should be industrial to earn their livings. Only by doing so can we ensure that we can live in the guaranteed and energetic society.

Housing Shortage in Big Cities IELTS Essay

The contemporary era is an era of modernization. With urbanization, the population in the cities is increasing rapidly and there is also a housing crisis, which brings with it many other problems as well. Some argue that only the government can deal with this growing problem. I fully agree with this argument as the government can address this growing problem through various steps such as limiting the construction of new land based housing by encouraging vertical multi-family housing and gradually expanding the city.

To inaugurate with, the government is the only appropriate authority to deal with this housing crisis, discouraging the construction of new land houses and encouraging vertical high-rise apartments with the proper layout and infrastructure to deal with this lack of space. For Instance, Hong Kong and Singapore are cities on the island, they have proven that they solve this crisis for their citizens by vertically building thousands of high-rise apartments. These cities have proven to have the best infrastructure for their ever-growing population by building high-rise apartments rather than new homes, resulting in affordable housing for their residents in the big cities. In addition, to improve the situation, the government may expand the highway so that passengers can easily reach the city. This high level of planning can only be carried out by the government to help solve the housing shortage for its citizens. ieltsxpress

Moreover, the government can help in this situation by expanding cities and creating more residential real estate on the outskirts of the city. For example, Noida is a fast-growing city in India, the housing board has consistently helped accommodate the growing population by building more residential buildings on the outskirts of the city, which eventually became part of the city, and building subways and highways. passengers to make the city easily accessible. Consequently, it helped control the growing spasms and accommodation problems of the locals.

To conclude, it is clear that the government has a big role to play as the supreme authority, taking appropriate measures to create carefully planned development within the city and well-designed infrastructure to meet the growing needs of its citizens.

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Housing Shortage in Big Cities IELTS Essay

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