Practice IELTS Listening Test 11 Phone interview Lecture on Campus Crime Bobby on Research Project Giving a Speech

Phone Interview | Giving a Speech | IELTS Listening Test 11

Practice IELTS Listening Test 11 | Phone Interview | Giving a Speech

Part 1

Questions 1-10
Complete the form below.

Phone interview

Name: John Murphy
Example Answer
Position applying for: lifeguard
Street Address: 45 1______ Court
Contact phone number: 2______
Current part-time job:` 3______
Previous job at Ridgemont High School: 4______
Additional relevant work experience: 5______
Relevant skills/qualifications: CPR certification & 6______
CPR certification expiration date: 7______
Preferred weekly shift: 8______
Time available to start work: 9______
Advertisement source: 10______

Part 2

Lecture on Campus Crime

Questions 11-20
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C

11 The lecture was organised by

A City of Nottingham.
B University of Nottingham Students’ Union.
C Nottingham Police Department.

12 The majority of crime on campus is

A Drugs and Alcohol.
B Violence
C Theft

13 The campus crime rate has ………….. so far this year.

A increased
B decreased
C stayed the same

14 Why is there added concern about crime?

A exaggeration in media
B crime TV shows
C factual news articles

15 Carlos says if you are the victim of a crime, you should

A run away.
B resist
C seek help.

16 What is the primary method for increasing safety?

A informing students and staff of safety precautions
B offering free self-defense courses to students
C reminding students to carry a mobile phone at all times

17 If a student must work late, it is most important to

A not return home until the morning.
B go back with a friend.
C bring a mobile phone.

18 It is dangerous to

A drive home late at night.
B carry a knife.
C carry pepper spray.

19 Students who complete a self-defense course are

A more aware of dangers.
B mentally tougher.
C walking more confidently.

20 A university is

A not surrounded by walls.
B patrolled by military.
C completely safe.

Part 3

Research Project

Questions 21-23
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

21 Information on the test is from

A the teacher.
B a class.
C a handout.

22 This assignment is important because

A it will become a permanent record.
B it is a must for passing 11th grade English.
C it will affect the English level next year.

23 Bobby chooses football as project topic because

A he often plays football.
B his father loves football.
C he is interested in football.

Questions 24-30
What problems do the speakers identify for this project?

Choose SEVEN answers from the box and write the letters, A-H, next to questions 24-30.


A too vague
B too factual
C too unreliable
D too noisy
E too long
F too short
G too complicated
H too simple

24 Background sounds
25 Answers of questions
26 One of the questions
27 Time of answering
28 Recording equipment
29 Topic of project
30 Report on project

Part 4

Questions 31-40
Complete the notes below.
Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Giving A Speech

Reasons for nervousness

• Lecturers often feel more 31_________ if the speech is important.

• Many think that the ability to make a good public speaking is 32_________, while in fact it is a skill that can be learned by anyone.

How to prepare a quality speech

• The audience will only remember the 33_________ sentence of a speech.

• Ensure that your speech is 34_________

Do’s and Don’ts

• Don’t start your speech until audience is 35_________

• You can make your main ideas or notes on cards or a 36_________

• You do not need to write down the 37_________ speech.

• You can just write 38_________ ideas.

• Remember to 39_________ yourself to see how long your speech will be.

• Don’t just read from 40________

IELTS Listening Test 11 Answers

Phone Interview IELTS Listening Answers

1 Elsinore
2 077896245
3 waiter
4 baseball coach
5 rescue diver
6 diving experience
7 October
8 Saturday mornings
9 6 (o’clock)
10 (the) radio

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Lecture on Campus Crime IELTS Listening Answers

11 B
12 C
13 B
14 A
15 C
16 A
17 B
18 B
19 A
20 A

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Bobby on Research Project IELTS Listening Answers

21 C
22 B
23 B
24 D
25 F
26 G
27 E
28 C
29 A
30 B

Giving a Speech IELTS Listening Answers

31 nervous
32 a gift
33 last
34 well-organised/ well-organized
35 paying attention
36 sheet of paper
37 full
38 one or two/ 1 or 2
39 time
40 a script

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Phone Interview | Giving a Speech | IELTS Listening Test 11

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