Practice IELTS Listening Test 5 theatre royal plymouth booking form the tiger shark ielts listening ieltsxpress

IELTS Listening Test 5 Theatre Royal Plymouth Booking Form

Practice IELTS Listening Test 5 | Theatre Royal Plymouth Booking Form | Rock Festival Site | Marco’s Tutor | The Tiger Shark

Part 1

Questions 1 – 10
Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Theatre Royal Plymouth Booking Form


Performance: The Impostor
Date: Saturday 1 __________
Time: 2 __________
Tickets: three adults and one child
Seats in: the 3 __________
Seat row/number(s) 4 __________
Method of delivery: Post
Total payment: £39

Card details:

Type: 5 __________
Number: 6 __________
Name: Mr.J. 7 __________
Address: 8 __________ Street.
                 9 __________
Additional requests: Put on the mailing list book 10 __________

Part 2

Questions 11-17
Label the plan of the rock festival site below.

Choose SEVEN answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-I

A art exhibition
B band entrance
C car park
D craft fair
E exhibitions’ entrance
F fringe stage
G lock-up garages
H main stage
I restaurant

rock festival site plan ielts listening ieltsxpress

Questions 18-20
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

18 To show you are an official visitor, you have to wear the __________ provided
19 Car blocking paths could prevent access by __________ in an emergency.
20 To reclaim items from storage, you must show your __________

Part 3

Questions 21-23
Which THREE factors does Marco’s tutor advise him to consider when selecting a course?

A possibility of specialisation
B relevance to future career
C personal interest
D organization of course
E assessment methods
F range of topics
G reputation of lecturer

Questions 24-27
24 Why does Marco’ s tutor advise him to avoid the Team Management course?

A It will repeat work that Marco has already done.
B It is intended for students at a lower level than Marco.
C It may take too much time to do well.

25 Why does Marco want to do a dissertation?

A He thinks it will help his future career.
B He would like to do a detailed study.
C He has already done some work for it.

26 What does Marco’s tutor think about the dissertation outline?

A The topic is too narrow to be useful.
B The available data may be unsuitable.
C The research plan is too complicated.

27 What does Marco decide to do about his dissertation?

A Contact potential interviewees.
B Change to another topic.
C Discuss it with Professor Briggs.

Questions 28-30
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Practical details

28 A first draft of the dissertation should be completed by the end of __________
29 The dissertation should be registered with the __________ of the department.
30 Marco should get a copy of the statistic software from the __________

Part 4

Questions 31-33
Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

The Tiger Shark

# Origin of name: its dark bands
# Size: 6.5 metres (maximum)
# Preferred habitat: near to the 31 __________
# Typical food: other sea creatures but also 32 __________ produced by humans
# Paine Island area: studies show tiger sharks are mainly found here during the 33 __________ (when turtles are nesting)

Questions 34-38
Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

Shark Tagging Process

Pieces of 34 __________ were attached to lines as bait
The lines were 35 __________ regularly.
The hooked shark was brought to the 36 __________ and secured.
The shark was measured and tagged, and tissue removed for research.
Large sharks: an acoustic tag was fitted or a 37 __________ was attached.
The shark was 38 __________ and could be tracked.

Questions 39 and 40
39 The purpose of the research was to understand the tiger sharks

A reproductive patterns.
B migration patterns.
C feeding patterns.

40 Observations showed that, in general, tiger sharks

A change depths frequently.
B usually avoid the surface of the water.
C often spend long periods on the ocean floor.

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IELTS Listening Test 5 Answers

1 26(th)
2 7:00
3 circle
4 A21—24
5 Master/Mastercard
6 3290 5876 4401 2899
7 Whitton
8 42 South
9 SW2 5GE
10 headphones

11 D
12 F
13 1
14 B
15 E
16 A
17 G
18 armband
19 ambulance
20 yellow ticket

21 B
22 D
23 F
24 A
25 B
26 C
27 A
28 march
29 secretary
30 computer office

31 coast
32 garbage
33 summer
34 fish
35 checked
36 boat
37 camera
38 released
39 B
40 A

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IELTS Listening Test 5 Theatre Royal Plymouth Booking Form

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