IELTS Listening Practice Test 7 Wildlife Conservation Society Spring Festival Archaeology Course Digital Technology Impact

IELTS Listening Test 7 | Wildlife Conservation Society

Practice IELTS Listening Test 7 | Wildlife Conservation Society | Spring Festival | Archaeology Course | Digital Technology Impact

Part 1

Questions 1 – 10

Wildlife Conservation Society

Application for membership

Example Caller’s name: Michael Jones
Heard of WCS from: 1_________
Address: 21 Beel Street, Leeds
Postcode: 2_________
Phone number: 01173 58642
E-mail address: 3 mj@_________
Length of membership: Type of membership: Fee: 4_________ Years
6 £_________
Payment details:
Name of bank:
direct debit
Account name: Michael Jones
Account number: 01059612
Date of first payment:
Reference number:
Other requests: – extra information pack
– 10_________

Part 2

Questions 11-18

Spring Festival

Event Location Date and
Other Information
Firework display Near the 11. _____ 4 September
9 p.m.
Pack a 12. _____ and blanket
Display of 13 _____ Central Park Daily Buses run from the town centre
every 14. _____ minutes
The 15. _____ Show Exhibition Centre 10-15 September
9 a.m.-10 p.m.
“Grow Your
in the 16. ______ 11-19 September
“Swing in Spring” in the 17. ______ 17&18 September Saturday matinee Performance
at 18. _____

Questions 19 and 20
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

19. In the Spring Festival competition, you can win

A. a family pass to “Balloons Down Under”.
B. a cheque for $200.
C. a flight in a hot air balloon.

20. You can get an entry form for the competition from

A. the radio station.
B. the newspaper.
C. the Festival’s website

Part 3

Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Archaeology Course

 Can be combined with any other subject except 21_________
 Has three 22_________ modules in first semester?
Module 1

Title:               23_________
Lecturer:        Dr. Morris
Learning method:    Lectures and practical sessions
Content:          Based on processes

• 24_________

Assessment:    By 25_________

Module 2

Title:                 26_________
Lecturer: Prof.Elliot
Content:           27_________ and development of built environments
Assessment: By 28_________ examination

Module 3

Title: Method and Science
Lecturer: Dr. Thompson
Content: Standard techniques in fieldwork and analysis
Learning method: 50% lab work, 50% 29_________
Site survey at end of module (the 30_________ is to be announced later)

Part 4

Questions 31-33
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

31. What impact does Marc Prensky believe that digital technology has had on young people?

A. It has altered their thinking patterns.
B. It has harmed their physical development.
C. It has limited their brain capacity.

32. “Digital immigrants” tend to access computers

A. using their native language.
B. less efficiently than young people.
C. for less important information.

33. What example is given of having a “digital accent”?

A. Having less effective typing skills.
B. Doing thing the old-fashioned way.
C. Being unable to understand instructions.

Questions 34-40
Which theorist makes each of the following points?
Write the correct letter, AB or C, next to questions 34-40.

Points made

34. Current teaching methods don’t work _________
35. Many students don’t understand computers. _________
36. Computer technology doesn’t interest all students_________
37. Students can still learn the traditional way._________
38. Students still need to learn research skills. _________
39. We should use computer games to teach._________
40. Computers can’t replace educators. _________


A. Allen
B. James
C. Vander

IELTS Listening Test 7 Answers

Wildlife Conservation Society IELTS Listening Answers

1 A radio program
2 LS14 2JW
4 two/2
5 joint membership
6 forty-nine/49
7 The Union Bank
8 15th October
9 JYZ37
10 Video

Spring Festival IELTS Listening Answers

11 lake
12 picnic
13 flowers
14 twenty/20
15 Motor
16 art gallery
17 concert hall
18 2:30
19 C
20 B

Archaeology Course IELTS Listening Answers

21 classical history
22 compulsory
23 Object Matters
24 classification
25 coursework
26 Towns and Cities
27 The origins
28 oral
29 seminars
30 location

Digital Technology Impact IELTS Listening Answers

31 A
32 B
33 B
34 B
35 C
36 A
37 B
38 A
39 B
40 C

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