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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Art Question Answers

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Art Questions and Answers

Q. Did you enjoy doing art lessons when you were a child? [Why?/Why not?]
Answer: I did enjoy learning art lessons when I was a child primarily because I felt like I could actually “create” something on my own with the help of my colouring pencils and drawing papers only. Another reason, why I enjoyed drawing, was that I was actually very good at it as a child.

Q. Do you ever draw or paint pictures now? [Why?/Why not?]
Answer: I very seldom draw or paint any pictures now because of living with the “realities” of a grown-up person which are certainly much more different from that of a child. In fact, these days, the scope and time for exercising “creativity” is just too limited when you are a bit too busy with the other priorities of life. ielts xpress

Q. When was the last time you went to an art gallery or exhibition? [Why?]
Answer: Just because I don’t draw or paint pictures now, it doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t visit an art gallery or exhibition from time to time in order to enjoy the contemporary “creative” artworks or paintings. In fact, I went to an art exhibition just a month ago as I needed to choose some painting works in order to match the beautiful new paintings of my home interiors.

Q. What kind of pictures do you like having in your home? [Why?]
Answer: I have had pretty much all kinds of pictures and paintings at my home. I mostly bought famous artworks by Leonardo da Vinci and Vincent van Gogh and pictures of my favourite sportsmen and musicians when I was in my early teens. However, the kind of pictures, which I really like to hang on the walls of my room now, are of those which portray the beautiful natural sceneries, such as trees, rivers and sky, in a very lively manner. But if you ask me to explain it even further, I would say that I like the pastel paintings the most as it offers a very pure and deep rendering on the pictures.

Q. Do you like art?
Answer: I love art, in any form, it presents itself, such as in the form of painting, drawing, dance, music, drama. I participated in many drawing competitions during school time. Now I still draw in my free time.

Q. Do you think art classes are necessary?
Answer: Honestly speaking, art classes are essential because it increases children’s creativity, but few schools provide such kind of classes because it requires much money that every school cannot afford. ielt

Q. How do you think art classes affect children’s development?
Answer: Children are naturally creative on their own accord, but it is essential to keep their creativity as they grow in fact increase it time to time, so for that art classes are essential that play a vital role in children’s development. Art helps to improve fine and gross motor skills. Art is a form of communication, which motivates children to communicate with other children. Creating art teaches focus and also help them to express their emotions positively.

Q. What kind of painting do Indian people like?
Answer: well, it is an individual’s choice, but according to my perception, people love landscape painting, a painting that shows the beauty of nature. Some people like wildlife images and some modern painting.

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Q. What can you learn from western paintings?
Answer: We can learn many things from western painting such as culture, significant events that give us a clear picture of the past, symbols that present essential messages.

Q. What benefits can you get from painting as a hobby?
Answer: There are many advantages to painting for a person if he/she does painting as a hobby. First of all, it boosts your imagination power. In addition to this, it helps to express emotions and ideas in front of others. Moreover, a person can improve their financial status by selling their painting. Painting increases your patience level because to express something; sometimes, a person has to paint again and again. It not only takes you out of depression but increases your concentration power and confidence also. ieltsxpress

Q. Have you ever visited an art gallery?
Answer: Honestly speaking, I visited an art gallery only once. Last year I visited an art gallery in Agra with my friends.

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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Art Question Answers

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