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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Being Happy Questions Answers

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Being Happy Questions and Answers

Q1. Is there anything that makes you feel happy lately?
Yes, I was mostly at home last year because of the pandemic. I started to learn painting art and painting by watching YouTube videos. I realized that painting makes me so happy. I feel relaxed, and all my problems and worries just melt away when I am painting.


Yes, chasing my dreams is making me jovial lately. I believe we all have a driving force that compels us to wake up each morning and work hard. For now, the thing that is filling me up with sheer happiness is acquiring an admission to one of the putative universities to pursue a course of my choice.

Q2. What do you do to stay happy?
I do many things to stay happy like doing exercise, eating good food, getting a good night’s sleep, and reading books in my free time. I also talk to my friends and family when I feel sad, which helps a lot.


For me, feeling happy is nothing less than a roller-coaster ride. There are days I feel down in the dumps, and there are others when I feel overjoyed. However, regardless of the situation, I don’t suppress any of my feelings and don’t force myself to be happy. I merely go with the flow.

Q3. Can you stay happy all the time?
I think it’s impossible to stay happy all the time, and I feel it’s ok to be down at times. We all have problems, and it’s entirely natural for us to have negative emotions like sadness, anger, and frustration. We are emotional beings and experience many feelings daily.


No. In fact, that is a vague myth. Humans have been blessed with a myriad of emotions. There are times when we feel anxious, worn out, despondent. Also, there are times when we feel neutral, neither happy nor sad. So, it’s obvious that nobody can stay happy all the time.

Q4. Is it essential to be happy?
Yes, happiness is essential for a healthy, successful life. I feel happy emotions like joy and contentment help us deal with stress. We also connect better with others when we are happy. So, having a positive attitude in life is essential.


Definitely, it is. Life is too short to dwell on anything that doesn’t give us utmost joy. In a way, happiness is directly related to our physical health. If we are optimistic and exuberant, we stay a tad healthier than others. Issues like heart diseases, anxiety, and depression, decrease to a great extent by being happy.


Meaning: reputed
Eg: AIIMS is one of the putative hospitals in India.

Meaning: not definite or clear
Eg: He is vague about how much money his next trip will cost.

Worn out
Meaning: extremely tired
Eg: I am worn out after today’s workout.

Meaning: with no hope
Eg: I am becoming despondent about travelling next month.

Meaning: full of excitement or energy
Eg: She tries to stay exuberant despite going through so much in life.

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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Being Happy Questions Answers

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