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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic House Work Question Answers

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic House Work Questions and Answers

Do you do housework at home?
Yes, I help my mother with housework whenever I can, especially on weekends. I like things done a certain way, which is why I prefer to clean and systemize my room. I like to do the laundry as it does not require a lot of effort. I also help with grocery shopping as it acts as a kind of physical exercise.

What kinds of housework do you often do?
The kind of housework that I do depends on the day of the week. During weekdays, I help with the cleaning of dishes and utensils after lunch and dinner, as it is a simple chore. However, on the weekends, my family and I clean the entire house as a weekly ritual. I also help with other household chores like dusting the electrical appliances, scrubbing the bathrooms, etc.

Did you do housework when you were a child?
No, as a child, I seldom took responsibility for household chores. Since we used to live in a house, unlike an apartment, cleaning the entire house was a laborious task. So, my mother had hired a maid to help her with all the housework. Nevertheless, on special occasions, my mother would tell me to help her with cleaning, and it was an exciting experience as we would often find lost toys and items while going through all the nooks and crannies.

Do you think that children should do housework?
I believe that children should be taught the importance of sharing the responsibility of housework. It is often seen that in a household, the onus of housework often falls on women. Such conventions are not at all progressive, even though they are very commonplace. That being said, children should be given household chores to carry out so that they can be responsible for themselves and their families in the future.

Do you think that men and women should share housework?
I am a strong supporter of the notion that housework should be shared between all members of the household, regardless of their gender. It is unreasonable to ask a single person or gender group to carry out all the household chores. Since the comfort and facilities of home are enjoyed by all, it is only fair that every member of the family should work towards maintaining the house.


Meaning: arising from convention or habit.
Eg: They always followed a ritual of having sweets before auspicious occasions.

Meaning: arrange according to an organized system
Eg: She systemized her things before the exam commenced.

Meaning: requiring considerable time and effort.
Eg: The journey from my residence to the restaurant is a laborious one.

Meaning: behaviour that is considered acceptable or polite to most members of society.
Eg: They disregarded all family conventions when they took such drastic measures.

Meaning: a routine task, especially a household one.
Eg: He did his chores before going to work.

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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic House Work Question Answers

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