IELTS Synonyms Words List

IELTS Synonyms Words List for 2023

IELTS Synonyms Words List 2023

Enhance your IELTS test preparation with our comprehensive Synonyms Words List. This comprehensive list includes a vast array of words that can be used interchangeably in different contexts, allowing you to expand your vocabulary and improve your writing and speaking skills. By incorporating these words into your daily life, you can effectively improve your language abilities and increase your chances of scoring higher on the IELTS test. Whether you are a student, professional, or simply looking to improve your language skills, our IELTS Synonyms Words List is the perfect tool for you to achieve your goals and enhance your English proficiency.

IELTS Vocabulary

Word Synonym
Abandon/Abort to leave something
Abode place where you live
Abroad Overseas
Abstraction to deduct
Accord Agreement
Acquit to release
Admit Confess
Adroit Expert
Adversity difficulty
Agility quickness
Agree Consent
Alike Same
Allow Permit
Allure attract
Alteration change
Ambience environment
Ambition dreams
Amiable friendly
Amicable helpful
Amount Quantity
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Ample/Myriad of/Numerous lots of
Angry Mad
Annoy to disturb someone
Answer Response
Antique old item
Anxious nervous
Appreciation to applaud one’s effort
Ask Inquire
Assault attack
Assets earnings
Astonishing surprising
Attire Dress
Away Absent
Awful Terrible
Baby Infant
Beautiful Pretty
Becoming Fitting
Beg Implore
Begin Commence
Behoove merit
Belly Stomach
Benevolent/Magnanimous kindhearted
Berserk gone mad
Betray to fraud someone
Bias Revoke
Big Large
Bizarre Weird
Blank Empty
Blanket ban complete ban on something
Blossom to grow
Blot/Stigma black spot (disgrace)
Blunder a very big mistake
Brave Bold
Bread and butter livelihood
Broad Wide
Bruise scratch
Bucket Pail
Busy Active
Calamity Disaster
Candid straight forward
Candy Sweets
Center Middle
Change Transform
Chaos noisy situation
Charismatic having magical powers
Chatter box excess talkative
Chiefly Mainly
Choosy Picky
Close Shut
Collect Gather
Collision collide
Compassion ready to serve
Complete Total
Compress to press
Confine Restrict
Confuse Mixed Up
Congested tight area
Considerate Thoughtful
Constraint limitation / compulsion
Contemporary modern
Contrary Opposite
Correct Right
Couch potato who watches lot of TV
Counsel advise
Coy shy
Crumble something breaks in small pieces
Cunning clever
Curb to control
Curse to bane someone
Dash Sprint
Dawn sun rise
Daybreak Dawn
Dearth/Scarcity lack of something
Deceased dead
Dedicated Committed
Deliberate Planned
Delicate Fragile
Demeanor behavior / character
Descendent next generation
Desperate fanatic/extremist
Destiny Fate
Detain punishment
Deteriorate something gets worse
Dilemma state of confusion
Dire need huge need for something
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Disclose Reveal
Discount Reduction
Disgrace Shame
Drab dull
Dusk sun set
Eager Keen
Elevate Raise
Elevate lift
Elite most talented
Elitist choosy or selective
Emphatically forcefully
Enormous Huge
Enquire Investigate
Entrepreneur own businessman
Envisage imagine it’s true
Envy to have something same what others
Epitome best possible
Escalate increase
Eternal never ending
Ethical genuine
Evaluate Assess
Evil Bad
Exactly Precisely
Exaggerate over pound
Except Apart From
Execute to start
Exemplary extra ordinary
Exempt except that
Exit Leave
Extempore speak without rehearsal
Extra Additional
Eye opener show reality
Face lift to modify something
Fair Unbiased
False Untrue
Famous Renowned
Fantastic Great
Far flung very far away
Fast Quick
Fatal dangerous
Fate destiny
Ferry boat
Fetch to get
Finish Complete
Fire to throw out of job
Flaw mistake
Flinches demerit
Flippant excess talkative
Fluke bi-chance
Forbid to deny
Formerly Previously
Fortunate Lucky
Fragile week
Freak insane
Fuddy-duddy old fashioned
Fun Entertaining
Function Operate
Funny Amusing
Garbage Trash
Gesture actions we use while speaking
Get Receive
Glad Happy
Glare stare in an angry way
Glimpse a brief look
Glitter Sparkle
Gloomy hazy or blur
Glossy shiny
Good Fine
Grab Seize
Grim sounding very serious
Grumble Grouse
Guilt regret
Gut feeling inner voice
Hall Corridor
Hallucination mirage
Halt stop
Handover to give
Handsome Good Looking
Happily Fortunately
Hard Difficult
Havoc lots of trouble
Hazard Danger
Help Assist
Hint Tip
Hire to recruit
Home sickness person who can’t live away
Hop to jump a bit
Huge Enormous
Humble polite
Humiliate hit below the belt
Hurry Rush
Hurt Injure
Idiot box TV
Ignore Snub
Ill Sick
Illusion mirage
Imitate Mimic
Imitate to copy
Immediate Instantly
Impact Affect
Impartial Neutral
Important Significant
Incarnation birth
Inconsiderate Thoughtless
Industrious hard working
Inevitable unstoppable
Infamous Notorious
Infect Contaminate
Informal Casual
Innocent Harmless
Inroads affect
Insomnia sleeplessness
Inspect Examine
Instinct inner ability
Instructions Directions
Insufficient Inadequate
Intellectual Mental
Intelligent Smart
Intend Mean
Intimate inform
Intrude trespass
Invade attack
Inventory Stock
Invincible unconquerable
Invoice Bill
Ire anger
Jaw dropper stunned
Jealous Envious
Job Work
Joy Delight
Kid Child
Kind Benevolent
Land slide victory or thumping victory victory by huge margin
Learn Memorize
Lethal Deadly
Lethargic weak
Liable responsible
Listen Hear
Little Small
Loiter to roam around without aim
Loo toilet
Lots Many
Loving Fond
Loyal Faithful
Loyal who doesn’t back stab
Lucid Clear
Lust greed
Mad Crazy
Maiden something to do at first
Maintain Preserve
Make Build
Malfunction any failure in machinery
Mansion very big bungalow
Mate friend
Maybe Perhaps
Meeting Assembly
Mentor guide
Mesmerize hypnotize
Mild Gentle
Miniature very small
Minnow/Nano very small
Miser one who doesn’t spend much
Misery Distress
Modern Contemporary
Moist wet
Movie Film
Mug up to cram something
Mum be quiet
Murals huge paintings
Native Local
Native area in which one is born
Nausea sick feeling
Near Close
Necessary Essential
Negligible very small
New Recent
Nice Pleasant
Niche identity
Noon Midday
Notify Inform
Nuisance disturbance
Numerous Many
Nurture to develop something
Obsession desire to have something
Odd Strange
Old Mature
Ornament Decoration
Ort used
Outgoing Friendly
Outraged very upset
Outskirts city’s outer area
Overlook Miss
Oversee Supervise
Overturned upside down
Overwhelmed very happy with something
Part Section
Particular Specific
Passion hunger to achieve something
Patriotic one who loves his nation
Peal to remove the skin of a fruit or vegetable
Perception Insight
Perfect Flawless
Pinnacle at the top
Pluck to break something
Plume soft
Plunge to fall
Podium lecture stand
Possess own
Possibility Opportunity
Posture way/position of body
Praise Compliment
Premises area
Prestigious very important
Prevail which remains
Prodding encourage
Provide Supply
Quake Tremble
Quite Fairly
Raise Lift
Real Genuine
Receive Get
Regret Remorse
Rejuvenate refresh
Reliable Dependable
Reliant dependent
Reluctant hesitant
Remark Comment
Renew Resume
Resilient to resist
Respond Reply
Rest Relax
Retrieve to take back
Retrograde moving backwards
Rich Wealthy
Robust strong
Rock Stone
Rookies less experienced
Roster schedule
Rude Impolite
Sack big bag
Sacked to throw out
Sad Unhappy
Safe Secure
Scared Afraid
Scribble to write fast
See Look
Select Choose
Sheer very high amount of something
Shiver tremble
Shrine holy place
Sightseeing to explore places
Significant Meaningful
Simultaneously together
Sincere Honest
Skeptical doubtful
Sleepy Drowsy
Slim Sender
Souvenir memento
Specimen example
Spend thrift who spends lot of money
Spill for liquid
Steady Firm
Stiff firm/hard
Stoic patient
Stop Cease
Straits bankrupt
Strangle stuck somewhere
Stroll/wander to roam around
Subtle little
Suggest Propose
Sure Certain
Surge powerful rush of something
Sustain to remain
Swift fast and smooth
Symbolize Represent
Talk Speak
Tandem work together
Tap to stroke something
Tavern pub
Temper Mood
Temper mental state
Temporary Transitory
Tender soft
Tenets on rent
Think Ponder
Timid nervous
Tiny Small
Tragic something very wrong happened
Tranquility mental peace
Transform Convert
Trivial unimportant
Trustworthy Reliable
Try Attempt
Uncommon Unusual
Uncooked Raw
Under Below
Unfortunate Unlucky
Use Utilize
Usually Generally
Vague Indistinct
Vanquish Conquer
Vary Differ
Vast Huge
Vendor who sells commodities
Verdict result
Versatile all rounder
Viable/feasible possible
Vibes signals
Violent forceful
Voluntary willingly
Waiver to cut off
Want Desire
Wardrobe cupboard
Weak Feeble
Wisecrack joke
Withstand Resist
Yell Shout

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IELTS Synonyms Words List for 2023

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