IELTS Vocabulary Booster PDF Free Download ieltsxpress

IELTS Vocabulary Booster PDF Free Download

IELTS Vocabulary Booster by Nadin Miles


IELTS Vocabulary Booster book is written for those who want to get the highest score at IELTS and enter University of a dream. The book focuses mainly on vocabulary for writing an essay, but it will be also very helpful to prepare for speaking, reading and listening parts of IELTS. With this book, you will learn over 500 new words on 9 basic topics used in IELTS writing task II: education, health, environment, crime and punishment, food, art, globalization, technology, and outer space.

This book is written with one main goal in mind – to increase your IELTS score as quickly as possible. It’s very specific and precise, and it provides the easiest explanations of new vocabulary. It is made to be simple, entertaining, and suitable for candidates with different learning habits. What is important, in our book we provide contextual learning – we give examples and pictures for even better results.

With this book, over 90 % of our students enjoyed a significant increase in IELTS writing results.

This book is designed for advanced level students. It contains more than 500 important words that are required to score a 7+ band score in the IELTS exam. In addition to the words, this book includes an explanation of nine IELTS writing topics that are important and very common in writing task 2. Some main topics are mentioned below:

  • Education
  • Environment
  • Food
  • Globalization
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Outer Space
  • Art

Examples and definitions are also given to help students to understand and learn the words more easily.

IELTS Vocabulary Booster PDF Free Download


IELTS Vocabulary Booster – Author Nadin Miles


Author Nadin Miles is a passionate English teacher, translator and entrepreneur with two degrees in Linguistics and Management. Since 2012 she has been running a language school and an international translation agency. Those are quite successful projects, but besides that at the present moment her area of interest includes effective educational products helping people learn something new in an easy way.

This is how her love for languages and especially for English has led her to create a series of video courses on the English language, international language exams and learning techniques.

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ielts vocabulary booster pdf free download ieltsxpress

Some of the reviews about this book:

“This is one of the best IELTS vocabulary booster! The strategies and tips described in the book are really very helpful. This book helps to prepare for EILTS writing section in an easy way. It has a lot of examples. So you can expand your vocabulary. I find it very useful and effective.
I can certainly recommend it! Thanks for such a GOOD book!”

“A very useful book that can really boost the vocabulary and it’s very helpful while preparing for IELTS. Everything is just right to the point. An excellent book for learning new words and using them not only in essays but also in your everyday life. Surely recommend it!”

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IELTS Vocabulary Booster PDF Free Download

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