In many parts of the world people look up their family history IELTS Essay

People Look Up Their Family History IELTS Essay

In many parts of the world people look up their family history IELTS Essay

In many parts of the world people look up their family history. Some people think that researching previous generations is a good idea, but others think it is better to focus on the present and future generations. Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Some people argue that we should do research into their family history. Others, agree with the view that we should focus on the present and future generations. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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India 12th February 2022

In many parts of the world people look up their family history

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People Look Up Their Family History IELTS Essay

In recent years, whether to conduct a background check of an individual or not has become a hot topic for debate. Certain demographics of the society reckon that it is a good notion to verify the blood relations; however, a school of thought disagrees and claims that it would be good if the present and the future scopes of the person are taken under consideration. The following composition will discuss both views before giving an opinion.

It cannot be denied that, nowadays, while applying for any important job role, a candidate’s profile verification is an integral part of the recruitment process. Besides this, based on the criminal clearance, only some of the conglomerates proceed with the candidature. The reason behind conducting this tedious and time-consuming process is to be sure about the roots of the applicant. Apart from this, if some inhuman activity is committed, this kind of verification plays a vital role in finding bad elements. In India, for instance, it is a mandate from the government to perform this process while applying for a private or government job, which has helped lawmakers reduce the crime rate. Thus, supporters of this idea strongly believe that it provides information about a person and secures the nation from terrorist activities. I E L T S X P R E S S 

Conversely, few condemn this notion because of multiple reasons. Firstly, they think that the past or sins of the ancestors should not impact the present moment of anyone. This is just like punishing an individual for their family history, which is preposterous as well as unnecessary. Secondly, critics of this idea say that, as a society, we are not helping innocent family members of a criminal by putting these curbs everywhere. To explain it further, these kinds of processes should be removed from the corporate and creative fields to encourage family members of a criminal to start the new chapter of life. Hence, such people find it thoughtful to consider the present and the future without worrying about a person’s past.

To conclude, in my view, though inhabitants should not be tortured for their or a family member’s dark past, in some sectors, such as visa processes, government jobs, merchant navy background verification, must be included. This helps the policymakers across the globe secure citizens from inhuman activities, which is the prime concern during this time.

Some people are very interested in researching their family history

In this millennial era, many dig up their family history and study their previous generations, implying that they tend to believe it is a productive approach. On the contrary, others consider present and future generations to be the mattering things. Knowing about the family history is as important as empathizing with the new generation as both have their own advantages which we can discuss further.

The first and foremost point to consider is the well-experimented strategies which we can inherit from our ancestors, thus helping people to take appropriate and confident decisions in their lives. The plethora of live instances prove the benefits of researching and studying histories, such as doctors finding a cure to chronic diseases and archaeologists studying human activity through the recovery and analysis of material culture to make discoveries that the world should know. To add to it, family ancestors encourages us to live an environment-friendly and stressless lifestyle which is the need of the hour. I E L T S X PR ES S

Taking the deliberation to the opposite, today’s and tomorrow’s generation is the future of this world, which can not be neglected. Thus, it is as beneficial as knowing family history because it helps maintain peace, security, ethics, and empathic actions. While preparing and planning for future circumstances concentrating on the current generation will lead us to finer solutions.

To recapitulate, scrutinizing family history is paramount for superior and tried-and-tested strategies to study the present and future generations to be prepared for the future and work on the goals to make this world a better place.

History of Family IELTS Essay

Investing time and effort in genealogy can be fascinating for some people, while others believe current and future generations deserve more attention. While each view has its merits, there is no reason why the two should be mutually exclusive. IE LTS XPRESS

Tracing family roots back in time and compiling a genealogical tree demonstrating ancestors and descendants can be a worthwhile undertaking for a better understanding of family roots and creating a sense of belonging for a family. While this primarily focuses on the past, the implications for current and future generations can be significant.

Nowadays, younger generations tend to lead a more hectic life and often feel under greater pressure than their ancestors did, they are also generally highly mobile in terms of where they live and work. It is also common for many to experience a sense of disconnect as a result of this mobility as many do not maintain the same strong family ties that previous generations did. As families extend across regions and in some cases borders, extended families may feel a lack of pertaining to a particular place and being able to share and celebrate their family heritage can help them feel connected to their historic roots.

By no means are the two views mutually exclusive In fact, the pursuit of understanding our past can help ground us in the present and launch a successful future based on a solid knowledge of where we originate from and those who came before us. Genealogy can in fact reconnect us and yet allow us to explore the future safe in the knowledge of who we are.

IELTS Writing Task 2

Each and every humankind mindset and thoughts process is different from others. In the host of countries, it is seen that people research person past bloodline; some individuals believe that this is a great way while others argued that rather than see past, acknowledgment of future and present generation is better. In this essay, I will examine both notions in ensuring paragraphs along with a logical conclusion and my opinion.

On the one hand, in this contemporary era, everyone is stuck in a rut, hence before making a relationship, some people prefer to research that person’s ancestors. It yields brief wisdom about generation. Many times, people get more respect and value because of their ancestors, such as owing to freedom fighter ancestors, the family got more attention and appreciation in the community.

Furthermore, in some countries, this is the way to know history and status in society. For instance, in south Asian countries, both family sides prefer to research each other’s past generations’ history before finalizing the marriage. ieltsxpress

On the other hand, focusing on past bloodlines is also not a good idea. Time and conditions change people’s generation and their abilities; in other words, if a person’s forefather was doing transgression work in own time, then it doesn’t mean that their generation does the same. In addition, generation by generation, people also modify livelihood and change the tradition that was passed with generation.

To summarize, some people believe that drilling a person and their ancestor’s history is a good idea. However, others feel that the present and future are more paramount than what happened in the past. I believe that myriad time researching is a good idea, although present and future also matter.

Family History Research IELTS Essay

People all over the world love to know about their ancestors and family history. Some people feel that it makes sense to research their family background. However, others oppose this view. In their opinion, we should focus more on the current and future generations. In my opinion, it depends on humans. If someone really wants to know about their ancestors, I don’t see anything wrong with researching their family history.

There are several benefits to studying your family history. Many diseases, for example, are hereditary. Someone who studies their family history will be able to identify illnesses that are common in their family. This information will help them be better prepared to deal with such diseases. Learning about your family’s history is also a great way to discover your family’s culture and traditions. This research can help people stay attached to their culture. Moreover, people feel proud when they find out that their family has a glorious history.

On the other hand, not everyone is lucky enough to have a glorious family history. Therefore, some people believe that studying family history can reveal confusing or disturbing information about ancestors. In their opinion, our present is much more important than our past. Thus, they believe that instead of wasting time on family research, we should focus on the present and the future. After all the past is gone and there is nothing we can do about it. So it makes sense to focus on our future.

In conclusion, everyone has the right to know about their ancestors. This, however, does not mean that everyone should examine their family. People who are interested in learning more about their families should be able to do so, while others should just focus on the future

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People Look Up Their Family History IELTS Essay

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