in the past important knowledge of culture and history was stored in museum

Important Knowledge of Culture and History was stored in Museum

In The Past Important Knowledge Of Culture And History Was Stored In Museum IELTS Essay

In the past, important knowledge of culture and history was stored in museums. Nowadays information is freely available on the internet, so there is no longer a need for museums. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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In The Past Important Knowledge Of Culture And History Was Stored In Museum

People used to go to museums to learn about past civilizations, traditions, cultures and history of not just their own but also of the world. The emergence and development of the internet, however, have changed this trend by making all kinds of information readily accessible online. It is thus believed that museums have become things of the past, so we do not need them anymore. While this claim may be true to a minor extent, I believe that museums’ role is still extremely important.

The internet has revolutionized the way people acquire information, arguably eliminating the need for visiting museums. Internet users indeed are provided with a wide variety of websites, at the click of a button, featuring articles, photos, interactive short videos or even long documentaries about the past, most of which are free of charge. Museums, in this regard, suffer comparison, because there is an entrance fee and merely walking in a museum might not be as engaging as watching interesting content on the web. Besides these drawbacks, people also seem reluctant to pay a visit to, in some cases covering a long distance if the museum is away from their home, an overcrowded place when everything they want to learn about is readily available.

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In my opinion, however, the role of museums in today’s world is crucial. Given the fact that people use Wikipedia and other similar sites as sources of information, wherein anyone can edit, cut, add or remove essential information, the reliability of such internet sources is under question. Nevertheless, museums house real relics of the past, historical evidence, or in some instances genuine masterpieces such as Mona Lisa in the Louvre in France, showing that we can completely trust the accuracy of information provided in museums. Most importantly, there is a big difference between how the information is perceived in museums and through the screen. Being an art enthusiast myself, I found seeing Van Gogh’s works in Philadelphia Museum of Arts profoundly impactful as opposed to looking at them through the web.

While I acknowledge that the Internet can compete with museums as sources of information about the past, I disagree that museums have completely been rendered obsolete.

IELTS Essay on Museum

The relevance of museums in this technological world has become a controversial topic. For so many decades, museums have played a significant role in treasuring the artefacts and knowledge of ancient cultures and traditions. However, some people take the view that museums are useless as all this information is easily accessible on various websites. I beg to differ from this standpoint.

To begin with, it is indubitable that there are different websites that offer copious details regarding the different eras. Besides, anyone can easily see the vivid images of different kinds of paintings, antiques, and sculptures of yesteryears. For instance, if one needs to know anything about Indian history, there are innumerable websites that offer insights into it. Consequently, some people feel it is just a waste. of time and energy to visit museums to gather knowledge.

Nevertheless, the internet cannot substitute museums. Museums are the places where things related to our heritage are preserved with great care. Without proper care, these things can be damaged, lost or misused. Hence, it is better to keep them in museums for public display. Besides, it is a great source of knowledge for school children as history is a mandatory part of their curriculum. Children are more likely to believe in the things which they see in front of them. Hence, many schools organize trips to museums to aware them of their roots. Additionally, it must also be kept in mind that there are a lot of websites that give deceiving and inaccurate details. Therefore, to get accurate details regarding an era, Therefore, to get accurate details regarding an era, we need to visit museums.

Having discussed the topic in detail, I would like to conclude that even though the importance of museums has diminished but still, these play a consequential role in society. These serve as a secure place to preserve our heritage and give precise details to the visitors.

Museum IELTS Essay

Nowadays, many people use the Internet to find detailed information about history and culture. Some argue that museums are no longer needed because all information is available on the Internet. I personally disagree with this statement. In the following paragraphs essay will discuss why museums are so important.

To inaugurate with, no one can deny the fact that people cannot physically see historical artifacts on the Internet. It only provides photographs, which in most cases are not enough to understand the real size and beauty of artifacts or sculptures. For example, to determine the actual size of the largest sword of the 19th century, you must see it in person. Pictures on the screen can never give an accurate representation of the size. Secondly, all the information available on the Internet may be incorrect, as some websites post incorrect information to their advantage. Conversely, museums contain information curated by the government and historians. This will help people get a real sense of historical events.

In addition, museums support the city’s economic development. To explain this in detail, fees charged to museum visitors increase government revenues. It is not only a source of income for the government but also entertainment for some people. The museum’s historic buildings attract many visitors. For example, the Science and Industry Museum in Chicago attracted 1 million visitors last year. This has increased the popularity of Chicago around the world.

In conclusion, I strongly disagree with the idea that museums are unnecessary. In my opinion, the Internet can never physically show things. Museums provide true insight into history, culture and religion that would not have been possible with the Internet.

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Important Knowledge of Culture and History was stored in Museum

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