Increasing the price of petrol is the only way to solve environmental problems ielts essay

Increasing the Price of Petrol for Environmental Problems

Increasing the Price of Petrol is the only way to Solve Environmental Problems IELTS Essay

Increasing the price of petrol is the only way to solve environmental problems. Do you agree or disagree?


Increasing the price of petrol is the best way to solve growing traffic and pollution problems. To what extent do you agree or disagree? What other measures do you think might be effective?


Some people think that one of the best ways to solve environmental problems is to increase the cost of fuel for cars and other vehicles. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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Increasing the Price of Petrol IELTS EssayModel Answer 1

Nowadays, environmental issues are increasing day by day and the fundamental cause of this problem is the emissions of vehicles. And considering this fact, some people think that raising the price of petrol is the best way to solve this problem. I agree as much as I disagree with the notion. I will give reasons for this in the forthcoming paragraphs.

To begin with, it is indubitable that the use of private vehicles is increasing every day. It is not only harmful to the environment but also the main reason for increasing accidents. Therefore, a rise in petroleum would decline the use of bikes and cars. Air pollution is also harmful to people’s health. So, if the environment will be cleaned, it would be also beneficial for them especially for aged people. For instance, the Government of New Zealand, in 2018, increased the price of petrol, people started using public transportation instead of private vehicles. As a result, air pollution decreased by 40%. Moreover, these sources take so many years to be produced. So, if we use it as little as possible, our next generation can also take benefits from it. In addition, the government can also find some alternatives such as wind power, hydropower, and solar power which would be cheap as well as sustainable.

On the other hand, every coin has two sides. If the price of petrol would be increased, the price of food, grocery, clothes and other things of necessity would increase as well. It would be hard to live the life of poverty-stricken people. Rich people do not have to face any problems because, at any cost, they will live their life as they are living. Problems would only be faced by poor communities. Eventually, it will decrease the environmental problems, but also increase the price of other necessities and that will be the main problem for poor people to live their life.

In conclusion, I believe that it is helpful as much as harmful when we see the pros and cons of this. However, the government should develop some alternatives so that both things could be fixed.

Environmental Problems by Increasing the Fuel Price IELTS Essay – Model Answer 2 (With Measures)

The overconsumption of fossil fuels has become a major topic of concern recently. Some people suggest that increasing the fuel price can be the solution to cope with environmental issues. Personally, I believe that other measures should also be given equal consideration.

Firstly, increasing the fuel expense cannot minimize the global dependence on fuel. It should be first noted that even when the price of fuel increases significantly, people still cannot cut down the tremendous demand for petrol at once. For example, in daily life, people still need to use their cars despite the fluctuation in the petrol price. Another clear reason is that petrol is also intended for other applications in manufacturing industries and agricultural purposes. If the price of fuel increases, the national economy could suffer many unfavorable consequences.

When it comes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, some measures should be taken to mitigate the problems of overconsuming fuel. The most practical measure at the moment is to reduce the demand for resources in daily activities like traveling or production. This can be done by encouraging people to turn to mass-producing energy-efficient products like hybrid cars or implementing new saving energy technology in manufacture. Besides, the most sustainable solution is to lower the reliance on fuel by taking advantage of alternative resources. Wind and tidal power in the Netherlands, nuclear power in Japan, and solar power in the United States have all proven their efficiency in energy in energy production. These could be employed in other parts of the world to minimize the global dependence on fossil fuels.

All existing data above shows that only increases the fuel price will not reduce the global warming effects. Some strong alternative measures need to be implemented to tackle this situation.

Fuel Price and Environment Problems IELTS  Essay – Model Answer 3

It is argued that to curb the pollution on earth is to raise fuel prices, which is one of the viable solutions. This essay substantially disagrees with the statement, and will first discuss how other sources of pollution are damaging the environment, and then suggest how high-priced gasoline affects the market in a country.

It does not make sense that increased fuel prices can reduce environmental issues because it is unfair to say the cars are the sole culprit to the environmental crisis. This is because huge industries in urban and sub-urban areas create harmful fumes and dangerous mineral wastes. Therefore, these organizations are not only polluting the air but water bodies and fertile land as well. For example, recent research by the World Automotive Association revealed that the contribution of air pollution of motor vehicles running on roads around the globe is only 15%. Therefore it is ridiculous to say that automobiles are significant sources of pollution.

The fuel prices are a prominent factor while considering the transportation charges. With the increased rate of petrol, the transport companies have to raise their trip cost to compensate for their profits. Due to this, consumers have to pay a higher price for the same products, and inflation in the market is not good for a country’s economy. For instance, in India, the prices of domestically sold petrol and diesel are not controlled by the government and are dependent on international crude oil prices, thus the cost of products in the local market is being increased daily. In addition to this, most cars owners can afford higher-priced gasoline.

In conclusion, raising the cost of fuel to solve environmental issues is a way because industries produce much more pollution as compared to automobiles, and it increases the transport cost.

Environmental Problems IELTS Essay – Model Answer 4

Environmental problems have become a controversial issue in human society. A group of people believes that if authorities will increase the cost of gasoline for private vehicles, then, the environmental complications will be decreased. I partly agree with the given argument. There are some reasons for it. I will discuss it in the following paragraphs of this essay.

Some people think that one of the best ways to solve environmental problems. First of all, if the government will make fuel costly to purchase for cars or bikes, then people will not use their own vehicles. As a result of it, they will start to use public transportation and it will lead to less pollution in the environment. Also, the public sector can gain revenue from the traveling costs of public vehicles. In addition, expensive gasoline or petrol will decline its demand. Due to it, the exploitation of natural resources will also decrease such as coal, gas, and so on. In particular, during 2018 in Nigeria, when the fuel costs had increased by authorities, the economy, as well as the public transport system, was started its development.

On the other hand, expensive fuel will bring a negative impact also. Firstly, if the fuel costs will climb up, then, other goods and services will also increase such as food, clothes, electricity and so on. Due to this, the lives of human beings will be suffered and it can put a contribution to the poverty of the masses. So, it will put a diverse effect on the nation’s financial condition. Moreover, rich persons can afford expensive fuel because they have enough money to purchase gasoline for their luxury cars. But poverty-stricken people will become unable to ride their bikes. Apart from it, several human beings who are physically disabled or handicapped maybe become the convict of inconvenience. Such persons use their private vehicles. So, this will create problems for them.

To conclude, the high cost of fuel would bring positive development in the protection of the environment. But it will also become inconvenient for poor and physically disabled people. So, I believe that authorities should enact some strict rules. could be proved beneficial for both the environment and human society.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Petrol Price Model Answer 5

We have several problems in our lives and in the world, but the major and common problem is to protect the environment. Some people think that raising the rates of petrol is the only way to fix the environmental issue. In this essay, I have described why I am not agreed with this statement.

It is a fact there are many natures related problems which can be solved by using less petrol. However, increasing the rate of petrol does not decrease the use of petrol. People will use petrol whatever the rate will be. If the government raises the rate of petrol, it will cause inflation in the country. But it will not decrease the environmental problems. There are many other ways of reducing pollution like educating people by showing them posters at some places, showing the advertisement. In addition, the government should show civilians the importance of water, air, land. Also, encourage them not to waste the water, not to use vehicles when they can go by walk or carpooling and not throw garbage anywhere. Moreover, the government should give plants for free and inspire people to plant them and take care of trees and gardens. According to my, these are the ways that can help to fix environmental problems.

However, some think increases the rate of petrol will control the pollution. They believe like this due to several reasons. Firstly, they think if petrol rate will go up. People will start using public transport, and People will start doing carpooling; people will not use the vehicle within walking distance. Secondly, if the petrol rate increases, people will think before buying new vehicles that will help in traffic-related problems. Lastly, they think if people will not use more vehicles and will not buy more vehicles, it will decrease air pollution. If we agree with them about reducing air pollution, what about other environmental problems like garbage, waste of water, cutting the trees, petrol rate will not fix these problems.

To conclude, raising the price of petrol is not the only way to help the environment because it does not cure all the environmental-related issues.

Fuel Price Environment Problems IELTS Essay – Model Answer 6

More and more vehicles on the road have become one of the main causes of environmental pollution. A group of individuals tends to that increment in the price of gasoline for private vehicles is an effective method to mitigate environmental issues. I quite agree with the given statement. Actually, there are several reasons for it. I will discuss it in the following paragraphs of this essay.

First of all, A camp of society thinks that if the public sector will increase the cost of fuel for cars or other vehicles, then, people will not give the first priority to their own vehicles for traveling. As a result, they will start using public transportation such as buses, cabs, trains, and so on. Minimum vehicles on the roads will release fewer carbon emissions and it will be beneficial for the environment.

Apart from it, the high cost of fuel for vehicles will lead to an agreement on the exploitation of natural fuel resources such as petroleum, gas, and coal. Actually, search the types of fuel take a hundred years for its production. Also, the cleaning process of mentioned natural resources puts a bad impact on the environment. So, Expensive gasoline will protect the environment.

In addition to it, if the government will raise the cost of diesel or petrol, then, the development of clean resources will be started. There are unlimited safe sources of energy available including wind power, hydropower, solar power, and so on. This is a cheap and sustainable source of energy. People will start using it which leads to a clean environment. However, high rates of fuel for private vehicles can put bad impact on other services. Because Fuel costs and other things go hand in hand such as traveling costs in public transportation.

To conclude, the high cost of fuel for cars or bikes will be proved fruitful for our environment. But it will increase the cost of other services in a nation.

Petrol Price Increase IELTS Essay

Environmental pollution is a greater concern in today’s society. Some people think that increase in the prices of fuel will help in resolving the issue. In my opinion, I think this may help to a small extent, but it is not the ultimate solution.

The increase in petrol prices may help environmental pollution to some degree, but it is not the ultimate solution. An increase in the petrol prices will lead to less use of their personal transportation, which decelerates the quality of air pollution. Lower use of transportation will lead to less congested roads and light traffic. Besides, a hike in fuel prices may not fully decrease the environmental pollution. Still, it could affect transportation costs, which hampers the industries to increase the prices of the commodities. This will indirectly affect the poor and the middle-class families.

The government must take other measures to overcome the problem. A better option is to invest in renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and tide rather than non-renewable sources like petrol and coal. In countries like the USA, the government installed solar panels for less use of energy consumption. The government must organize e-bikes at different stations and bus stops so people could be encouraged to use them, and this will also help in improving the health conditions like obesity.

To conclude, hiking petrol prices is not a suitable option to decrease environmental pollution. Improving the efficiency of public transport and investing in renewable sources of energy is a better alternative to follow.

Increasing the price of petrol IELTS Agree Disagree Essay

The environment is getting polluted day by day. There are manifold reasons such as deforestation enormous vehicles on the road and to name but a few. I disagree that increasing the prices of petrol is the only effective way to protect the environment. There are other alternatives namely say no to plastic, carpooling and recycling.

At the outset, although hiking petrol prices can make the people stop using vehicles; but, it is not a successful way as people involved in different kinds of occupations. So they commute round the clock. The best alternative is to bring modifications in the behaviour of the masses regarding using plastic things. If people say no to plastic things, then they can greatly save their environment. For instance, people use a lot of plastic bags which are non-biodegradable and they burn these in the open air. So making people aware of the consequences of their activities. They can stop using plastic and they will become aware that the gases that release from burning these things can make their environment pollute and people can also face health hazards.

Moreover, Carpooling is another efficient way. It will help in controlling pollution. The classical example is developed countries, where masses share their vehicles with others and it not only save their money but also creates less pollution because the number of automobiles will be less on the road.

Furthermore, recycle things is another productive way. If people make their habit to recycle, they can contribute a lot to saving their surroundings. People really inspired by the creation of Nek Chand, who had built a Rock garden in Chandigarh. Thus the waste material instead of disposing of can be used in a useful way. As such, people will try to save their atmosphere.

In conclusion, in consideration of the above analysis, it is ostensible that carpooling, recycling and a complete ban on using plastic things can assist a lot in regulating environmental problems.

Petrol Price Increase IELTS Agree Disagree Essay

These days we are facing a lot of pollution problems everywhere due to the number of vehicles are increased in road traffic. These vehicles emit polluted air and dangerous gases which adversely affecting the earth’s environment. To reduce the usage of vehicles in transport, Some Say, the government has to come up with plan hiking the petrol prices, which directly affects the usage of vehicles and which solve the problems of environmental damaging .in this essay we will discuss the agreements and disagreements.

Increasing the petrol rates will definitely help the environment as it thwarts the usage of personal vehicles and people will use public transports to travel. This helps in reducing traffic on roads. Fewer vehicles, less traffic So, Pollution can be controlled. Decrease in petrol consumption, Petrol Companies will reduce production which helps the saving petrol reserves which is costly and rarely available material.

Hiking the petrol price badly affects the common people as their pocket has to bear more money for filling the gas. Reducing personal vehicles directly Impacts the automobile industry, as sales will drop down automobile industry will face losses. In places, where there is no public transport available people, will use personal vehicles for them hiking rates of petrol will impact their monthly budgets. This empties their pockets.

As per my opinion, I could see increasing the petrol rates has its highs and lows, Government has to regulate the usage of petrol and has to encourage providing transport with all areas. Government has to do awareness campaigns to minimal usage of petrol and encourage planting the trees by doing Green campaigns. This is how we can save the deceasing environment.

Increasing the price of petrol IELTS Essay

In this contemporary era, the crux is that natural resources without limitation use by the human race such as fossil fuels, aquifers. Some people believe that only one way to alleviate environmental adversity is that increase fuels rates or prices. I partially disagree with the given notion, my inclination will be justified in the following paragraphs along with a logical conclusion.

On the one hand, there are a host of other solutions that illustrates jump up petrol rates is not the only option. Firstly, nowadays layman has busy vocational life, for manage time, the majority of them use the personal vehicle over public transportation thus fuel consumption is high, if we increase petrol price then it will chance that mankind does not restrict to use it furthermore, encourage community is another better way. Secondly, in this industrial time, fossil fuels are basic requirements for abundant machinery, increasing rates also drawbacks for us because if production charge is high then product price is also high.

On the other hand, increasing the petrol price is also beneficial but for short periods of time, it restricts people to use fuels without any purpose like for a short distance they will choose to walk over the vehicle. In addition, humans shift to eco-friendly way that is also beneficial for the environment or nature, for instance, solar system, electric equipment (car, bike, etc) additionally, preferring public transportation also reduces traffic congestion and accidents rates, especially in urban areas.

To sum up, to overcome environmental tribulation, some people claimed that increase the fuels charge is the only option. I partially disagree with the given notion because consumption of petrol is self depending, many machines run by fuels. Moreover, it is effective for short times as well as people shift to another eco-friendly way.

Petrol Price Environmental Issue IELTS Essay

Over the last half-century, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of vehicles. This has resulted in numerous traffic jams especially in the big cities and consequently, high levels of air pollution. Although, there are those who believe that increasing oil prices might help solve this problem. I am strongly inclined to believe that higher petrol prices will have serious drawbacks on our society.

Firstly, oil and gas play a fundamental role in the industry, since most of the heavy machinery used in different industries are operated by petrol. For example, a recent study conducted in Japan has revealed that the nearly 80% of all businesses are sensitive to the price of petrol. In addition, higher prices of petrol will indirectly influence the prices of the various goods in the market through increasing the cost of their transportation. Lastly, this will burden the people and limit their freedom to travel to enjoy their leisure time. Undoubtedly, the growth of oil and gas prices will create new problems.

On the other hand, there are some other ways to tackle the traffic and pollutions problems in cities. To begin with, improving methods of public transportation as well as the increase in their availability everywhere around the clock, will significantly reduce the use of private cars. To illustrate, a recent study published in Canada has shown that the upward trend in the various means of public transportation such as buses and trains resulted in a decrease in the number of traffic jams and road accidents by around 25%. Moreover, the government should invest more in repairing and maintaining roads as well as constructing new roads to solve the problem and traffic congestion. Furthermore, scientists should search for the sources of clean energy such as solar power and nuclear power to replace fossil fuels.

To sum up, it can be clearly seen that the cons of increasing petrol prices outweigh the pros hence I am strongly against the idea of increasing gasoline prices. Government and scientists can prevent the situation from further deterioration through new mobility solutions and innovation in renewable energy.

Environment IELTS Essay

It is believed by some that the most effective solution to addressing the issue of deteriorating the environment is increasing fuel prices. While I believe that raising the price of fuels such as petrol and diesel may help in curbing this issue to some extent, it is not the best solution to solve the environmental problems of the world.

On the one hand, it is true that increasing fuel prices will cause some car owners to use public transportation systems or rideshare services, drive less, and walk more. This means fewer vehicles on the road and that will cause a drop in carbon emissions that are very bad for our environment and health. Industries might also turn to eco-friendly options if possible.

However, this solution is certainly not without its flaws. Firstly, a great number of vehicles in a country are owned by the affluent. For them, the cost of fuel is very low compared with life’s other necessities and so an increase in fuel prices may not change their nature towards car usage. Instead, a better solution could be to improve road conditions and build a faster and more efficient public transport system. For example, not only the poor but also the rich prefer the Delhi metro over cars.

Another effective way to reduce transportation-related air pollution emissions is to use clean vehicle and fuel technologies. These include fuel-efficient vehicles that use less oil, cleaner fuels that produce fewer emissions, and electric cars and trucks. In fact, all the major car companies like Honda, Toyota, Ford are ramping up electric car production. So instead of raising fuel prices and invoking hard feelings among people, the government can give incentives to people to buy these environment-friendly vehicles.

Summing up, higher fuel prices may put a small dent in air pollution but other measures like building a better public transport system and cleaner environment-friendly vehicles are better solutions to our environmental problems.

Ideas for Petrol Price and Environment Problems

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Increasing the Price of Petrol for Environmental Problems

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