Individuals Who Make a lot of Money are Most Successful ielts essay

Individuals Who Make a lot of Money are Most Successful

Individuals Who Make a lot of Money are Most Successful IELTS Essay

Some people say that individuals who make a lot of money are most successful. Others think that those who contribute to society like scientists and teachers are most successful. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.ieltsxpress small logo

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India 26th November 2022
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Those who contribute to society like scientists and teachers are most successful

Sample Answer 1

Many would argue that those who contribute significantly to society, such as artists, teachers and scientists, are more successful than the affluent. In my opinion, although earnings can be a sign of success, one’s worldly impact should be held in higher esteem.ieltsxpress small logo

On the one hand, wealth allows an individual to enjoy their life to the fullest. It is common in popular culture to elevate values related to altruism, however, most honest individuals would admit that success can be equated with what one can afford. The wealthy can afford the possessions and lifestyle they desire and also have the free time and peace of mind to completely enjoy their leisure. In past centuries, such people were admired as shameless examples of personal enjoyment. Therefore, this financial freedom can be viewed as the strictest and more direct definition of success.ieltsxpress small logo

However, money itself does not always engender a feeling of satisfaction in the same way as more active pursuits in life. Many wealthy individuals feel that they have contributed little to society and this diminishes their enjoyment of their gains. Such dissatisfaction is less present in individuals who, as long as they are not living in destitute poverty, pursue meaningful outlets for their energies. For example, renowned scientists throughout history are often not extremely wealthy, yet they are considered great successes due to their contributions and the personal joy they derive from the full exercise of their abilities. This fact can be extended to all other professions that involve determination, creativity, and the growth of one’s influence.

In conclusion, despite the material benefits of wealth, it is clear that one’s ability to shape the world is a surer symbol of success. Every individual and society must locate a balance between these two ideals.

Individuals Who Make a lot of Money are Most Successful

Sample Essay 2

In the modern era, the public still holds conflicting views about whether people with lucrative jobs and significant income should be the most successful, or whether teachers and scientists are the best answer. From my deep point of view, I believe that both concepts are correct for several reasons mentioned in the following paragraphs.

ieltsxpress small logoTo commence with, teachers or scientists will be admired and adored by the citizens for the obvious invaluable contribution to the development of society that they have made so far. During the school years, teachers can guide students to develop and achieve the right goal, as well as identify their personalities and inspire valuable knowledge. Hence, the ideal civilization is co-created by mentors and others. From the point of view of scientists who would dive into a huge workload such as experimentation and research. Their ultimate goal is to come up with an invention that does wonders for human life. Take a look at the invention of the telephone by Graham Bell, it has made our lives more convenient and we can contact anyone without fear of geographic barriers. ie lts xpress

On the other hand, while the rich are seen as selfish and do not sacrifice themselves for society, they have certainly contributed a lot. In fact, they can create thousands of jobs, which will help bring down the unemployment rate. In addition, they also pay a huge amount of taxes that will be used for society, such as paying pensions to pensioners and social benefits for the poor or disabled, or building public buildings. Their contribution may not be as crystal clear as the above, but their significant contribution is still undeniable, therefore they are the most successful, as they sacrifice for the happiness of others without boasting about it. ieltsxpress

To sum up, the teacher and the factory owner may differ from the approaches they take to the development of the human race, however, in the end, they are trying to make a society in such a way that their knowledge or wealth is preserved forever.ieltsxpress small logo

IELTS Essay Topic on Success

Sample Essay 3

The most successful money makers are thought to be the most successful people in the modern world, some say. However, others feel that social contributors such as scientists and teachers enjoy the maximum success. A critical assessment is needed to decide on the two views as both are prominent sectors of the current society.ieltsxpress small logo

The key reason behind the former group’s argument is because the wealthy enjoy the power of money to a greater extent. To be precise, most material things and the best available services can be bought when a person has a lot of money to roll in. For example, only an extremely wealthy can think of space tourism today, while for others, it remains a dream of their lifetime. Unlike the past, the society’s attitude towards money has changed, as they now realise that insufficient money would cause crises of different types. In fact they started considering money directly proportional to the level of contentment and satisfaction a person enjoys. I E L T S X P R E S S

However, others feel that the social value which people such as scientists and teachers enjoy can be hardly bought with money. To be clearer, the services and contributions of these people are considered invaluable in the society and can be hardly measured in terms of money. For example, teachers show the light of knowledge and create the base of the success of any person in the society. Similarly, scientists benefit the society by innovations which are either critical like the vaccine inventions or progressive like 5G technology. Therefore, the level of success they enjoy should be placed above the rich or the affluent.ieltsxpress small logo ieltsxpress

After analyzing both these views in detail, it is clear that one should recognize the efforts of people who can roll in exorbitant amount of money. However, I think those who directly contribute to the society should be seen as more successful.ieltsxpress small logo

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Individuals Who Make a lot of Money are Most Successful

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