Newspapers have an enormous influence on people’s opinions and ideas ielts essay

Newspapers have an Enormous Influence IELTS Essay

Newspapers have an Enormous Influence IELTS Essay

Newspapers have an enormous influence on people’s opinions and ideas. Do you think it is a positive or negative situation?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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India 29th October 2022

Newspapers have an Enormous Influence IELTS Essay

Newspapers play a vital role in the society because of its influential abilities. It has a huge impact on the thoughts of people in various manners. In my opinion, newspapers can act as a constructive tool if used in a positive and fair manner, but it can also be a lethal weapon for society, if in wrong hands.

Starting from the freedom fight of our nation, the newspaper had played a major role in the awakening of common man. As the result of that, our nation got independence. In today’s world, newspaper act as the centralized chain to spread about what is happening all around. It enlightens people about the crisis situations which help them to be prepared and take all the preventive actions needed. It also makes the common people aware of the economy of the nation and helps public to know about their elected leaders.

On the other hand, a biased news in the newspaper, lead to a negative influence on the reader’s mind and can adversely affect the perceptions of the reader. Nowadays, newspapers publish model photographs just to raise their sales. Some of the newspapers are being used by political leaders, in order to create their fake image to get political benefits. As a result of growing competition and commercialization, newspapers can easily break the thin line of an ethical barrier, which can have negative on the society.

To sum up, there is a great saying that the pen is more powerful than the sword so newspaper plays an important role in developing the opinion, either positive or negative , in the society.

Newspapers have an enormous influence on people’s opinions and ideas Essay

Newspapers are one the oldest source of information regarding current events before the invention of the radio, television and the internet. It has a huge influence in people’s opinions and ideas. But without the ability of the people to cross-reference what is written in the news, we tend to believe that all are facts.

Newspapers have a positive and negative effect on its readers. If we will study history, we will find out that newspapers were once used for propagandas during World War II. As a result, many people were brainwashed and believed what they were reading in the news were accurate. Some of the newspapers also come with inappropriate articles and images that might harm the children that will read it without their parents’ consent.

While there are negatives effects, I believe that there are more effects on the positive side as there are lots of credible newspapers that are circulating worldwide. Aside from the regular local and world current events, readers can check the newspaper the weather for the day. A businessman can also see current stock market rates while sports enthusiast can check the results of their favourite games be it basketball, baseball, football, etc. Job searchers can also look on job openings and employers can easily advertise their job vacancies. And lastly, people will be up to date and entertained at the same time with the addition of entertainment sections. ieltsxpress

With the emergence of the internet and the age of social media is becoming more popular, the popularity of the newspapers has been affected by it. But nothing can beat the newspaper as one of the leading source of information and entertainment, especially, for the people who do not have access to computers.

IELTS Essay on Newspapers

Media has an indubitable role in refining the outlook of people. This essay intends to analyse the Media has an indubitable role in refining the outlook of people. This essay intends to analyse the reasons for this. Admittedly, the influence created by media is largely positive, although there is a slight negative effect also.

Firstly, the diverse news in print media brings out huge responses and emotions in people. Newspapers have a wide coverage and manage to fetch the latest happenings around the globe. The way news items are reported influences the way people think and act. Moreover, media always presents the news in an appealing way, which catches people’s attention and they want to dig into it deeper. People find such news hard to be neglected. The quest of people to know more about the world is undoubtedly well looked after by the media.

It is the media because of which the people are aware about what the government is doing for them, and through letters to the editor they can reach out their voice to be heard by the government. People realise that media is a link between them and the government, and so it influences their opinions even more.

The influence created by the media is undoubtedly positive as knowledge about one’s fellow beings makes one more empathetic and alert. The fact that media update people with both good and bad latest happenings is a helpful influence. For example, media’s wide coverage of rapes and murders in surrounding areas creates sympathy as well as alertness in people. The live television of instances like earthquakes and floods helps people to be pro active. For example, when tsunami hit Japan in 2011, people from all over the world came out to help. The varied other information like entertainment, sports and arts is good enough to ease the stress level.

On the other hand, although there are some unhealthy practices like gutter-press journalism, cheque-book journalism and libel writing, people today are mature enough to take it all with a pinch of salt, and use their own analytical ability to shape their judgement. Such media, which takes the help of ill-founded news and other wrong means cannot sustain long. On the whole, media always act as custodians of the interest of the general public.

To conclude, media is powerful enough to influence ones attitudes and thought process because of many reasons. However, such changes always act positively despite some drawbacks

Newspapers Influence IELTS Essay

Newspapers are particularly useful for people in developing countries or rural areas with intermittent power and internet access. Newspapers have a huge influence on people’s beliefs and perceptions. As a result of this phenomenon, people are informed about global events, educated, and given job opportunities.

To begin with, a newspaper is a medium through which people can become acquainted with adequate knowledge of what is going on. Newspapers are effective media platforms for disseminating information about local and international events as well as television, radio, and the internet. Furthermore, people who do not have access to other media platforms can be as well informed as others by reading the newspaper. People in Nigeria, for example, who have a constant power outage, now rely on newspapers as a source of information to keep up with the ongoing pandemic.

Second, people have been educated and informed by newspapers. Since the beginning of the pandemic, people have been taught how to wash their hands and avoid direct contact with other people. Finally, jobs and scholarships have been advertised in newspapers, providing people with opportunities. Several businesses have gained customers as well as hired more employees. For example, 56% of NNPC employees said they learned about the job opening through newspaper advertisements.

To summarize, newspapers have had a positive impact on people’s judgment and beliefs while also creating job opportunities and enlightening the public. People, on the other hand, can be educated and benefit from newspapers because the content is very reliable.News articles are authentic and relevant because they can be sourced from a specific author, unlike posts, videos, and advertisements on the screen. Since authorized publishers are more trustworthy, children are less likely to be misled by inappropriate content or elders duped by fake newspaper posts. In addition, great jobs and scholarships advertised in newspapers can improve readers’ career prospects and educational opportunities.

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Newspapers have an Enormous Influence IELTS Essay

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