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Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS PDF Free with Audio 2021

The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS Book PDF for Academic & General Training


The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS – One of the most important books for preparing IELTS for Academic and General Training is the Official The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS PDF Free with Audio 2020 ieltsxpressCambridge Guide to IELTS. Although there are many books about IELTS, The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS is the first book to focus on the skills candidates need to learn for the test. The chapters in the skills section break down the broad skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking into specific micro skills.

The units explain why these are important, show you how these skills are tested, and how to apply the skills you learn to different IELTS test questions. It is also the first book to combine this information with 8 complete practice tests. Another key features is that all of the writers of this book are skilled, IELTS test writers, with many years of test writing experience between us. So you can be sure that the practice tests and the information in the book reflect the real test.

If you have never taken the IELTS test before, the skills section of The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS will explain exactly how IELTS works and teach you the skills you need to show in each part of the test. The 8 practice tests at the end of the book then help you to practice these skills, so that on the day of your test, you can feel confident that you know exactly what to expect and what to do.

The practice tests also help you assess whether you are ready to take the test or not as they show you the level of difficulty you can expect in each of the 4 papers. Download the official Cambridge guide to IELTS student’s book with answers pdf.


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What is The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS PDF Book?

  • Comprehensive IELTS exam guide
  • Easy access
  • Divided by skills
  • Develops language level and exam techniques
  • General Training and Academic Modules

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What’s inside?

  • Listening: 8 Units
  • Reading: 8 Units General Training and Academic
  • Writing: 8 Units General Training and Academic
  • Speaking: 4 Units 17 Speaking Test Videos

Use the book section by section, or choose the parts you need, when you need them.

Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS section wise content:

IELTS Listening Skill

1. Getting ready to listen 
2. Following a conversation 
3. Recongnising paraphrase 
4. Places and directions 
5. Listening for actions and processes 
6. Attitude and opinon 
7. Following a lecture or talk 
8. Contrasting ideas

IELTS Reading Skill

1. Reading strategies 
2. Descriptive passages 
3. Understanding the main ideas 
4. Locating and matching 
5. Discursive passages 
6. Multiple – choice questions 
7. Opinions and attitudes 
8. Geneal Training Reading

IELTS Writing Skill

1. Academic writing Task 1 – Describing a chart, table or graph 
2.  Academic writing Task 1 – Comparing and contrasting graphs and tables 
3.  Academic writing Task 1 – Describing dia grams 
4. Academic writing Task 1 – Describing maps 
5. General Traning writing task 1 – Aletter 
6. Writing task 2 – Getting ready to write 
7. Writing task 2 – Expressing your ideas clearly 
8. Writing task 2 – Checking and correcting

IELTS Speaking Skill

1. The speaking test – part 1 
2. Part 2 – Giving a talk 
3. Part 3 – Talking about abstract topics 
4. Checking, correcting and assessing

IELTS Practice Tests

1. Parttice test 1 
2. Parttice test 2 
3. Parttice test 3 
4. Parttice test 4 
5. Parttice test 5 
6. Parttice test 6 
7. Parttice test 7

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