Online shopping is significantly increasing ielts essay

Online Shopping is Significantly Increasing IELTS Essay

Online Shopping is Significantly Increasing IELTS Essay

Online shopping is significantly increasing. What impact does this have on people, what are the disadvantages and what are the job opportunities?


Online shopping is significantly increasing. What effects does this have on the environment and the types of jobs required?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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Online Shopping is Significantly Increasing Essay

With the proliferation of the internet and smart phones, the trend of online shopping is growing rapidly. This positively impacts environment as it reduces the need of a shop which has a huge ecological footprint. This impacts society in a favourable way by reducing the cost of goods and in an adverse way by reducing employment.

Traditionally, the products are sold in a physical shop that requires lighting, air conditioning, and infrastructure. All these result in environment damage as these require a lot of electricity and raw materials that lead to emission of green house gases (GHG). Online shops, on the other hand, merely transport goods from a large regional warehouse whose ecological footprint, a measure of GHG emissions, is lower than local shops. Thus online shops contribute in environment preservation.

Online shops have better economies of scale and thus offer prices which are lesser than local shops. This reduces the financial burden on pockets of the citizens and enables them to spend more on education, culture, and entertainment. These activities promote social stability and harmony. However, they often lead to lower employment in a society. Various studies have proved that online shops employ fewer people and they result in shutting down of local businesses. For example, Amazon and Flipkart offer heavy discounts on various products that local stores can not provide. This shifts consumer choice to these websites and this results in loss of local jobs.

In conclusion, online shopping impacts a society and the environment in various positive and negative ways. While it reduces employment opportunities for some, it reduces the cost of goods for a large majority of people. It also reduces the impact of business on the environment. This builds environment sustainability, social stability and economic prosperity in a region.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Online Shopping

In recent years, online shopping has gained more and more popularity all over the world. This tendency has several impacts on the environment and on various jobs related to electronic commerce.

The rise of online shopping is both beneficial and harmful to the environment to some extent. One obvious benefit of this trend is that it can help reduce the number of private vehicles travelling to brick-and-mortar stores since orders of customers from different locations can be grouped and delivered to homes at once. This will eventually lessen a great deal of exhaust fumes which is one of the causes of air pollution. However, if people are encouraged to shop online more, more plastic wastes will be released to the environment, especially water body such as rivers and oceans. This, as a consequence, will do harm to natural habitats of numerous marine species and worsen the problem of environmental pollution.

The growth of e-shopping has also brought both negative and positive impacts on people’s employment. On the one hand, this trend has created a variety of work opportunities for people, especially for those who major in information technology. To maintain an e-store, there will be a need for many kinds of jobs such as database administrators, web designers, delivery drivers, etc. On the other hand, when e-shopping is becoming more and more popular, an influx of people working at traditional retail stores might lose their jobs and face unemployment. This will place a huge burden on the government to create alternative jobs for these individuals, which might take a long time and require a large amount of budget.

In conclusion, online shopping impacts the environment and the labour market in both positive and negative ways.

Online Shopping is Increasing Significantly IELTS Essay

Recently, online shopping has become a hot trend. Purchasing and selling online has become popular and the services are increasing manifold. eBay and Amazon offer a wide variety of products, which we can avail from the comfort of our home. Major disadvantages included in window shopping are time-consuming, traveling to faraway shops, parking the vehicles at a time of a rush hour, etc. Online shopping has reduced these inconveniences for consumers.

While shopping online or browsing the internet, people come across a wide range of products to choose from. They are able to compare the prices and features of their choices on different websites. This helps them to make a well-thought decision. Flipkart and Jabong are two famous online shops in India. They not only provide the product description and price information but also allow comparison of products of the same category, providing customers reviews and opinions and ratings. The ordered items can be altered or canceled as per the customers’ needs. You can return or exchange the items you bought if you are not satisfied with the quality.

Shopping is considered a social experience. Certain people enjoy shopping and lingering about in the markets at leisure. Popular websites often sell things at a cheaper rate than local stores, offering attractive discount rates. This is also another reason why online shops are being preferred recently.

Online shopping is much more beneficial for customers in comparison to in-store purchasing. Since it is hassle-free, online shopping is convenient. Thus, shopping over the internet is definitely a positive trend, and will grow more popular over the years.

Online Shopping Impact on Environment IELTS Essay

The world in which we live has seen significant changes due to the advent of modern technologies such as the internet. Shopping is not an exception. These days, thanks to the development of the internet, online shopping has dramatically flourished. This essay seeks to investigate the effects of this trend on the environment and society.

While the development of internet shopping has a cascade of effects on the environment, some of them are more significant. Firstly, the number of conventional shops has dropped due to the lack of their necessity; hence, the space needed for their construction remained undeveloped. Moreover, less traveling is needed by people in order to purchase a merchandise.

Consequently, less emission is produced because of the fewer number of the vehicles on the streets; therefore, the air is less polluted. As a tangible example, studies show that in the United States alone, the tendency toward online shopping has prevented 10 million cars from leaving garages during the first three months of 2017. One can only imagine how much pollution has been averted.

The society has also been affected by this trend. First and foremost, indolence is spread. People are less active because of online shopping. The only physical activity needed is to press a button on the computer. Secondly, local commerce is negatively suffered. People prefer to buy online due to its convenience; therefore, fewer patrons visit local shops to buy products; hence, local businesses are disappearing. For example, statistic shows that after the development of online shopping, the survival rate of small businesses has dropped from 61 percent to 23 percent.

To summarize, online shopping has a plethora of effects on both our environment and our society from changing the look of surroundings and cleaning the air to rendering people lazier and jeopardizing small businesses.

IELTS Essay on Online Shopping

Despite the fact that we know what time it is on the clock, what the weather is like outside or there is a pandemic, we can conveniently buy the things we need in online stores. Very few people feel the need to take risks in stores. It cannot be denied that online shopping has become more popular and less tedious than in-store shopping. This trend has positive and negative sides, which are discussed in the following essay.

To inaugurate with, the fact that online shopping brings more benefits than shopping in a store. Firstly, it saves time for both buyers and sellers, as buyers don’t have to travel and sellers don’t have to show their products one by one to each consumer. Furthermore, they can get a perfect knock on prices and can easily compare products before pressing the buy button, which can lead to significant cost benefits for the buyers. In this manner, so people can make smarter decisions after evaluating and considering size, price and models. Also, it allows them to easily shop from any part of the world. As a result, the number of job opportunities in the future will increase as demand grows.

On the other hand, online shopping does not allow you to touch or see the product, which in fact makes it difficult to check the quality of the product, which leads to the purchase of an inferior product, and sometimes it is impossible to return or exchange the product, which in turn leads to wasted money. Another problem is that online shopping has made people compulsive shoppers. In addition, there is always the risk of financial information being obtained for use by hackers for security reasons, since there is always news of data leaks even from well-known brands and websites.

In conclusion, it can be clearly seen that although product reliability and financial risk have a certain impact on people, employment opportunities for them, especially in the field of employment, should also be considered. However, one must be careful about fraud and misrepresentation when buying from different sites.

IELTS Writing Task 2 on Online Shopping

The ubiquity of online shopping has brought with it concerns about the environment and an evolving job market. In my opinion, online shopping increases fossil fuel emissions and requires a massive, unskilled workforce for both delivery and production.

Online shopping uses fossil fuels in the making and transportation of goods. In order to manufacture a given product, such as a television, book, or bag of muesli, there is an environmental cost from sourcing and transporting all the elements, powering the factory that assembles it, and creating the plastic packaging, which is also a petroleum byproduct. In the case of a large company like Amazon, the product must be driven or flown to various centers around the country in order to be available for next-day delivery. From the storage warehouse, it is then driven or flown to the consumer who ordered it, further burning fossil fuels. The net impact on the environment is self-evidently massive and hastens climate change.

Moreover, online shopping is such a sprawling business that it manipulates the labor market. First of all, there are the workers directly involved. Deliverymen must pack, unpack and ship products while the whole operation also requires a variety of managers, foremen, and office workers. These workers are notoriously underpaid and exploited when working for the largest online retailers, who also streamline the means of production in order to offer the lowest prices. Instead of sourcing from local businesses, which would be slightly more expensive, they opt for large factories largely based in China that can cheaply and quickly produce standardized products. This requires an army of factory workers, working at low wages in unsafe conditions.

In conclusion, online shopping contributes greatly to climate change and has created deep fissures in the job market. Governments should regulate these companies before their rampant profit-driven efficiency has unforeseen social and political implications.

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Online Shopping is Significantly Increasing IELTS Essay

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