Only Tourist Visit Museums And Historical Places

Only Tourist Visit Museums And Historical Places Essay

Only Tourist Visit Museums And Historical Places Essay

In the IELTS exam, an intriguing essay topic revolves around the disparity between tourist and local visitation to museums and historical sites. This prompts us to explore the reasons behind this phenomenon and brainstorm effective measures to encourage local residents to actively engage in visiting these cultural landmarks. By delving into the motivations behind this trend and proposing targeted solutions, we can address this issue and present a well-rounded response in the IELTS essay.

Only tourist visit museums and historical places. Why not local people? Suggest with some example how can local people visit those places. And give relevant examples as per your experience.


Many museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourists rather than local people. Why is this? What can be done to encourage local people to visit museums and historical sites?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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Only Tourist Visit Museums and Historical Places IELTS Essay

Although most places have sites of historical interest and a variety of museums to visit, it is predominantly tourists who come to see them, not local people. This essay will examine the reasons for this before suggesting some possible methods of attracting local people.

The main factor is the different motivations of tourists and local people. For a tourist, the aim when visiting another country, city or region, is to learn about that new place and possibly to understand its culture and history. Visiting historical sites and museums is an excellent way to do this. On the other hand, local people have often lived in the area for much of their lives, and have either learned this at school or understand it through personal experience. In addition, tourists are on holiday and have set aside time and money for these activities. However, local people may be too busy working and prefer to prioritise their spending on such things as school, shopping and socialising. ielts xpress

Despite this, attendance of local people could be encouraged in a variety of ways. First and foremost, the perception of museums and historical sites could be changed by holding events at these places. For example, they could hold cultural festivals or galas for the community to celebrate a unique aspect of that particular place. Another possibility is to have special promotions, such as a reduced price or free tickets provided in local newspapers and magazines. Related to this, concession cards could also be provided to local people so they are encouraged to come more regularly.

In conclusion, tourists have different motivating factors to local people, which accounts for the reasons that they are more likely to visit museums and historical sites. That said, it is possible to encourage attendance by local people through cultural events and promotions.

IELTS Essay on Museums and Tourists

It is unquestionably true that every nation has its history which preserved in various places called historical places and museums. People visit these places at different time and occasion, but another fact is that nowadays tourists visit more on these sites than the local one. I would discuss various reasons and their solutions in the below paragraphs.

There are many reasons for this. First and foremost, most locals have been growing up in their area and have been studying all historic sites for a long time and do not want to visit local museums and historical places anymore. Locals already visited their attractions many times and did not interest anymore, unlike tourists. The second reason is, mostly the locals are busy in their daily work and they do not have free time but if they get free time they preferred to commute far away to do some adventurous activities rather than to visit the local sites.Moreover, the lack of promotion. All the historical places are taking care of by the government. The authorities do not spend money on advertising to promote the sites on different media sources like internet, TV. Last but not least, another reason is the entrance fee; the authorities of these sites charge a hefty amount as an entrance fee, which reduces the number of people mainly local to visit heritage sites.

There are some possible solutions which can attract local people to visit museums and historical buildings. First is, the government should organize events such as exhibition, cultural activities on these sites to allure more people towards the place. Second is, authorities not only promote the sites on different media but also give some offers like ticket discount to local people on selected days.Example, the school can give assignment related to the history of a country because this will motivate parents to take their children to the historical museums to collect useful information which will help them to get good marks in their studies or dancing show for children.

To recapitulate, it is clear that local people avoid visiting museums and historical building due to their fee and some other reasons so, it the duty of government to give some modern look to these sites and should organize events on these places to attract native people.

Problem and Solution IELTS Essay

The contemporary era is an era of modernization, students have more choices about how they can improve their skills in higher education. Therefore, different types of learners have a tendency to spend time at an interval of time so that they can make a living or travel something. I would argue that the benefits of taking a gap year may outweigh the drawbacks.

To begin with, we should think about travel and work during this period, which really makes us enrich ourselves with absorbing knowledge. To be more specific, if we visit many places and come into contact with different traits, we will have the opportunity to access a variety of cultural conditions, which we can perceive as an accelerating trend in our cognitive range. Furthermore, break not only helps us to open our mind but also helps us to outline our future schedule. For instance, whenever we stop and think about our shortcomings, we are being better prepared for our future careers.

However, taking a break from formal schooling has its drawbacks. Simply put, according to a recent study by BBC News, we would tend to relax when we settling down after 12th grade. So, we get so easily haunted that we might just give up on the road to success because of the tempting entertainment. On the other hand, I still believe that the merits of a different period will outperform the demerits.

To sum up, taking an opportunity after the previous class gives us more opportunities to thrive rather than squander our resources. However, only when we effectively use the break between two types of learning can we benefit from it. ielt s xpre s s

IELTS Essay on Museums

It is true that historical places and museums attract a large number of tourists; however, locals show little interest in them. In my opinion, there are several reasons behind this trend and governments can take certain measures to encourage locals to visit.

To begin with, People find it boring to visit such places. In other words, they are already familiar with their culture and history and perhaps have nothing new to discover by visiting the same museum repeatedly; therefore, they avoid visiting these places as they consider such visits a waste of time. A tourist, on the other hand, is eager to explore new places of interest in their destinations , and museums and historical places will help them to have a better understanding of the history and culture of the countries they are visiting. Another reason is that museums charge an entry fee which could be the major factor that discourages the local people. If a person visited it once, they would avoid visiting it again because nobody wants to pay again to watch the same artworks.

Governments can take steps to encourage local residents to attend museums and historical buildings. First, authorities can organize cultural events and regular exhibitions at these places to provide people with a new experience every time they visit them. The second solution would be offering free tickets and discounts at the weekends so that low income and middle income families can visit. For example, schools can provide assignments related to the history of a country, and this will motivate parents to take their children to the historical museums to collect useful information which will help them excel in their studies.

To conclude, local people do not enjoy visiting museums or historical places because there is not much they can learn from these places. Foreigners, on the other hand, are curious to learn more and more about their destinations and hence they make it a point to visit these places. The government can encourage more natives to visit by conducting interesting programmes like exhibitions at these places and offering free or subsidised entry.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Museum

It is undeniable that more travellers visit ancient places and museums than the natives of the area. This essay will explain / discuss why this happens and put forward some solutions to revive the interest of local people in visiting these places.

To begin with, local people do not find the museums interesting due to the familiarity and lack of new events. In other words, they are familiar with the objects of history, culture, and artworks that are exhibited. Furthermore, museums rarely add new exhibits to their collection or organize events for visitors. ielts xpress

On the other hand, tourists are keen to explore the history, culture, and tradition of their destination. In addition, museums and historical sites do not come cheap. In fact, to get admission to these places, visitors are often required to pay a substantial amount of money. Natives are unwilling to pay for admission as they do not expect to find anything new or interesting.

In order to attract more local people to come to museums and historical buildings, various steps can be implemented. Primarily, we can organise more activities that incorporate art performances with appropriate content. To illustrate, in Chennai, authorities permit schools or other organizations to conduct their annual day functions, charitable activities or historical day events in the museum. This not only encourages the attendance of more people but also provides a great opportunity to educate them on historical events, science, and arts. Furthermore, the authorities can reduce the admission fee or offer discounts to local inhabitants.

To conclude, while there are various factors that do not engage local people to visit museums and historical sites, conducting events and reducing admission costs will encourage native people and more tourists.

Historical Sites and Museums Are Mainly Visited By Tourists IELTS Essay

Museums and historical places around the world hold significance as they have valuable artifacts that are not available elsewhere. Though museums attract a lot of tourists, the locals do not consider local museums and historical places entertaining.

There are several reasons why local residents do not find museums interesting. First and foremost, the local habitants have been brought up in those areas and have seen the historical places of their area hence these historical places might not arouse their interests anymore. The locals prefer visiting faraway lands and exploring other historical places in comparison to the local places. The hefty entrance fee that historical museums charge may not seem feasible to the locals. IELTS X

There are several actions that can be taken with the intention to appeal to the local population to visit the local museums. Primarily, community activities being organized by the museum like exhibitions and cultural events will help gain its popularity as most of these historical places are non-profit organizations. The media can also use used as a source to commercialize and promote museums at a local level. A subsidized amount of fee charged from the natives will also attract a large number of local history enthusiast to pay a visit to these historical sights.

To conclude, museums and historical landmark play a crucial role in understanding the culture and the historical background of a particular area. If the locals pay more attention to local museums, it will make them more popular on a larger scale therefore, attract more tourists. The government can also provide attractive offers to natives to visit the historical sights.

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Only Tourist Visit Museums And Historical Places Essay

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