people are using a lot of online language translation apps

People are using a lot of Online Language Translation Apps

People are using a lot of Online Language Translation Apps IELTS Essay

People are using a lot of online language translation apps. What are the advantages and disadvantages?


People are using a lot of online language translation apps. Do the benefits of this outweigh the disadvantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

People are using a lot of Online Language Translation Apps IELTS Essay

Sample Answer 1

The importance and popularity of web-based language translation applications has grown over the past few years due to globalization. People from vastly different geographical zones, educational backgrounds and cultural beliefs are more inclined to use such mobile applications to learn and understand a foreign language. I strongly agree that its positives of this development outweigh the negatives, and, in this essay, I will discuss this using examples of current apps and The Times newspaper. IELTSXpress

On the one hand, there is ample evidence that constant access to mobile phones has been immeasurably beneficial to both our social life and business careers. Nowadays, citizens are migrating to different countries in order to build a new future and dealing with overseas companies for business purposes, so learning a second language has become their necessity. Such mobile applications are facilitating them by providing a handy solution to their language barriers.

For example, Play store and Apple app store advertise multiple paid and free to use apps such as Duolingo, Dictionary, Grammarly and Ginger which instantly translate one language into another allowing crucial communication, be it social or commercial to happen seamlessly. Therefore, it is apparent that many key aspects of people’s lives are is being made easy through these handy and ready to use solutions.

On the other hand, whether language conversion apps benefit the public or cause potential losses to a key section of the education establishment is also a controversial topic for discussion. A recent study published in The Times newspaper has shown that there has been a significant reduction in demand for bilingual teachers or native language tutors as more people have started using such apps instead of spending money on the specialist tuition required to learn a new tongue. For an instance, free apps simply require basic registration details and email verification to register then begin, compared to the many hours or even years needed to master an additional language to a proficient level of fluency. As a result, despite the indisputable benefits of learning face to face, talented and experienced professors, translators and interpreters are having to fight to justify their relevance in this new world. I E L T S X PRE SS

To conclude, I believe that if the situation favours the relatively accurate, easily accessible use of online translation applications, which offer instant and quick solutions they can be hugely beneficial for the community at large and in the future their flexibility and sophistication will continue to be improved.

Online Language Translation Apps IELTS Essay

Sample Essay 2

Language translation software has gained popularity over the last few years since it has become more accessible and affordable. While these apps cannot do a perfect job of translating languages, they do help in improving people’s lives in various aspects.

On the one hand, language translation is an evolving technology. These applications mostly convert a language syntactically and during that phase, they may remove the true essence of a sentence and produce a dull and lifeless sentence. Furthermore, these applications are not intelligent enough to detect the dialects and colloquialism of a language. For example, English spoken in countries such as North America, Britain and Australia have subtle differences and applications such as Google translators are not intelligent enough at the moment to identify the nuances of the regional slang. IELTSXPRES

On the other hand, they have an enormous number of advantages. In the past, conversion of language was a Herculean task. People had to refer to dictionaries and get paid consultation from a multilingual people or a foreigner. However, with the advent of language translators, it has become a cakewalk. It is specifically useful for expatriates and international tourists. Those individuals can use their smartphones to translate the local dialects of their day to day life interactions in a supermarket or a public bus. Moreover, it is beneficial for an employer in a global company. He can use this software to read and reply to emails from international clients. In addition, they are beneficial to students pursuing international researches.

In conclusion, there are some shortcomings in the current technology. However, those will be surpassed by a myriad of gains. Moreover, people should use it more and more so that engineers can identify its flaws and it can be enhanced.

IELTS Essay Online Language Translation Apps

Sample Essay 3

Learning a new language is indeed a herculean task for many especially when it comes to adults. This essay will explore the factors which make learning a new language challenging and will also suggest some potent solutions to deal with the same.

To begin with, grown-ups particularly find it difficult to learn foreign vernaculars because as they grow, their brains lose that flexibility to adapt to any language and become hard-wired to specific languages that they speak or know since childhood. Moreover, the level of intelligence in an individual also matters as some people are blessed with superior cognition and hence are better equipped for learning an alien language. Also learning coherence and cohesion is the hardest part as one can learn vocabulary and rules of a language but putting them in order to make a grammatically correct sentence comes with a lot of struggle and practice. People also tend to apply their native tongue’s grammar and characteristics to make sense of an identically structured foreign language. Research conducted by Mark Pagel, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Reading in the U.S.A. states that the brain affects one’s thoughts and perceptions and it alters the way one thinks, hence our mother tongue tends to dominate our neural system which makes adhering to other languages an ambitious task. IELTSXpre

To cope with this, firstly, although people may feel silly when they make mistakes while learning and practising a language, they must not feel bad about it or pretend to be perfect as everyone learns by making mistakes. An excellent approach is to uptake some other activity or skill and take instructions in the language to be learnt. For instance, in California ‘apprentice’ programmes are run in which apprentices pair up with the speakers of native American tongue to learn a traditional skill such as basket weaving, with instructions exclusively in the native language. After a certain time, learners become well-versed with that language. Furthermore, aspirants must also naturally try to get used to listening and understanding the language by watching foreign movies with descriptions in the form of subtitles in a known language through applications like Netflix as by doing so they come across various slangs, range of vocabulary and grammatical structures of sentences. It is an interesting way to grasp a language.

In summary, one needs to be motivated enough to get used to and memorize foreign languages. The advent of social media has eased this process as folks can converse with the native speakers and gain a lot of knowledge by making friends with them. Travelling overseas can also be of great help for becoming familiar with the international language.

Online Language Translation Apps Advantages and Disadvantages

Sample Answer 4

Nowadays, with the great revolution in technology experts have developed a variety of applications to overcome the obstacles like language barriers. So, people are very much involved in usage of these easily available online apps for translating languages. However, these apps render various potential positives like smooth communication and educational assistance with a native speaker; whereas demotivates people to learn new languages.

To begin with the advantages, online translation apps facilitates a person to overcome the issue of having a smooth communication in another country. Likewise, many people have to travel a lot for the sake of their business or tourism. Since they do not have much time to learn different languages in a very short period, they can rely on these apps and can communicate with more and more ease than ever. For example, my friend went on a Europe tour groups of people from different countries, these apps really helped her to speak with fellow friend’s in a very smooth way.

Furthermore, language translation apps help a student to get educational learning experience around the globe from any of the famous teachers. Students can easily access to different learning material and retain as much as knowledge from different educational websites. As they do not have much time to first learn a different language and then take lectures, they can ease their way of fast learning by these apps. For instance, the research study found that many history students were using these apps to learn about different topics related to ancient emperors of various continents. ieltsxpress

Nevertheless, language translator also demotivates a person in regard of learning new languages. Moreover, a person tends to rely so much on these apps; which made them lazy and do not feel the importance and value of being a bilingual, such as

In conclusion, although language translation applications have refrain a person from learning new languages, but it also renders some significant advantages like convenience in communication and educational learning experience. In my opinion, in this fast and busy world these apps have helped a lot towards better understanding of different languages; therefore, the advantages can clearly outshine the disadvantages.

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People are using a lot of Online Language Translation Apps

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