Road Safety and Driving Tests IELTS Essay

Road Safety and Driving Tests IELTS Essay

Road Safety and Driving Tests IELTS Essay

Some people think that the best way to improve road safety is to make vehicle drivers take a test every year. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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Best way to improve road safety is to make vehicle drivers take a test every year IELTS Essay

Some people argue that the best approach to increase road safety is for vehicle drivers to take an annual test. I completely disagree with this point of view because many traffic incidents are a result of bad weather and some companies’ promises of speedy delivery.

Frequently, bad weather is the main cause of car accidents. When it is raining or snowing, visibility becomes low and roads become slippery, which often leads to car crashes. So, instead of enforcing an annual testing program, regulators would do better to discourage car use in such weather conditions and encourage the use of transportation like subways and trams instead.

In addition, many driving incidents are caused by the speedy shipping that some companies promote. Take Amazon Flex, for example. In order to fulfill same-day delivery, the platform has imposed very tight deadlines on its drivers. When falling behind schedule, these drivers tend to get stressed and drive recklessly. It was reported that since June 2015, there have been more than 60 crashes involving Amazon delivery drivers which have resulted in injuries or death. In this case, taking a driving test every year will not be very useful because even though the test can remind delivery drivers of the rules they should follow, they would still violate them to meet deadlines. A more effective method is to hold companies like Amazon Flex and Uber Eat responsible for the tragedies they cause. Hopefully, they can extend the tight deadlines they set. ielts x pre ss

In conclusion, I do not think implementing a yearly driving test is the best approach to improve road safety since poor weather conditions and delivery companies also play a major part in many traffic accidents.

To improve Road Safety Retake Driving Test Every Year IELTS Essay

Nowadays, with significant development of road traffic, the most important task is to reduce road traffic accidents in order to create road safety. Many people support the idea that car drivers must update their driving license annually. From my perspective, that is only one of many ways to maintain safety for people in traffic.

There are many benefits when car drivers retake their driving test by the year. It is clear that through doing the driving test annually, drivers can update new regulations about transportation as well as review the whole knowledge in safety driving. Therefore, they can control a lot of dangers on the road caused by subjective factors such as go overspeed or do not wear seat belts. Moreover, updating car driving license each year is a reminder to drivers in order to enhance their responsibility when using car and show them punishments in road traffic violations, thereby contributing to decrease the great number of hazards for road traffic participants. ieltsxpress

On the other hand, the road safety is the cooperation of consciousness of all traffic participants not only car drivers. It is obvious that car drivers are only one in huge kinds of road traffic participants like motorbike riders, pedestrians and bikers, so administrators need issue regulations for both car divers and others. For example, motorbike riders also must get licenses when using motor in the road and give proper punishments for pedestrians and bikers if they do not obey the traffic rules. Furthermore, from a macro perspective, if road transport infrastructure is too poor or degraded and can not catch up with the remarkable increase of traffic participants, that caused nervousness in them result in losing control accidents. Hence, the government should eliminate risks related with infrastructure such as build more roads and install suitable traffic light in order to help residents easy to comply with law of transportation.

In a nutshell, with above explanations, I strongly believe that there are many approaches to keep road safety, requesting car drivers retake their driving year by year is only one way. The government need issue other regulations for all traffic participants as well as upgrade infrastructure.

Road Safety IELTS Essay Agree Disagree

These days, the number of traffic accidents around the world has increased exponentially just because of reckless driving. Consequently, there is a growing perception that road safety can only be improved by holding a driving test every year. Being a rational person, I also agree with this opinion, because I believe that this will help drivers familiarize themselves with the latest rules and regulations and test their physical ability to drive.

Among the arguments supporting my position is one concerning the importance of driver testing as a way to check whether drivers are aware of the updated traffic rules. In other words, the governments of every country are constantly trying to introduce new rules by charging old ones in order to improve road safety. ieltsxpress Thus, if drivers could not know the latest laws, they would not be able to comply with these laws. Therefore, to ensure safety, drivers should be tested annually. As an example, an empirical study by the University of Oxford shows that 90% of drivers can drive correctly if they pass the annual driving test.

Another important rationale for why drivers should take the test every year is necessarily synonymous with testing their fitness. To be more precise, a person’s health can deteriorate at any time up to the onset of certain diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, poor eyesight, etc. Thus, if a person could recognize his physical weakness by passing a driving test, it would certainly reduce the chance of accidents. For example, researchers worldwide have found that 35% of traffic accidents are due to drivers’ heart failure while driving. Therefore, at least once a year it is necessary to check the physical condition by passing a driving test.

To conclude, every year drivers must test their abilities, learn about new things and test their fitness.

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Road Safety and Driving Tests IELTS Essay

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