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Should we continue to use Nuclear Energy?

Should we continue to use Nuclear Energy?

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Here in this post we have covered the topic of ” Should we continue to use Nuclear Energy?” for IELTS writing and speaking topics ideas.



Should we continue to use Nuclear Energy?


If we continue to use fossil fuels, we will use them all up. There is not enough oil, coal, and gas to meet the future demand. Nuclear energy is not safe:

When there is a nuclear accident, the impact is catastrophic (e.g. thousands of people will be affected).

There are very high levels of different kinds of cancer among people who live near nuclear power plants.

Radioactive waste can pose a threat to our health.
Unlike wind and solar energy, which rely on weather patterns, nuclear energy has no such limitation and is available regardless of the weather conditions. We should focus on greener energy sources like solar, wind, and hydroelectric power.
It is environmentally-friendly. (e.g. it emits small amounts of greenhouse gases, so it does not contribute to global warming). Unlike solar energy, it cannot last forever because uranium, although abundant, is finite.
Nuclear energy is a huge industry and has brought employment to many towns and cities. There is a chance terrorists could steal radioactive materials.
Nuclear energy is sustainable and could be used without wasting natural resources. Compared to other power plants, building nuclear power stations requires a large amount of money.
It is cost-effective:

Compared to other types of power plants, nuclear power stations have lower operation and maintenance costs.

Nuclear reactors can also last up to 60 years, which means there is no need to build a new reactor every now and then.

Uranium, which is used as a fuel during the process, is not costly.
Constructing them also requires a large amount of time, which means it takes years before a new plant can become operational.
Uranium, which is the main element in the process of nuclear fission, is abundant. It is harmful to the environment:

Radioactive waste can easily pollute the land and bodies of water and destroy plants and animals in the vicinity.

Uranium has to be mined and refined and also transported to the plants, all of which could cause pollution.



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