Too much Emphasis is placed on Going to University Essay

Too much Emphasis is placed on Going to University IELTS Essay

Too much Emphasis is placed on Going to University IELTS Essay

Too much emphasis is placed on going to university for an academic education. People should be encouraged to vocational training because there is a lack of qualified professionals such as plumbers or electricians. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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India 29th September 2022

Too much Emphasis is placed on Going to University IELTS Essay

While “burning the midnight oil” for your final exam, you may find yourself nervously shaking and on the verge of exploding. On this fatal date, many of your future hopes can be crushed. Too much strain is put on a single, taking approximately an hour, assessment. This practice has been taken for granted for many years, and only recently, some voices are calling it old – fashioned.

The testing system has one distinctive feature that enhances the process of education. It is universal and standardized while at the same time, it does not take into account the individual. Therefore, teachers are relieved from the burden of designing a personal exam paper. However, some scientists argue that each student possesses unique qualities (creativity, imagination, logical thinking) and unified, strict methods of assessment cannot bring them on the surface. ieltsxpress

Nowadays, ambitious parents push their kids to be more obsessed with marks. There are many cases of people encouraging their children to calculate perplexing equations or studying French. All this at the expense of playing outside, socializing and just being a kid. The reason is obvious – the better the under-aged perform, the higher prospects for “hot” schools.

Another aspect of the stressful practice in modern examinations is that it shows only the momentary situation. Even though you may have problems with one part of the textbook, the outcome depends on pure chance. A good step in reversing the process is the ¾ test throughout the semester, implemented nu universities. ieltsxpress

On balance, the outdated approach to assessment should be reached and adapted to fit in the modern situation. More constructiveness and reducing anxiety are vital if society wants to keep people willing to learn and not just to achieve high marks.

Too much Emphasis is placed on Going to University for an Academic Education IELTS Essay

The education is the key of future; it is the only way to encourage people to improve their life and environment. Actually, in nowadays testing people, specially students is the common way to evaluate learning process and teachers tend to pay a lot of attention on students score as it was the only measure to check the knowledge. It is developing high level of pressure on young learners.

The school has a lot of objectives, but the mean one is to prepare people for the life. In fact, life is sometime very stressful and hard, and it is necessary to have the ability to control difficulties and having success in hard time as well. Then it is possible that the high pressure exerts on children and students about testing is a way to help them to be strong and to learn face future stressful situation.

On the other hand, to force students to learn some specific things in specific time could discourage the creative and become students in knowledge’s consumers conversely to look for develop skills or discover personal abilities. In my opinion, pressing students having good score, you are achieving that them memorize a lot of information, but no necessary to learn or understanding it. ieltsxpress

Furthermore, experts have found around the world that open learning process make more intelligent and creative students, because to be relaxed and feeling comfortable is easy to learn and discover new things; so this way to teach is better to develop skills and improve difficulties.

In the final analysis, in my view, even to learn to control stress and pressure is important and necessary, if the goal is developing skills and encourage  the intelligence, it is necessary to decrease of pressure about testing and promote creative process.

People should be Encouraged to Vocational Training IELTS Essay

It is generally argued that society always needs a skilled workforce to function. So instead of focusing on tertiary education, vocational courses should be emphasised. In my opinion, I disagree with the statement that this type of career path should be suggested to the upcoming generation.

The primary reason to hold this view that tertiary education is more important than a vocational training program is that it will result in a shortage of educated workforce. It is universally accepted that knowledge and qualifications gained from university can help one to have a head start over other candidates when it comes to job hunting. In India, for instance, a majority of high school graduates are content to spend three to five years more studying at a university with the hope for a bright career ahead.

Another point to consider is that if we encourage more people to become blue-collar workers, then there will be a shortage of white-collar workers who may otherwise create more wealth for society. For example, fewer engineers would mean lower productivity; a dearth of  scientists may inhibit scientific discoveries which can provide us with a better life in the future. In contrast, those doing blue-collar jobs may face redundancy when too many applicants compete for the same position. An unbalanced workforce might, therefore, hold society back from development in the long term.

In conclusion, the workforce will adjust itself to cater to the need of the community, so there is no need to direct young people to follow a particular career path.

People should be encouraged to vocational training Academic Essay

Nowadays, due to the present lopsided educational system, it has become more important to pass the tests than learning the actual subject concepts. Eventually, this results in stress and depression among the students and even the teaching faculties. I agree that too much emphasis is placed on testing which has limited the educator teaching boundaries and also puts more stress and subject burden on students. ieltsxpress

Firstly, the educational institutions have made up a predefined curriculum format by which the teacher and student must abide by. Now the teachers are overloaded with tasks to complete the syllabus and prepare the tests by conducting them frequently. So the mentors will not have time to pay individual attention to the students and resolve their doubts related to subject concepts. Secondly, on the other hand, the students who are given an overload of the syllabus to study and pass the test tend to face stress and depression.

Furthermore, real education is lost as the student tends to believe that education is all about remembering the text and passing the exam. Even though project-based learning methods can be followed but due to overpopulation, assigning a teacher-student ratio will be a challenging task. The education system must not be subject to exams and tests alone. This methodology will not produce experts in any field. I believe that tests and exams are merely filtration processes without identifying the best quality. ieltsxpress

To Conclude, with the student’s population size and the teacher’s availability. Exams and tests are possible methods of evaluation. But too much emphasis placed on tests is unacceptable because it leads to stress and depression among the students and even the teachers. The best possible solution would be to formulate the syllabus burden and the frequency of conducting tests. The governing educational body must implement guidelines for both the private and govt sectors regarding the curriculum structure and number of tests to be conducted per year.

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Too much Emphasis is placed on Going to University IELTS Essay

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