When New Towns are Planned Essay IELTS

When New Towns are Planned Essay IELTS Agree Disagree

When New Towns are Planned Essay IELTS

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India 27th August 2022
India 12th March 2022

When new towns are planned, it is important to build more public parks or sports facilities than shopping centers for people to spend their free time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


There are more new towns being built nowadays. It is more important to include public parks and sports facilities than shopping centers for individuals to spend their free time. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Some people think that it is better to build more public parks and sports facilities in new towns rather than shopping malls.  To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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New Towns Important Public Park and Sports Facilities IELTS Essay

Model Answer 1

Building healthy, functioning, and productive cities is probably humanity’s most pressing problem today. Public areas are an important feature of these cities. I disagree with the assertion that parks and sports facilities are better for public areas than retail malls. I believe that retail malls are just as essential as parks and sports facilities and that all of these public places should be given similar weight when planning new communities.

To begin with, public parks that are designed as “places” and built around important public locations foster social interaction and happiness, both of which are valuable commodities in an increasingly congested urban setting. A magnificent urban park is a city’s safety valve, providing breathing space for those living in densely populated areas. Public parks are places where everyone feels comfortable to play and relax, and where tension may be relieved. Another advantage is that when more people are out on the street and know their neighbors, crime and gang activity decrease. These locations also provide significant environmental advantages. Trees assist to make cities cooler by reducing pollutants in the air and water.

Furthermore, sports facilities must be planned and built to be both practical and appealing in order to encourage people to participate in sports and improve their overall well-being. Modern life is highly sedentary, and public areas like stadiums and playgrounds would undoubtedly encourage active living and give significant physical, psychological, and social health advantages to people and society. ieltsxpress

Visiting a shopping mall is one of the most popular pastimes among people all around the world. Shopping malls are increasingly being used as public places by city dwellers. Shopping malls have evolved into gathering places where people may socialize and spend their spare time doing a variety of things other than shopping. Some shopping malls, for example, feature skating rinks where parents and children may spend quality time together while having fun. The elderly visit to sit and rest on the sofas and couches that are spaced out at regular intervals.

To summarise, public parks, sports facilities, and retail malls are all vital public places. They are diverse, yet they all share the goal of enhancing the lives of city dwellers in their own unique way. ieltsxpress

There are more new towns being built Nowadays IELTS Essay – Model Answer 2

As the sight of burgeoning new residential areas is becoming more and more common, there inherently emerges a host of dilemmas, the most thorny of which is town planning. Therefore, the authority is still considering whether the construction of public parks and sports facilities or shopping centers should be given priority. Personally, I am of the view that the former should be prioritized over the latter.

There is no denying that the development of public parks and sporting facilities brings about immense benefits for the well-being of the community. First, as sporting facilities are erected, health-consciousness is likely to be cultivated among community members. A case in point is the Sports Center in my hometown that dispenses a decent number of classes with quality instruction. This, in turn, incentivizes local residents to actively engage in physical activities, which has substantially benefited their health. Furthermore, thanks to their closeness to nature, parks are the go-to destinations for those seeking natural therapy in that visitors can admire the beauty of the flora and fauna. Public parks are also known as ideal meeting spots. Some parks even have designated areas for such social gatherings as outdoor barbecues, which further facilitate positive social dynamics. I E LT  S XPRE SS

While shopping centers are of certain use to town dwellers, it is important not to disregard their negative implications. On the one hand, an immediate benefit of shopping would be that customers can have their needs immediately accommodated simply by visiting the nearest shopping mall. However, this is largely overshadowed by possible risks of escalating consumerism and its dire consequences on the environment. More often than not, customers could easily indulge themselves in impulsive behaviors since products are orchestrated in eye-catching ways. This subliminal manipulation is the main culprit behind a consumerist society with uncontrollable consumption rates and immense waste output. As a result, the inclusion of shopping centers in town planning could exert negative impacts on our planet.

In conclusion, it stands to reason that the town planners should place more emphasis on the development of public parks and sporting services, rather than shopping centers.

When New Towns are Planned IELTS  Essay – Model Answer 3

Designing the layout of a new town is an extremely intricate process. The question of what should and should not be included sets the foundation of the town’s identity forever. In my opinion, the addition of public parks, shopping malls and sports facilities is essential to the incubation of community and the encouragement of healthy lifestyles. I thus agree that these items should be included when a new town is being planned, and I will share examples to prove this.

Firstly, public parks and shopping centers help new towns foster a sense of community. For example, my small Canadian town has a very nice park near its center. At weekends, the open context of the park environment makes it possible for people to meet each other and create friendships. This sort of organic community building is seen in my hometown’s shopping mall, too. Shopping malls encourage interaction, and thus they are great forums within which people can mingle and have experiences that could evolve into friendships. Thus, the helpful role public parks and shopping malls play in the establishing of a new town is clear. I E L T S X P R E S S

Secondly, sports facilities catalyze positive lifestyle choices among townsfolk. For instance, the central location of my small town’s football pitch is a regular reminder to people passing by that exercise is important. Children in the town are visually aware that sport is accessible to them, and thus they engage in physical activity regularly. This is a clear advantage to town designs that include sports facilities.

As the above shows, public parks, shopping malls and sports facilities are helpful in many ways to the establishment of a town. Their inclusion in the planning of new towns is thus highly recommended.

It is better to build more public parks and sports facilities – Model Answer 4

Judicious urban planning is a very important feature of modern life. A well-planned city should have all the amenities like good shopping centers, open spaces, and so on, needed for the denizens to lead a good life. I am in complete agreement with the given statement.

The first reason for my assertion is that modern cities should be designed in such a way that the people living there have the access to all resources needed for a comfortable living. Since shopping is one of the most popular activities among the people, so while designing a new locality, easily approachable shopping complexes should be kept in mind.

Furthermore, people have become very health conscious and realized the importance of playing different sports. For this, it is important that the architects should give fair importance to the construction of stadiums and so on. In addition to this, the public parks act as the green lungs, of the otherwise concrete jungle, where the people of all age groups can rejuvenate themselves by indulging in activities like walking, jogging, cycling and so on. Thus it is very important to keep provision for such means.

Yet another important reason is that when a settlement is being planned, it should be planned logically, keeping in mind all the needs and the requirements of the natives. If the planning is not proper, it will lead to a lop-sided development of the area. Hence for the holistic development of a township, these features should be included at the designing stage only.

To conclude, areas like shopping arcades, parks and playing fields are very essential features of modern life and it would be better not to overlook them at the developmental stage of city planning. IELTSXPRESS.COM

When New Town IELTS Essay – Model Answer 5

Some people argue that town planners should have a preference for more parks and gyms to be created than business districts and shopping malls. While I understand the concerns of people who hold this opinion, it seems to me that shopping centers are just as important as parks and gyms in a town.

There are reasons why public facilities are crucial to city inhabitants. First of all, they provide suitable spaces and equipment for people to exercise. For example, people can go jogging in the park and play tennis or basketball at the sports stadium. That helps to keep their bodies fit and it also elevates their mood during the day. Besides, parks and sports facilities are good spots for people to socialize with their neighbors. People can connect with others when they are playing sports or talking casually with passers-by in the park. A harmonious relationship between residents helps build a caring and friendly neighborhood.

Although parks and gyms give the town dwellers all kinds of benefits, I would like to point out the importance of shopping malls to the district. Firstly, a shopping center could make shopping more convenient for the local residents. It would enable them to easily purchase things in town and transport them home with less effort and at a lower cost. They would not need to spend extra money on transportation or shipping of the goods. Secondly, a shopping mall can provide employment. Locals can find work in retail, maintenance or security of the mall, hence earning an income to support their families.

In conclusion, although parks and sports facilities serve as places for exercise and social activities for city dwellers, I believe that shopping centers are equally important since they can provide job opportunities and convenience to the town residents.

When New Towns are Planned IELTS Essay – Model Answer 6

It is often suggested that it would be better to erect parks and exercise facilities in new urban developments rather than shopping malls. I agree that this would be an ideal solution as it would spur on increased health awareness. ieltsxpress

The main reason detractors are in favor of shopping malls is their benefit to the economy. Malls employ hundreds of workers from cashiers to store clerks to managers as well as the various members of janitorial staff charged with maintaining the mall itself. The benefits are clear when you couple these factors with the increased revenue that businesses bring in the form of taxation and propping up the local consumer product market.

Notwithstanding the economic returns malls bring, parks and sports facilities would do more to encourage better health. In most developed nations, buying more products, especially with online services such as Amazon readily available, is no longer a pressing issue. However, health has become the dominant concern of the decade as obesity soars and heart disease has reached pandemic levels. Well maintained, beautifully landscaped parks and outdoor exercise facilities would instill in residents an obligation to work out. If they are numerous, then older people and children, who may not be able to travel far, will also be able to access them.

In conclusion, the job market is less important than the health of ordinary residents. The bigger issue is the feasibility of such an approach given the lack of financial incentive for those towns to prioritize the foundations for their residents’ well-being over business interests.

New Towns are Planned IELTS Essay – Model Answer 7

It is argued that when designing new cities, more attention should be paid to public gardens and gyms than to shopping malls.I understand the people’s concerns with this opinion. Although, I believe that shopping malls are more important than parks or sports centers in the city.

To commence with, sports facilities are so important to city dwellers for many reasons. Firstly, they provide people with the right space and equipment to exercise.  For instance, people can go jogging in the park and play volleyball and tennis in the sports centers. This not only keeps their bodies in shape, but also lifts their spirits. In addition, parks and sports stadiums are good places for people to socialize. People can communicate with each other by playing sports or walking in the park. ielts xpress

However, parks and gyms offer all kinds of benefits to city dwellers, I believe that shopping centers are equally important. First of all, a shopping complex can make shopping more convenient for local residents. This will allow them to easily buy things in the city and transport them home with less effort and less cost. They will not need to spend extra money on transportation or delivery of goods. Secondly, a shopping center can provide employment. Locals can find jobs in shops or in the security of a mall and earn money to support their families.

In conclusion, parks and sports complexes serve as places for exercise and social activities for town residents, I think that shopping malls are equally essential, as they serve as a place for city dwellers. Provide job opportunities and facilities to the residents.

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