ielts general writing task 1 letter writing your friend is considering taking the same course as you

Your Friend Is Considering Taking the Same Course as You at University

IELTS General Writing Task 1 – Letter Writing

Your friend is considering taking the same course as you at university. he/she has asked for your advice on studying this subject. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

  • Describe in detail the course you took at the university
  • Explain why you recommend the university
  • Give some tips on how to apply

IELTS General Writing Task 1 – Model Answer 1

Dear David,

It is great to hear from you after such a long time. I am so happy for you on your decision to apply for the Master’s degree program in industrial engineering at the University of Windsor.

Let me share some details about this course. It is a 35 credits degree program and takes 1.5 to 2 years to graduate. There will be 20 credits from the core courses and you will have the flexibility to take 15 credits worth of courses from any other branch. Given that you have a similar background as mine, this course will be a great value addition to you.

Apart from the course itself, you will have a chance to study in one of the best universities in Canada. The research faculties are very well reputed here and there is an equal focus on gaining practical experience. Besides that, this is one of the most culturally diverse universities in the country and you will feel at home.

I do want to inform you that if you are really planning to join the school in the next fall semester, you should apply as early as possible. You can submit all your information through the online portal as well as pay the application fees.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions and keep me posted!

Best regards,

IELTS General Letter Writing – Model Answer 2

Dear Michael,

Hope this letter finds you in good health and spirit. I sure also would like to thank you for trusting me with such an important matter. So, here is what I have to say in response to your queries about the Pharmacy course at the University of Virginia.

I understand that you also want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from the University of Virginia which I attended. By the way, pharmacy is not an easy subject since it involves very complex techniques and skills of preparing and dispensing medicines or drugs, and thus saving human life also. Students attending pharmacy degrees will learn how different types of drugs affect the human body and mind and how they interact when mixed together. Of course, the good thing is that the university, you are choosing, has some of the best pharmacy syllabuses, faculty members, and laboratory facilities to teach you just what you need to succeed.

So, just visit the university website at to learn more about how to apply online, or just call the admission officer to ask him or her to send you the admission form and other necessary papers in the mail, if you want to proceed further.

Take care. See you soon.

Warm wishes,

IELTS Letter Writing Model Answer 3

Dear Arvind,

I am doing well here and I hope that you are also in the best of spirits. This is in response to your previous letter in which you asked me for the details regarding the course that I completed last month. I am glad that you are also interested to pursue the same course from the same university that I joined, it is reputed and you will definitely get to learn a lot there.

I pursued a Bachelor of Science in Forestry at Mumbai Agricultural University(MAU) which is a four-year undergraduate program that is divided into eight equal semesters. It provides knowledge regarding forestry such as managing forests, new plantations, maintaining old plantations, and other natural resources. Its main aim is the creation and implementation of frameworks and systems for the sustainable continuation of forests. The course fee per semester may lie between Rs 20,000-50,000.

As you too aspire to become a farming manager like me so this is an appropriate course for you.

I would suggest you join MAU as it’s in our city hence it will save you a lot of commuting time. Moreover, it’s ranked the third best university in India for studying agricultural courses, therefore, you must take admission in it. Also, their fee for all the courses is affordable and reasonable.

As you have already passed 12th grade in the medical stream with 82 percent, you are eligible for the course. I would recommend you to appear for CG PAT or GSAT entrance exam and try to get a good rank to ensure your seat in the university.

I hope you will find this piece of advice useful and will act upon it.

Best wishes,

IELTS General Letter Writing – Model Answer 4

Dear Imran,

I am so glad to learn that you have finally decided to complete your Master’s degree in Biology at the University of Winnipeg. I think that you are also going to enjoy your time, just as I did, at Canada’s one of the best universities for studying Science.

But, before anything else, let me share some details about the course so that you can fully prepare yourself for the challenges of studying Biology at the University of Toronto. The program is structured to last for 24 months, and during this time, you are required to complete about 40-45 credit hours. Please apply before March/April if you really want to get all the classes at your preferred schedule. Just to inform you, out of these 40-45 credit hours, approximately 32 hours will be the core subjects.

Please also expect to do some extensive research works, which sometimes can be really challenging, at the laboratory in order to gain some valuable practical experience. But, don’t worry about it since the faculty members are very helpful and friendly. I feel great about completing this course from this university and I am quite positive that you will also feel the same.

Just visit their website, which is, and it will guide you all the way about how to apply. In case, you do not understand anything, just let me know.

Wishing you all the best. Take care.

Warm wishes,
Mohammad Abbas

General Letter Writing Model Answer 6

Dear Aliza,

I was thinking you were lost since I had not got any letters from you the last few months. Happy to know that you are fine over there.

From the letter which I received from you yesterday, I came to know that you are looking for a job-oriented university course. I recommend ‘Financial Accounting’, a specialized course at Yale University, the university I completed the same last year. I’m pretty sure that this course can give you comprehensive training in accounting. You know one thing? This is the course which was the most demanded last year.

I know that you’ll be more comfortable with personalised trainers. Yale University is well-known for this. You will be getting your individual lecturers who will guide you all through the course.

Don’t find it confused regarding the enrolment procedure. It’s very transparent, as it is done completely online from submitting the application till you pay the first-semester fee as your seat is confirmed. I’m sure that the university will never make you disappointed.

Hey! Don’t forget to convey my regards to John. Ask him to write to me.

Best regards,

Your friend is considering taking the same course as you – Model Answer 7

Dear Amrit,

I am as fit as a fiddle here and hope you find this in high spirits. I am elated to hear that you are going to enroll in the course named masters of commerce that I had, and I’m writing this letter to give you a few valuable tips regarding this.

First of all, this is worth taking the course, especially for you, as you want to pursue a career as an accountant. This two-year course consists of four half-yearly semesters, and at the end of the third semester, you would undergo an internship. Altogether, it costs around rupees 1,00,000.

If you consider my opinion, then you must go to Punjab University. Yes, it would be difficult for you to travel this much; however, trust me, you would not regret it in the end. The extreme academic facilities, experienced faculty members, and advanced infrastructure are highly commendable of this university. Despite this, the rate of campus recruitment is also appreciable. In my sense, this is an unbeatable option for you.

One more thing, this is a renowned university and difficult to get enrolment. Therefore, go now and apply online straightforwardly, else you have to go physically there.

Feel free to call me anytime. Good luck with your new academic life.

Best wishes,

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Your Friend Is Considering Taking the Same Course as You at University

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