Caring for children is probably the most important job Essay

Caring for children is probably the most important job Essay

Caring for children is probably the most important job – IELTS Essay

Caring for children is probably the most important job in any society. For this reason, all mothers and fathers must take a course that prepares them to become good parents. To what extent do you agree or disagree with these point of views?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.ieltsxpress small logo

You should write at least 250 words.

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Caring for children is probably the most important job IELTS Essay

Model Answer 1

It is true that parents shoulder a huge responsibility and that raising children is by no means an easy task. However, I completely disagree with the idea that we should therefore force all mothers and fathers to attend parenting courses. ieltsxpress

In my opinion, the idea that all future parents should take a parenthood preparation course is completely impractical. Many prospective parents have jobs and busy schedules, and they may not be willing or able to attend regular parenting classes. This raises the question of whether those who missed the classes or perhaps refused to attend, would be punished. I believe that it would be wrong to do this, and it would therefore be impossible to enforce the idea of compulsory training for parents. Besides, even if parents could be forced to attend, I doubt that people would agree on what good parenting entails, and so it would be difficult to create a parenting course to suit everyone.ieltsxpress small logo

As well as being impractical, I would argue that training courses for parents are unnecessary. Mothers and fathers have been raising children without any formal help or official interference for thousands of years. Parenting skills are learnt from family members, friends, neighbours and the surrounding culture. Perhaps more importantly, adults learn to be good parents by instinct, by trial and error, and by getting to know their own children; for example, a good parent will try different strategies when faced with a badly-behaved child, and will gradually develop an understanding of what works to correct the behaviour. None of this requires the intervention of a taught course.

In conclusion, while compulsory parenting lessons might seem like a good idea, I believe that such a scheme would be unworkable and largely pointless.

Parenting IELTS Essay

Model Answer 2

Although it may be a good idea that parents should know some information before starting a family, participating in several classes that are related to childcare, from my point of view, this does not guarantee successful parenting.

To commence with, there are many reasons why this might not be appropriate for all members of the community. Firstly, due to the fact that each family was brought up according to different cultures, even if they take part in such courses, they cannot cover all parts. In addition, parents tend to educate their children according to their own interests and views, and not just a set of theories. Secondly, while these activities can greatly increase the awareness of mothers and fathers, consolidating this knowledge is likely to be challenging. For example, because parents either have a double income or are overworked, it can be difficult to pay attention to new information that has been recently received.ieltsxpress small logo

However, when it comes to mandatory actions, it can be said that how to get people to participate in a certain course, therefore, it does not have the opposite effect. In other words, it can have a number of irreparable consequences for a nation that has just decided to have children, which can have a direct impact on the level of reproduction in society. Moreover, while the new generation seems inexperienced in this regard, it should not be forgotten that they prefer to adapt their approach to real-life situations. For example, when their child is misbehaving, they can adjust to a new position that works best for the whole family.

In conclusion, given that each family was raised in a different culture, it is difficult to apply these methods and that it is unpleasant for society to do something against their will, in my opinion, it would be better to have an alternative.

Caring for children the most important job IELTS Essay

Model Answer 3

It is thought that all parents should attend a childcare training course in order to properly understand how to bring up their children. In my opinion, while I agree that parents should learn about childcare, it is not realistic to have mandatory childcare training courses for all parents.

Firstly, it is certainly essential that parents learn the basics of childcare, particularly in the early months and years when they first have a child. Understanding a baby’s needs and the possible medical problems that can arise is essential for the baby’s safety. Without such knowledge, they could easily put their baby at risk or not be ready to respond to critical situations in the right way.

However, although childcare is important, it would be practically impossible to have obligatory childcare training courses for all parents due to a large number of new parents each year. For example, there are over half a million children born annually in the UK at present which means that over 750,000 parents would have to attend a childcare training course each year. Both the large scale and cost of such a training course makes this option very difficult to implement.

Finally, a more practical solution to teaching parents, therefore, would be to provide easily accessible information on a website with a free online video training course. This would ensure all parents have access to the necessary information at a fraction of the cost. This would also allow parents to decide which information is useful and still bring up their children according to their own culture or religion.

In conclusion, it is best to provide a free video training course and website which is cheap to make and accessible to all parents rather than a training course which parents need to attend in person.ieltsxpress small logo

Parenting Childcare Training IELTS Essay

Model Answer 4

Children represent both the present and the future. In recent years, there has been a surge of interest in transforming childcare into a formal subject of academic studies. Traditional childcare skills, which are passed on from one generation to another through oral and informal instruction, are not sufficient to guarantee quality care, so parents’ participation in care training is advisable.

Many parents might be accustomed to the idea that childcare is all about love, but this notion is misleading. While it is easy to admit that parents are responsible to attend to children’s needs, it is also important to note that children are too often insatiable. Unlike adults, they have no idea of what their behaviours lead to. For example, children are candy lovers without knowledge that candy can cause obesity and tooth damage. Parents should not respond to children’s needs for candy permanently. Parents who give whatever children want, known as indulgent parents, can be blamed for their children’s behaviour problems and unhealthy habits. Childcare training teaches parents how to take a holistic approach to care for their children and prevents them from answering children’s inappropriate needs.

Another misconceived idea of childcare is that it is a simple process of feeding children and making them sleep regularly. Contemporary childcare is not limited to this. Equally important for this science are emotional and mental wellbeing. For example, some children’s first step comes earlier than other children’s which cannot be explained with simple knowledge. Childcare is a complex science that goes  eyond nutrition. Whether parents have helped children improve motor skills and cognitive skills accounts for children’s overall wellbeing.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that successful childcare does not lie only in love but also in skills. Children’s healthy  development is measured not only by physical wellbeing but also by growth in other dimensions. With these borne in mind, parents might now be compelled to join childcare training.ieltsxpress small logo

Childcare Important Thing for Parents IELTS Essay

Model Essay 5

Raising children is presumably the most crucial job in society since these kids will become the next generation to lead society. Hence, it is encouraged that all mothers should be compelled to join the class to educate children properly. I absolutely agree with the idea to enforce mothers to take the courses to learn the childcare.

First of all, nobody can deny the fact that becoming a parent is everyone’s first experience. Thus, they need to learn new information as to how to raise children from numerous failures in the process of raising children, which eventually make them good parents. Given the chance to minimize those failures by taking a class to learn how to take care of their children, it will be of substantial help to parents who have never had the experience to nurture children. Ultimately, it will contribute immensely to make the society better as the well-grown children will comprise key members in the near future in the society

Secondly, the inexperienced parents in childcare will be likely to have had a high level of stress from the job to look after their kids. Such stress levels will have a negative impact on the development of the children as parents who had much stress from the childcare work will be most likely to dislike their children. Thus, for the sake of the environment where children can happily play and grow, it is absolutely necessary to oblige all parents to actively participate in the courses to learn the way to take good care of their kids. Ultimately, it will lead to making not only the parents happy, but the children develop soundly in various aspects.

In conclusion, as we can see the above reasons, all mothers should be advised to join the class to learn much knowledge about childcare before they become pregnant.ieltsxpress small logo

Childcare Training Course IELTS Essay

Model Essay 6

One of the most important factors required for a child’s upbringing is the knowledge and proficiency the child’s parents have. While it is true that parenting instincts usually prepare parents for everything, I still feel that there are many aspects a parent can learn from a parenting training course.

A typical parenting course equips the parents with knowledge regarding child psychology, child health care like basic first aid, social science for children, home environment and many connecting aspects that nurture a child’s growth. The course trainers would be professionals that can help parents with their own doubts about parenting which the latter might be hesitant to ask otherwise. Parents can undoubtedly teach moral values, cultural values and traditions to their children quite well on their own. A parenting course is for honing those other skills that would be exercised every day around children.

To be direct, parents are responsible for the development of their child’s behaviour and education. By attending training sessions, parents can get a better idea on how to deal with all these aspects. Most of the time, parents too learn on the job, along with their children. It is overall a good idea to get some help on some important childcare topics, rather than making mistakes, which may or may not have a huge impact on the child.

To conclude, I agree to quite a considerable extent with the statement that parents should attend training courses. It won’t do any harm at all; in fact, it would only sharpen your skills as a parent which would give you the confidence that you’re doing your job correctly.

Childcare Parening IELTS Essay

Model Answer 7

Raising a child is a challenging task in today’s society. Since child care is considered significant, it is said that it is essential for parents to take up a training course to raise their child. I agree with this statement as I believe it would help to gain knowledge about various aspects which are fundamental to bring up children.ieltsxpress small logo

At present, we can find a lot of families wherein both the parents choose to work in order to meet with the highly increasing living expenditure.  In this urge to make money, they provide their children with everything from highly nutritious food to the most educative toy, but fail to provide their children with the basic elements of love and care which play a crucial role in the child’s life. Lack of parental love and care not only affects the child’s mental health but also affects the family bonding. This is one of the significant aspects which can be focused in the childcare training courses that would help the mothers and fathers in understanding the positive impact of nurturance and love in their child’s psychological growth. This in turn would help to create a better understanding between the parents and children consequently leading to effective character formation.

In addition, element of risk is high in child rearing especially during the stage of infancy.  When adequate training is provided to parents with regard to diet, hygiene and precautionary measures, it might help them to be cautious about the potential problems that can put their child’s life at risk. For instance, choking is one of the major causes of death in children. This can be avoided if proper technique to tackle this issue is taught to parents through such training courses.

To conclude, children are fragile and must be handled with utmost care. I believe attending childcare training would equip them to cater to the needs of their children effectively. 

Childcare Parening IELTS Essay

Model Answer 8

The state of being a parent is a challenging yet a joyful feeling. It is said that the parents should take up training courses on childcare as it is considered imperative in today’s society. I believe it is not necessary to attend a childcare training course even though it provides insights about certain aspects. 

To begin with, childcare training courses can only provide nebulous idea about childcare. Partaking in such training can be only of a little use as the character and mindset of every child is unique. A concept which is applicable and acceptable by a child may not be acceptable by the other and forcefully implementing certain ideas learned through such training courses can have detrimental effect on a child. Since there is no universal procedure for childcare, it is something which should be developed through trial and error procedure and not by attending any training.ieltsxpress small logo

Furthermore, parenthood is an instinct. From the moment of childbirth a feeling of responsibility, love and care also take birth in the mind of parents and these feelings are essential to bring up a child in a healthy way. Thus attending a child-rearing training is not necessary as it only acts as a polish to this instinct and does not actually help to build this ability in the parents. However, attending such courses would equip mothers and fathers to prepare themselves on some general aspects such as hygiene and diet which may be helpful in raising a child.

To summarize, child-rearing is a crucial period in parenthood. Although it is a laborious task, I do not believe that there is any necessity for parents to take up childcare training to raise their children.

Ideas for Caring for Children is probably the Most Important Job IELTS Essay

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Caring for children is probably the most important job Essay

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