Changing Lifestyle and Family Relationships IELTS Essay

Changing Lifestyle and Family Relationships IELTS Essay

Changing Lifestyle and Family Relationships IELTS Essay

In some countries the lifestyle of people is changing rapidly, and this affects family relationship. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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Changing Lifestyle and Family Relationships IELTS Essay

It is irrefutable that in recent years, people’s lifestyles have changed a lot, and this has influenced familial relationships in many ways. Although the changing lifestyles have brought families closer in some ways, I still believe that the disadvantages of this trend outweigh the advantages.

The main advantage of changing lifestyles especially people preferring to spend time indoors than outdoors is that it increases the time people spend with each other. For example, instead of playing sports outside today, people stay inside and watch TV with each other together at home. When people sit together, they talk more and thus it strengthens the bond between family members.

Despite the increased time spent with each other, I feel the disadvantages of these changing lifestyles are much more. Firstly, the boundaries between professional life and personal life have disappeared. People are always working, even when they are on vacation they are working. Thus, though people spend more time with each other, it is not quality time as they are focused on their work rather than on their family members. The growing addiction to the internet also has the same effect. Family members might be sitting together at home, but they are mentally not present. They are engaged in talking with their friends.

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Furthermore, the increasing preference for living alone is making people much more isolated. The lack of social connection with family members is leading to an increase in feelings of depression and loneliness. The connection through phones and internet can never match the feeling of security and calm that the physical presence of a family member brings. Thus, because of these reasons I feel that changing lifestyles have harmed family relationships.

In conclusion, while there has been some increase in the time family members spend together due to changing lifestyles, overall the effect has been largely detrimental.

IELTS Essay on Family Relationships

Quickly shifting paradigms in the way people are living today is impacting their interaction with their families. This transformation does have certain benefits and drawbacks, but do they outshine each other, is a matter worthy of a deep analysis.

Undoubtedly, switchovers in the lifestyles, often resulting in nuclear family settings, has rendered more independence to individuals. They, no more, need to be dependent on the moods and preferences of others to do something. This has, in a way, helped fetch extremely satisfying experiences for many where they are able to lead a life as per their choice and, consequently, avoid clashes.

Having said that, despite many virtually venerating this new shift in the ways of life, it is really disheartening to see the way people struggling to cope with the challenges posed by living away from their families. The emotional connect, the bonhomie,  and the bonding seem to have gone missing, and it has been replaced with a strange sense of competition, where each one is trying to prove their superiority over their once closed ones with whom they shared feelings of endearment.

Moreover, the estrangement is a common sight between ones who lived and shared the space, resulting in disappearance of family and social values. The hardest hit of this change are  the young ones born in the nuclear families: they are never able to familiarize themselves with their own relatives, and end up drifting away from their family identity. In the long run it is feared that this might undo the social fabric and harm the society. ielts x pre ss

Hence, I can clearly assert that the even though hard to evade, contemporary way of living has brought in more misery, for all, than promises. It is clear that if this trend continues, society will soon be populated with those apathetical to others.

In some countries the lifestyle of people is changing rapidly IELTS Essay

It is an irrefutable fact that family is an essential aspect of everyone’s life. In this day and age, individual’s way of living is transforming quite fastly and due to this their bond with the family has impacted. This approach has both upsides and downsides, however, upsides seem to be more prominent.

In today’s fast life, people like to eat fast food, which can be ready to eat quickly. owing to this practice, elderly people in families have disputes over the eating habits of the young generation, thereby causing huge arguments among the members of the family. Thus, relationships have been influenced badly due to such scenarios.

The first and foremost reason is that these days people prefer to move out of the joint families. By living in a nuclear family, they get a lot of time to focus on their career, which eventually not possible in the joint family because they may have to get involved in household chores or they have obliged to take care of the dependent members of the joint family. For example, when a young college-going boy lives in a joint family, he has to help his family members to do some task such as for taking aunt to the doctor because she does not know how to drive whereas this kind of situation happens the least when the same young boy lives with his parents only because most parents do not like to disturb their children since they care immensely for them. Consequently, it does not only make the boy more productive but also enhances the love among the members of the nuclear families.

To fortify further, people go abroad to do jobs. For improving the living standard, talented people like to join prominent multinational companies, which pay them lucrative salaries. However, they still can stay connected with their loved ones by using technology. A case in point is that suppose if a girl goes to work in a foreign nation, she still can stay in touch with her mother and father by using Skype for calling video and audio calls anytime whether it is day and night. Resultantly, technology helps to keep the bond stronger with the family members even when they overseas. IELT S X PRE S S

While there could be some downsides of changing lifestyle on the relationship, overall it is a positive development, which enables people to achieve their career goal by staying closer to the families with the help of technology.

Lifestyle and Family IELTS Essay

Changes in society in economy, culture, entertainment, and other fields have resulted in the emergence of some new features of lifestyles which influence family relationships. I believe these new ways of life have more negative than positive connotations.

The bond among family members is weakened because of the new lifestyle. First, people love to travel more than before, and for the young, their journeys are more for enjoyment among friends rather than for quality time with their family. This contributes to reducing time spent with family members and thus loosen the ties among parents and children and among siblings. The situation is even exacerbated when the hectic learning and working schedules strip households of their meals together. Talks during meals are undoubtedly a crucial piece to complete the puzzle of healthy family relationships, but by eating out, people have lost their opportunities to develop mutual understanding and to update about each other.

However, new traits in the modern lifestyles can also be beneficial for family relationships at times. A typical example is that the habit of communication via social networks rather than face-to-face meeting helps family members who live far away from each other to show love and care through exchanges of messages and emoticons, or via voice or video calls. This new way of connection reduces trips back home of children but still keep a strong attachment with their family members. Besides, fast meals out instead of family cooking allows people to have more time for their business and cope better with the fast pace and heavy demand of the modern industrial lifestyle. ielt s x press

In conclusion, there are two sides of the impacts that changes in lifestyle have caused to connections among family members. However, it is the new way of life that slices off valuable family time, leading to broken relationships, and thus resulting in more detriments than benefits.

IELTS Writing Task 2 on Family

With a rapidly changing business and technological atmosphere, the family structure is transforming throughout the world. I think this has numerous advantages ranging from better career opportunities to greater independence. This has a major disadvantage of lack of emotional bond among family members.

The structure is changing from joint family to nuclear family. This allows younger family members to focus more on career and less on family obligations. Members of a joint family are often engaged in taking care of elderly and dependent members. A nuclear family is free of such compulsions and allows youngsters to spend more time on economically productive tasks.

Moreover, a nuclear family allows all members to stay free of any interference. A joint family not only has more than two generations living under the same roof but also several uncles, aunts, and cousins in close vicinity. This leaves little room for privacy and almost no independence. The changing family structure, on the other hand, allows separate rooms for all members and, hence, they have the independence to act according to their wish.

However, this often leads to weakening of emotional bond among people. When the family structure breaks, it leads to lesser responsibility towards others and greater individuality. This results in a selfish culture in which each member looks after her interests and not that of others. Consequently, people become more materialistic and lesser human. For example, the changing family structure in Europe has resulted in more materialism while the tribals in Asia follow the traditional family structure and have strong emotions for other members of the family.

In conclusion, though the changing family structure results in a lack of emotional bond, it is beneficial for the individual and the economy.

Lifestyle of People is Changing Rapidly Essay

It is commonly seen that these days, family relations are being affected by the rapid change in people’s lives, particularly because of social media. This essay will argue that despite there being some dangers of conflicts within families, the benefit of interacting with others far outweighs any drawback.

The primary disadvantage of using social networking sites is that individuals expend less time with their family members. This is because young people spend more time interacting with others online than talking physically. This often leads to them having disputes with their loved ones because of a lack of communication. For instance, it has been found in a recent study by The Sunday Times that individuals who spend more than two hours daily on social media apps are 48% more likely to have conflicts with family members than those who do not. However, these issues can be avoided by using the internet in moderation.

The main advantage of utilizing social media applications is that it gives people the opportunity to interact with one another, regardless of where the person is from. This is because there are many apps that allow us to communicate with anybody at the touch of a button because of the internet, whereas this was not possible in the past. This significantly helps people strengthen their relationships with their loved ones. Facebook and Skype are the prime examples, which allow individuals to converse with anybody around the world. Therefore, I believe this is beneficial for people because it facilitates interaction with others.

In conclusion, the benefit of communication with each other using social media far outweighs the supposed disadvantage of disputes with family members.

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Changing Lifestyle and Family Relationships IELTS Essay

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