Fast Food Industry has a Negative Effect IELTS Essay

Fast Food Industry has a Negative Effect on Environment

Fast Food Industry has a Negative Effect on Environment IELTS Essay

Many claim that fast food industry has a negative effect on the environment, eating habits, and families. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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India 26th March 2022

Many Claim that Fast Food Industry has a Negative Effect on Environment

Sample Essay 1

Some people feel that the junk food industry has some profound impacts on our surroundings, diet pattern, and family relations. I completely agree with the view as the ecosystem is being disturbed by fast food consumption and the people are suffering from lifestyle diseases.

The fast food industry has caused a huge loss to the environment. As the industry largely sells meat-based products such as chicken burgers, more and more animals have to be raised for meat and eggs. Large scale keeping of animals is certainly bad for the environment because animal excrete contains gases that increase global warming. Another downside is that in order to keep these animals, large areas of land are cleared. This hurts the ecosystem. In addition, overgrazing affects the productivity of the land. Another downside is that fast foods, especially takeaways, come with a lot of packaging.

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Furthermore, people are developing lifestyle diseases. As the people are leading a hectic lifestyle, they do not get enough time to prepare their meals. Consequently, they get their meals from such restaurants. These meals lack nutritional quotient and cause life-threatening diseases. Fast food has also destroyed the culture of family meals. Earlier, people used to have meals together. Now, these eating habits have been replaced by binge eating in front of the TV. The art of family cooking is also lost. ielts xpre s s

To conclude, fast food restaurants are destroying our culture, surroundings and causing life threatening diseases in us. Therefore, we need to reduce our dependence on the fast food industry to prevent such damage to ourselves and the environment.

Fast Food Industry has a Negative Effect Agree Disagree Essay

Sample Essay 2

It is argued that the booming fast food industry is affecting the nature, dietary pattern and familial bonds adversely. I too feel the same.

From the environmental perspective, the worst issue which appears to be tangible is pollution. To be clearer, there are numerous fast food outlets which supply packed food in attractive boxes for the convenience of the customers, who mostly prefer take-away, and this results in improper waste disposal. Another issue is that this food chain needs a huge amount of synthetic materials, which have to be produced on a commercial basis. Here too environmental interests are compromised.

Among the effects on the dietary habit, the first is the threat of lifestyle diseases. To explain it further, in most fast foods, high contents of fat and carbohydrates are present for taste enrichment. This makes the physical health of the person who consumes it regularly at risk. For example, obesity, heart attack and cancer are seen very common among these people. As these foods are available mostly at night, people have these at late night or even in the early morning. This too has detrimental effects on their health.

Finally, from the perspective of a family, the fast food culture is a curse as it often denies them the opportunity to spend their quality time together at home. In the past, family members cooked at home, and ate at their own homes. For most of them, this time was so special that they could discuss their problems, opinions and suggestions. As fast food culture became popular, these opportunities became specific to specific occasions.

To conclude, undoubtedly one can say that the widespread popularity of fast food is making its negative impact on personal health, familial relations and the environment.

IELTS Essay on Fast Food Negative Effects

Sample Essay 3

Fast food has become extremely popular among people owing to the present lifestyle conditions. However, tasty it may be, it cannot be denied that it does take a toll on our health sooner or later. This essay shall explore the various disadvantages of having fast food more than required.

The reason why people consume fast food so much is because most people who have a hectic work schedule, do not get time to eat a proper full length meal. So they prefer to snack on fast foods instead, in turn disturbing their appetite. Fast food is fattening, high in calorie content, many-a-times not served fresh. IELTSXPRESS.COM All these factors give rise to many health problems, like obesity, high cholesterol accumulation, high blood pressure and diabetes to name a few.

Fast food places use a lot of packaging. From the wrappers and straws to the boxes and bags, fast food packaging counts for a large amount of litter, including drinks, chips, candy, and other snacks, with Styrofoam and plastic being the most common food waste. These non-degradable materials in the long run act as a poison to the land they are dumped in, making it barren.

The effects of fast food consumption on family eating habits are quite evident. Munching on packet foods or instant noodles at any given time of the day makes you skip meals, thereby cutting you short of the quality family time you could’ve spent. Also, healthy eating habits like having fruits or cereal are replaced due to this. The satisfaction which a combined meal provides is lacking in fast food.

To conclude, I’d say that fast food can be a good way to save time, but it is not the proper way for gaining nutrition. It should be eaten seldom and in moderation as it affects all aspects of one’s way of living, more negatively as seen above.

Fast Food Industry Negative Effects

Sample Answer 4

The food industry is a complex, global network of diverse businesses that supplies most of the food consumed by the world’s population. Due to which a higher proportion of the world population prone to health, environmental, and family issues rose by junk food production.

Indeed, the food industries like McDonald’s, Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and KFC have spread their branches merely at a distance of ten kilometers. The excessive sale of food from these firms leads to various health issues. Excess calories from fast-food meals can cause weight gain. It may lead to obesity. Obesity increases the risk for respiratory problems, including
asthma and shortness of breath. The extra pounds can put pressure on the heart and lungs. For example, recent research by Shapiro shows that eating fast food may cause a higher rate of depression. One study indicated that people who ate fast food were 51 percent more likely to develop depression than those who do not consume it.

Families whose meals frequently consist of fast food are more likely to have unhealthy eating habits, poor access to healthy foods at home, and a higher risk for obesity. Parents and children munching on packaged foods sitting in front of a television is now a common sight. The days have gone when families used to sit around a table to enjoy a meal. The researches by gynecologists reveal that due to unhealthy eating habits, 34% of women are unable to conceive babies. ielts x pre s s

Food production also raises the environmental issue as it involves production, distribution, processing, conversion, preparation, preservation, transport, certification, and packaging of foodstuffs. It makes use of land, water, and the emission of greenhouse gases. For instance, Meat and dairy farms are the major factors behind change in the way land is used globally, often prompting deforestation and diverting resources away from other valuable needs. Meanwhile, the industry is also estimated to use as much as 10% of global water flows.

To conclude, in my opinion, health and our surrounding should be our first concern. So, we should reduce the consumption of junk food to save health and the environment.

Fast food industry has a negative effect on the environment eating habits and families

Sample Answer 5

These days, a wide range of fast foods are eaten by a great number of people in all over the world, and some people think that it is impacting our ecosystem, diet, and familial aspects negatively. I strongly agree with this statement because this type of food has far-reaching adverse consequences.

Excessive dependence of fast food is increasingly making us lazy. Nowadays, people know that they can eat ready food whenever they want, regardless they are in a day out or at home. This mindset keeps them away from preparing food themselves which involves some culinary engagements and physical activities. In fact, running up to food preparation is attached with preparing related ingredients and making all the necessary stuff ready. When we do this, our cramp-prone muscles and the overall body get exposed to the automatic exercises. And more interestingly, as culinary activities are part of our daily life, this physical exercise continues almost daily, and it goes in a well-disciplined manner. Once we switch to fast foods, all these incredible benefits go away, and we are pushed into a perennially sedentary lifestyle.

In addition, junk food dependency is one of the root causes of the environmental degradation, resulting in the animal extinction because animal essence is a key ingredient of fast food. That is why we are constantly killing animals and causing a fast extinction. This annihilation disrupts the ecological processes like pollination and seed distribution and a lead to a collapse of the food chain which can cause even more destruction. Also, excessive dependency on fast food is causing the disappearance of family dinner which was used to give both parents and children a chance to interact closely and convey messages to the Kids regarding the right manners or other valuable lessons. As a result, lesser parental time is not only depriving children from gaining a proper growth, but also it is breeding childhood traumas which can eventually lead to an adult mental illness.

To conclude, apart from creating a sedentary lifestyle and ecological damage, relying on fast food has a long-term deadly result because this type of food is usually produced in a way that develops insidious health problems like abnormal weight gain and carcinogenic diseases.

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Fast Food Industry has a Negative Effect on Environment

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