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Gap Year Advantages Disadvantages IELTS Essay

Gap Year Advantages Disadvantages IELTS Writing Task 2

You should spend around 40 minutes on this task.

Many students choose to take a gap year before starting university, to travel or gain work experience.  Do you think this is a good idea or a waste of time?
You should write at least 250 words.

Many students choose to take a gap year IELTS Essay

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The majority of students start their degree in the same year as finishing school or college. Some students, however, choose to take a year out before starting university. In my opinion, this is a very good idea if the time is used wisely in order to gain new skills or knowledge. In the following essay, I will discuss this idea further.

It is very important that, when a gap year is taken, the time is not wasted but used productively. It would not look very impressive to a future employer if the time was simply used to take a break. This does not mean to say that a gap year should not be enjoyed.

Many people choose to go traveling during their gap year. This can be very beneficial to the individual as it exposes them to new ideas and cultures. It can also mean that they are able to learn a new language. Other students decide to gain work experience during this year. This can be particularly useful, especially if connected to their chosen area of study. Often, students who have worked before attending university appreciate their course more, as they are able to understand the relevance of what is being taught.

Overall, therefore, as discussed in this essay, there can be several benefits to taking a gap year. It is very important, however, that this time is used wisely and not wasted. This means that the year needs to be planned carefully in advance to get the most from the experience.

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Gap Year Advantages Disadvantages IELTS Essay

You should spend around 40 minutes on this task.

In some countries young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school and starting university studies. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for young people who decide to do this.

You should write at least 250 words.

Gap Year Advantages Disadvantages

In many countries, youngsters are often encouraged to take an year off, to work or travel across the world, before embarking on their formal university education. This recent trend, also known as “gap – year”, has numerous merits and a few demerits, which will be discussed in this essay.

To begin with, the biggest advantage of taking sabbatical to explore the world is that it gives them an opportunity to discover their career interest. Such trips are not only fun , but also gives them a chance to socialise , engage in volunteering, and understand global issues and global culture . This helps them to discover their real passion which is the foundation stone for a fulfilling career. For instance, data from Harvard University, 2010, pointed out that drop-out rate from university courses is around 10 percent less in those children who chose the course after taking a “gap year” in comparison to those who headed straight to university after the high school.

In addition to this, working for a year before starting university reduces the financial burden of higher education to an extent. As the advanced studies are costly in most countries, working for a year helps them in saving money so they have to borrow less money and are under less financial debt, when they start higher studies.

In contrast to above viewpoints, the most significant disadvantage of such a break is that it can be a distraction from further studies. Some students find such breaks so relaxing and enjoyable that they decide to shun further studies permanently.

Although the incidences of such cases are few, the effects can be disastrous for their further career. For instance, a 2010 report from Florida University revealed that 1 in 100 students, who take “Gap-year” never go for advanced studies and struggle throughout their life to make the ends meet because of being unskilled.

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To conclude, the break of a year taken before pursuing university studies helps students to discover their career interest and also allows them to consolidate financially. However, for a minority of high school graduates it can lead to an end of an academic career .

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Gap Year in Students Advantages Disadvantages

Taking a “gap year” off between high school and university has become a popular option among many young people. This time off provides a break after many years of formal study. Some students use this time to travel around the world, others volunteer and still others begin working. The idea behind each of these activities is to do something hands-on and refreshing, which enables young people to learn more about themselves and their place in the world around them.

The benefits of taking a year off are plentiful. On a personal level, students who travel away from home develop their independence and self-confidence. On a cultural level, they learn about viewpoints, traditions and perspectives different from their own. Professionally, students get a taste of diverse workplaces, which might inspire a possible career interest. Intellectually, they examine their own beliefs and ideas in relation to those of others in a new environment. All these advantages combine to make a strong case for taking the one-year break.

Nevertheless, there are also dangers involved in taking such a long break. Academically, the main drawback is that students can get sidetracked from their studies. A year is a long time and students could lose the good study habits and sense of discipline they had when they were in a formal academic structure. If they begin working, they could also be deluded into thinking that they’re making a lot of money. They could lose the benefit of college or university education and the chance to earn a higher income all their lives.

In conclusion, whether to take a year-long break or not is an individual decision. Each young person should consider his or her motivations carefully and decide on what’s most desirable. Time is a precious resource and people of all ages, including young people, should treat it with respect.

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Gap Year Before Starting a University IELTS Essay

In certain countries some people think that students who just finished high school should take a year off for travelling or working before they enroll in a university. In my opinion, there are both advantages and disadvantages to taking a gap year.

There are a number of drawbacks to taking a year off to travel or work between high school and university. Firstly, if young people decide to work, they might get used to receiving an income and because of this there is a possibility that they do not want to come back to the student life anymore. Secondly, most of the students are too young to travel by themselves; therefore they could waste this opportunity because of their naivety.  Finally, traveling for a whole year requires a huge amount of money which could be spent on university studies.

On the other hand, there are some benefits to spending a year working or traveling before joining university. To begin with, young people broaden their minds when they travel and this might help them to gain valuable experiences in life. A further positive aspect is that while traveling or working, young people could acquire maturity and this could allow them to perform better once they return to their studies. A final benefit is that young people will probably learn some skills such as speaking a different language. They will also learn to appreciate other countries and cultures.

Overall, there are as many advantages as there are disadvantages to traveling or working between high school and university. In my opinion, it all depends on the students’ intellectual and emotional maturity to face this challenge and take advantage of it.

You should spend around 40 minutes on this task.

Some students take a year off between school and university to work and travel. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
You should write at least 250 words.

Students take a year off between school and university IELTS Essay

These days many students who have completed their high school take one or two years off before starting university. They either work or travel during this time. In my opinion, this arrangement has both advantages and disadvantages.

When students take years off after finishing school, their attention shifts to other areas. Some might travel and some might work. While traveling is exciting and helps them learn more about other countries or people, it does not do much to improve their career prospects. And those who take up a job immediately after finishing school will most probably have to work in the unskilled sector. Since these jobs are more likely to earn them some money and make them financially independent, they might just stick to them. Unfortunately, this will not help in the long term because unskilled workers will have to be content with low salaries and benefits.

However, those students who eventually return to their studies after taking a year’s gap will benefit if they can focus on their studies. The valuable work experience they gained or the lessons they learned from their travels will improve their career prospects. And when they are ready to start work after finishing university, they will have employers queuing up to hire them. Unfortunately, many of these students who take time off after school will never join university. Those who join a university may find it difficult to focus on their studies. Many of them will drop out and return to their previous job.

To conclude, taking a year off has both benefits and drawbacks. Traveling around the world or taking up a job has several benefits. Travel, for example, will enhance one’s horizons and improve one’s perspectives on life. In the same way, part time or full time jobs equip students with valuable skills that will stand them in good stead. However, a university education is still required to find a good job and students who do not start university after taking a year off will only hamper their career prospects.

Ideas for Gap Year IELTS Essay

An opportunity to have a break from studying and return refreshed. You can volunteer, get valuable work experience, and travel the world.Some people find a year out becomes a distraction from their longer term plans.
A productive gap year can be valuable on your CV.An unstructured year out may not add much value to your future – careful thought and planning is essential.
You can earn and save money towards your higher education costs or future plans.It can be expensive and you could find yourself in a worse financial position at the end.
You could relate the experience and activities to the subject area you plan to study.It can be harder to return to study or work after a year-long break.
You will develop maturity if you don’t yet feel ready for higher education or work life. For some careers, it can be an advantage to be slightly older and have some life experienceIf you don’t get organized, you may end up spending your gap year just ‘thinking about it’.

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Gap Year Advantages Disadvantages IELTS Essay

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