Government Pay for Research IELTS Essay

Government Pay for Research IELTS Essay

Government Pay for Research IELTS Essay

In today’s world, private companies rather than government pay for and carry out most scientific research. Do the advantages outweigh disadvantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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India 21st April 2022

Government Pay for Research IELTS Essay

Nowadays, most scientific studies are financed and carried out by private enterprises instead of governments. In my opinion, the benefits of this are greater than its drawbacks.

On the one hand, having research paid for and conducted by private companies can be greatly beneficial. In fact, unlike government organizations, most companies’ primary objective is making profits, so their motivation to minimize the costs arising upon research activities is much more considerable. Therefore, they tend to prevent their scientists and other workers from wasting any resources, including time and money. As a result, the research goals can be reached quicker, more efficiently, and more cost effectively . In addition, when governments leave scientific research for businesses, the financial pressure on the national budget can be partly relieved. Instead, it can be allocated for investing in other important sectors such as education or transportation. IELT S XPRESS

On the other hand, I believe that letting private businesses sponsor or undertake such studies will bring about more significant disadvantages. First, there are very few private companies that are willing to do unpaid work while shouldering a huge financial burden at the same time. Consequently, they may require the public to pay to access or share their research results, so that they can afford to cover their expenses as well as to ensure their personal income. Second, when allowing companies to do scientific research, the authorities can not make sure the entire research process is supervised. It is possible that companies with a priority for maximizing profits will sell their research to other organizations, such as terrorists or criminals, who take advantage of such research to harm society.

In conclusion, I claim that private investment in and conduct of scientific research may result in several advantages which are, however, outweighed by the undesirable consequences.  ieltsxpress

Private Companies Rather than Government Pay for Research IELTS Essay

Opinions are divided into whether private sectors should take responsibilities for scientific research. Although allowing private companies to hold such responsibilities can have some drawbacks, benefits of it are far more significant.

On the one hand, there can be some minor disadvantages of delegating funding and controlling science projects to private businesses. One of them can relate to reliability of scientific outcomes. In fact, private companies are mainly driven by profit, which makes them put more emphasis on how to generate as much profit as possible regardless of how unreliable and inaccurate their results could be. Furthermore, if all scientific research is allocated to private companies, leaking information, especially important and confidential information, can be unavoidable. For example, by implementing research on military, companies can reveal national secrets of their country to others, which can breed many seriously detrimental impacts.

Nevertheless, these disadvantages are still eclipsed by benefits of giving private businesses the right to carry out scientific research. What appears the most prevalent is that private sectors can provide larger resources, both financial and human. Since private companies often only focus on one field, unlike governments investing in many different areas, they are willing to utilise and distribute all what they have to conduct and finish science projects. Another advantage is that if scientific research is given to private sectors, burdens placed on the government’s shoulder can be alleviated. As a result, the government can employ national resources for improving other aspects such as education or health care systems.

In conclusion, despite downsides that can be derived from allowing private organizations to fund and control scientific research, it still does more good than harm.

IELTS Essay on Government Pay for Research

In recent years, private companies have been more in charge of scientific investigation than the government. To consider this controversy in detail, I will elaborate on this essay. From my point of view, there are advantages over disadvantages.

To commence with, there are two main reasons why citizens hold the government responsible for experimental research. First of all, people believe that their taxes contribute to practical activities, including research, inventions, and education. Perhaps they want their people to have amazing accomplishments that they can be proud of. In addition, it is assumed that the management of research will be more accurate if it is carried out by the state. In fact, there is such an unethical experiment using animals and even humans without the participation of the administration, as breeding two completely different species. Thus, the negative impact on the social aspect is a possible consequence of the less important role of the government in research activities. ieltsxpress

On the other hand, it is justified for private enterprises to carry out scientific research because of some opinions. First of all, they have enough money to conduct experiments. While the government has funds to spend on multiple areas, these companies can invest in a specific area. For example, Vision group annually raises funds to support scientific research, as well as to improve the healthcare system. Moreover, the training budget is actually replenished by donations from both local companies and foreign ones, which means attracting foreign investment.

In addition, conducting research also helps private corporations to promote their reputation among citizens. As a result of this view, healthy competition between agencies can lead to the development of the economy. In other words, the benefits of approving private companies to invest in experimental research are significant, outweighing the disadvantages. ielts x press

In conclusion, it seems that the community benefits more when private businesses pay more for academic research. Meanwhile, the state plays a key role in governance.

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Government Pay for Research IELTS Essay

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