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Home Schooling IELTS Essay Advantages Disadvantages

Home Schooling IELTS Essay

In some countries, there has been an increase in the number of parents who are choosing to educate their children themselves at home instead of sending them school. Do the advantages of home education outweigh the disadvantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

Home Schooling IELTS Essay

It has become increasingly common to see parents in some nations opting for homeschooling rather than sending their children to schools, in recent years. While this method of delivering classes might be advantageous in some respects, I am of the opinion that it is more likely to have a harmful impact.

There are a number of positives to home education. One obvious benefit is that it allows both parents and children to choose the times of their classes flexibly. When, for instance, parents are not able to conduct lessons during the day, they may decide to teach their child early in the morning or in the evening after returning from their work. Another important advantage of homeschooling is that it permits children study at their own pace and thus progress accordingly. In conventional schools, by contrast, different knowledge acquisition rates of schoolchildren are not usually taken into consideration since they have a set curriculum to follow; in other words, whether a child grasps a topic quickly or slowly should study in the same group.

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Nevertheless, I would argue that the benefits of education at home are outweighed by the drawbacks. Firstly, children taught by parents tend to lack interaction with their peers, and as a result are likely to grow up to be shy, introverted and dependent individuals. This is likely to make their lives difficult due to problems they may encounter in communicating and socializing with others. I also disfavor the idea of homeschooling because children are not provided with the proof of graduation when taught at home. If no official document, such as a school certificate, confirms children’s completion of school-level education, it is less likely that they can further their education at a college or university.

Home education has both pros and cons. However, despite some advantages, I strongly believe that the latter outweighs the former for homeschooling negatively affects young learners’ personality and hinders future educational prospects.

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Home Schooling IELTS Essay Advantages Disadvantages

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