How AI Tools Can Change the Way We Prepare for IELTS

How AI Tools Can Change the Way We Prepare for IELTS

Preparing for the IELTS test involves different steps. There are different parts of the test, which include writing, listening, speaking, and reading. Considering the number of things that you have to do, preparation can take up a lot of time and effort.

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With AI at hand, however, the process can get significantly smoother and easier. There are different AI tools that you can use to improve your writing skills, for example, so that you perform well in the writing part.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some ways in which AI tools can change (and improve) the way that we prepare for the IELTS test.

1. AI Tools Can Help in Drastically Improving Writing Skills

The better your writing skills are, the better you are able to perform in the writing part. That much math is simple.

However, what a lot of people may not realize is that good writing skills reflect not only in writing prowess but also in reading, speaking, and listening. It all ties together. Whether you are improving your reading, speaking, or listening, you’re ultimately improving your English, and that is beneficial in all degrees for the IELTS test.

ai tools and ielts prep

Keeping that in mind, we can say that AI tools – even the ones that are strictly related to writing – can help improve your overall English understanding and make you prepared for the IELTS test.

As for how AI tools can help you out, here are a few examples:

  • Grammar checkers and punctuation checkers can help you to improve your grammatical understanding. You can use them to find out the errors and mistakes that you regularly make. That way, you can work on your weak areas and polish them before taking the test.
  • Readability checkers can help you improve the readability and understandability of your content. You can use these tools on some of your content and look at the readability issues that you habitually make.
  • Paraphrasing tools can also help you in improving your writing skills. You can use a smart AI paraphrasing tool to reword some of your own written content. Such a tool would, thanks to its AI-driven working, understand the content and change it to improve the overall quality. You can then take a look at the changes made by the tool and keep them in mind for the writing part of the IELTS test.

Writing tools like these can be found in abundance on the Internet. Since they have so many uses and applications, a lot of websites offer them. Some platforms collectively offer tools like this in one place so that users don’t have to jump from site to site to use them all separately. Prepostseo is one such popular platform. On Prepostseo, you can find all three of the tools that we have mentioned in the bullets above, i.e., readability checker, grammar checker, and paraphraser.

2. AI Tools Can Help You Improve Your Vocabulary

Having a good vocabulary can be helpful in all parts of the IELTS test. It can come in handy for the writing part as well as the reading, listening, and speaking parts. The more words you know, the broader your ability to understand English.

AI tools can help you in improving your vocabulary in a couple of different ways.

  • One of the ways in which you can improve your vocabulary is by using AI assistants. AI assistants – a common example of which is ChatGPT – can help you learn new words very engagingly and interactively. You can ask them to tell you new words, use them in sentences, provide antonyms for them, and so on. Here is how this can look like:
  • Another way in which AI tools can help in improving vocabulary is in the form of paraphrasing tools. We mentioned paraphrasing tools in the section above as well. The main function of paraphrasing tools is to reword and restate the content that they are provided.
    To do this, various types of changes are affected to the text – such as swapping words with synonyms, rearranging the subjects/objects/verbs in the sentences, and so on. The word-swapping gimmick can be useful for vocabulary building. They can help the user learn new words when they (the new words) are applied by the tool to the ones already present in the content.

3. AI Tools Can Help Improve English Speaking and Listening Ability

While writing skills are important, English speaking and listening abilities are also important. These can also be improved with the help of AI tools.

To check and improve your English-speaking ability, you can use AI-based speech-to-text tools. You can use these tools to see how accurately you speak English. You can speak a certain passage and then look at the text that the tool generates in response to it. If there are any parts or words in the text that are different from the passage that you’ve read out, it means you made some sort of mistake while speaking them.

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Doing the above exercise can help you figure out the accuracy of your pronunciations, for one.

On the other hand, you can stand this same process on its head and use a text-to-speech tool to improve your listening ability. You can grab some content from a random source and hear it in audio while writing down everything as you understand it. Once you are done, you can match the text you’ve written with the original text. The differences will point to the parts that you heard incorrectly.

Instead of looking for separate tools for this purpose, you can just use MS Word. In MS Word, there is a “Read Aloud” feature that serves the purpose of text to speech. There is also a dictating feature where you can write with your voice. This serves the purpose of speech to text.


And that brings our post to a close.

Using AI tools for IELTS preparation can be very helpful. They can not only help you prepare for the test, but they also do the same thing in an enjoyable and engaging way.

You can use writing tools to improve your writing skills, paraphrasers and AI assistants to improve your vocabulary, and text-to-speech/speech-to-text tools for your speaking/listening ability.

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How AI Tools Can Change the Way We Prepare for IELTS

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