Spoken communication is more powerful than written communication

Spoken communication is more Powerful than Written Communication

Spoken communication is more Powerful than Written Communication IELTS Essay

Spoken communication is more powerful than written communication. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.ieltsxpress small logo

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Spoken communication is more Powerful than Written Communication IELTS Essay

Nowadays, great emphasis is put on developing communication skills in order to succeed in the job place and in businesses. However, there is a debate going on which mean of communication is the most effective. I am in staunch support of the notion that conveying an argument through speaking is always far better than through writing, as the former involves gestures and expressions helpful to convey ideas more efficiently, and room for the misconception is little compared to that in writing. ieltsxpress

To begin with, verbal communication involves hand movements and facial expressions, making it easier for recipients to understand information. That is to say, the audiences not only can listen to what is being said but also in what mood it is being said. For instance, recent research conducted by an American motivational firm revealed that around 70% of their employees follow verbal instructions more precisely than the written ones. The seriousness of instructions is sensed through expressions and body language; therefore, spoken communication is given more weight-age than the textual one.ieltsxpress small logo

Moreover, there is a lesser chance of ambiguity in a face to face interaction than the written correspondence. This is because, one has the liberty to ask any question to clear his misconception, rather than developing a wrong understanding. A survey carried out by Oxford University, for example, showed that about 80% of their teachers said that the response of students in verbal lectures is better than that in written lessons. The reason behind this is that the students perfect their concepts by asking questions from the tutors, which is not possible in the case of textual handouts where there are chances of developing wrong concepts and ideas leading to poorer grades.

To conclude, I am ardently in favor of the view that spoken interaction is more instrumental than the written one, as the chance of understanding the ideas are way more than in written communication because of body gestures, facial expressions, and minimal misconceptions. ieltsxpress

Spoken communication is more Powerful than Written Communication Agree-Disagree Essay

Some people argue that the verbal form of communication is more powerful than written communication. In my opinion, it varies from individual to individual and sometimes also depends on the context in which the matter is to be conveyed to the other person. Thus, both forms of communication hold equal importance.

ieltsxpress small logoSpoken communication is often considered more versatile as while speaking the emotions of the orator can be easily captured by the listener. Eyes mirror the soul and facial gestures can easily reflect whether the speaker is fake or genuine. Famous politicians and influencers around the world resort to this form of communication while conveying their thoughts. A passionate speech can arouse the emotions of the listeners. If we read history, we will read about brilliant orators who even brought about revolutions with the power of their fiery speeches. However, this form of communication does not always produce the desired result as while sorting out a misunderstanding in a face to face interaction, things may go out of control and people might end up deeply scarring an otherwise beautiful relationship. Spoken interactions are also not very suitable for conveying unpleasant messages. ieltsxpress

On the other hand, written form of communication is better for someone who lacks the ability to convince others through speech. Some people might not be able to deliver an impeccable speech but their words speak volumes about them. Pen is mightier than the sword is not just a saying. Some writers shake the world when they pen down their ideas and opinions. However, written communications often reach only a limited section of the society.ieltsxpress

To conclude, just like the fingers of the human hand, no two persons are alike. Someone might have excellent oratory skills and others might excel in written form of communication. Hence, it is hard to say whether written communication is more powerful than spoken communication because it depends entirely on the circumstances and the written or spoken skills of the communicator.ieltsxpress small logo

IELTS Essay on Verbal Communication

Communication plays an important part in the development of individuals. The thought that oral conversation is more successful than composed language is debatable. Some individuals guarantee that talking helps convey emotions and sentiments. Others think written language is more useful in transferring data. I am in agreement with the view that spoken communication is more beneficial than the written form.

When used properly, speaking can be an extremely effective and efficient way of communicating. People who use oral communication can make emotional connections with their listeners. People can effectively pass on many different feelings by using their voices, and this is why they are able to inspire others and influence them simply through a compelling speech, a song, or a poem. Your words can be interpreted differently when you use a certain tone, for instance, an emphatic voice while trying to convey a vehement sentence can make an extensive impact on the listener. In addition, face-to-face interactions also make it easier to avoid the misconceptions.ieltsxpress small logo

Furthermore, listening helps people to remember and comprehend more. Spoken communication helps us understand the pronunciations and accents of the speaker, something that is impossible through written communication. It may be better to use verbal communication when information is urgently needed, such as an emergency at stake or when the receiver has no access to writing instruments, such as young children. ieltsxpress

ieltsxpress small logoNevertheless, some people might argue that correspondence is better for someone who can’t convince others through speech, but it cannot always be a solution. Speaking skills provide a sense of accomplishment and personal development that writing cannot.

In conclusion, I am convinced that verbal interactions are more influential than written ones as the sense of understanding is quite efficient when body language and facial expressions are used.

Spoken communication is more Powerful than Written Communication

In modern times communication plays a vital role in our daily life. Communication is the key to interacting and building a reputation with people around. Oral communication is seen to be more successful than writing. Talking helps a person express emotion which does not happen in written texts. Some people also think that written language is more useful for communicating. I definitely go with the fact that spoken communication is much more effective than written ones.

Speaking is considered the most effective way to communicate with others. If the words are used properly, talking can display all kinds of emotions like anger, happiness, frustration, etc. The individuals using spoken communication can connect with the ones they are communicating with. They can rely on the listeners. Voices convey actual emotions and they are able to influence people through their speech. A speech can be compelling, and motivating, for the listeners. For instance, the listeners can understand the tone of the speaker’s mood. He or she can understand from the voice whether the said words were assertive or declarative. Moreover, face-to-face communication also makes communication easier. The chances of miscommunication diminish.ieltsxpress small logo

Additionally, listening can help people to memorize and understand more. Moreover, spoken communication helps to understand the accent and pronunciation of the speaker. Sometimes a few words are difficult to understand or pronounce. It is better to have verbal communication rather than writing. Also, during the time of emergency, a call to the receiver can help rather than writing and waiting for a reply. ieltsxpress

ieltsxpress small logoNevertheless, some people do prefer written communication as they can’t be convinced through their speech. It is difficult for them to reply then and there. But speaking skills can be enhanced through exercising the skills. It also helps in personal development and confidence building. ieltsxpress

Lastly, to conclude, I believe that verbal communication has more advantages than written communication. Verbal communication helps to understand the body language and facial expression of the speaker which is not understandable in written communication.

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Spoken communication is more Powerful than Written Communication

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