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Improve IELTS Writing skills by using Grammarly

Improve your IELTS Writing skills by using Grammarly

We know the feeling of getting low bands in IELTS Writing, especially when you are stuck at 6.5.

Don’t worry, in this post, we have shared some tips to improve your IELTS Writing task 1 and task 2. If you are going to appear for the Computer Based IELTS Exam, then this will be very helpful to you.

How to use a Free Grammar checking tool like Grammarly to improve your IELTS writing skills?

First, we will check what Grammarly is offering to us?

  1. Speeling Spelling and Grammer Grammar correction.
  2. A better way to write your sentence by paraphrasing the words.
  3. The vast collection of Vocabulary and the most suitable synonyms to express your points.
  4. Ways to make your sentence concise by using adjectives and adverbs and ultimately using the idea of cohesion and coherence.

As mentioned on their website Grammarly.com, you can get benefits to improve your English writing skills by installing their FREE extension.

So How this is helpful for your IELTS exam?

By improving your Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes

You can correct your Speeling Spelling and Grammer Grammar mistakes. Grammarly extension will suggest you the mistakes when you will be writing your essay or chart/letter.


By improving your Spelling and Grammatical Mistakes

As you know, paraphrasing the question is the most important thing while writing the IELTS Essay. This extension will help you by suggesting the paraphrased words or phrases when you type.


Enhance your writing skills with hundreads of simillar words when you write the essay.

Vocabulary and Synonyms are the most important part when you write your IELTS essay or letter. Grammarly helps you to improve your vocabulary by suggesting the words and synonyms which will enhance your writing skills.


Implement the idea of cohesion and coherence in your writing to score 7 plus

cohesion and coherence are the most important and most advised skills to score higher in your IELTS writing exam. Grammarly helps you by suggesting the ways to concise the statements. You are reading this article on IELTSXpress


Download the extension and use the FREE services by Grammarly to improve your writing skills. All the very best for your test.

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