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IELTS Listening Test Notes on a Part time Society

IELTS Listening Practice Test – Notes on a Part time Society | Leisure Complex Plan | Nanotechnology

Part 1

Questions 1 – 10
Complete the table below.
Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Notes on A Part time Society

Name of society: Leighton

Location: 1__________ house
Want: 2__________ actors and singers (no experience required)
Transportation: shuttle services (need someone who is able to 3__________
Meeting time: 6:00-8:00pm
every 4__________.
Close time: during 5__________.
Membership fee (including 6__________.)

– £40 for employed members (under 30 years of age)
– £60 for employed members (30-60 years of age)
– £ 7 _________ for retired or unemployed members (over 60 years of age)

Minimum joining age

Most members are
– friendly
– fond of culture and music
9__________ authors looking for new experiences to write about in their books

The children’s 10_______ will get the money raised by the annual dinner.

Part 2

Questions 11-14
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

11 What kind of changes is the station making?

A relocation
B reconstruction
C expansion

12 The original buildings on the site were

A houses.
B industrial buildings.
C shops.

13 Firstly the station intended to use the site as

A a leisure centre.
B a car park.
C a lounge.

14 The new buildings will be situated to the right side of

A the shopping district.
B the apartment blocks.
C the new formal gardens.

Questions 15- 20
Label the map below.
Write the correct letter, A-G, next to questions 15-20.

Leisure Complex Plan

leisure complex plan ielts listening ieltsxpress

15 Cafe
16 Taxi Rank
17 Car Park
18 Passenger Waiting Area
19 Waiting Area for Wheelchair Users
20 Tourist Office

Part 3

Questions 21-25
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

21 What has Irene recently done?

A She has almost finished planning the experiment.
B She is not applying herself enough to her work.
C She spends a lot of time in the laboratory.

22 What is Bill’s attitude toward Kim?

A He is grateful for Kim’s contribution.
B He is not fond of Kim’s tastes in clothes.
C He thinks Kim is not good at laboratory work.

23 What does Jen think of the other people in the group?

A The boys are good at maths which is very helpful.
B They would fail the experiment without Irene’s contribution.
C Irene has completed the data analysis so the experiment is nearly done.

24 How did Jen and Bill feel about Linda?

A She was always submitted her work late for the group work.
B She was difficult to get in touch with.
C She thought it was easy to get a high score.

25 Why was Jen invited to the professor’s individual project?

A She was quite popular among students.
B She always finished reading all the assignments.
C She was close to the professor.

Questions 26- 30
What task has been given to each person?
Choose FIVE answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-G, next to questions 26-30.


A Abstract
B Acknowledgement
C Methodology
D Bibliography
E Literature review
F Results
G Discussion


26 Irene _________
27 Kim _________
28 Jen _________
29 Bill _________
30 Linda _________

Part 4

Questions 31 – 40
Complete the notes below.
Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.


General information

explanation: manipulation of matter on a minutes scale

huge investment in research

The reason why development of Nanotechnology may be started because of a new type of 31_________


a) daily lives

– aids in getting 32__________. from diet
– reduces the cost of 33__________
– improves the 34__________ of food

b) agriculture

– use of Nanotechnology has resulted in a spray which increase the efficiency of 35__________ in the soil and can be use instead of Artificial chemical

c) medical area

– Nanotechnology can help avoid food poisoing
– Nanotechnology can kill foods’ 36__________ and make them safe to eat.
– Nanoparticles are injected into the body and allow 37__________ to enter the veins.
– Some certain nanoparticles are able to sterilise more than 650 types of bacteria.
38__________. has the greatest antibacterial qualities.
– Splifferenes help 39__________ loss programmes.

d) cosmetics

– Preventing 40__________ from entering the body avoids skin cancer.

IELTS Listening Test 9 Answers

Notes on a Part-time Society IELTS Listening Answers

1 club
2 male
3 drive
4 Tuesday
5 August
6 dinner
7 25
8 16
9 modern
10 hospital

Leisure Complex Plan IELTS Listening Answers

11 C
12 A
13 B
14 A
15 D
16 G
17 F
18 C
19 B
20 A

Station Making IELTS Listening Answers

21 C
22 A
23 C
24 B
25 B
26 C
27 F
28 E
29 D
30 G

Nanotechnology IELTS Listening Answers

31 microscope
32 iron
33 chocolates
34 flavour
35 fertilisers
36 bacteria
37 drugs
38 Silver
39 weight
40 sun

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Leisure Complex Plan Transcript

Section 2.

Hello and thank you for attending this meeting I have called it to discuss station masses as they have been a number of changes made and I want to ensure that you are all filled in well as I’m sure you will all have heard there are plans on the way to make some alterations to the station complex. They we did the reconstruction work that occurred last year from the data collected this year we have learned that our station is too small to cope with the large number of visitors passing through it on a daily basis. However relocation is unnecessary which means you are stuff will be unaffected and can continue with your work as normal. We’ve decided that our only option is to make the area bigger by building new platforms and new facilities such as cafes and lounge areas. We have already purchased the sites on which these new facilities will be constructed we had initially planned to build on the side of the old industrial buildings however tests carried out on the soil and water showed that it was too highly contaminated with waste from the industrial processes instead we have purchased the site just across the road on which they used to be a lot of houses that were later converted into shops. These buildings will of course be demolished to make room for a new facilities. What is going to be built on this new sites I see thinking to yourselves. There have been lots of ideas put forward by all the parties involved initially the station had planned to use the site as a car park however we decided this would be a very unsatisfactory way to occupy the space. Instead we have hired an architect who has an exciting vision to transform the site into a large leisure centre complete with cafes shops and the lounge where visitors can relax. We hope that this new complex will attract many visitors not just from the station but also from the apartment blocks in the nearby town center as part of the construction works we are also going to create new formal gardens where visitors can enjoy the greenery and sits outside in the fresh air. The new leisure complex will be located to the right of the shopping district so these formal gardens will serve as a meeting place for pedestrians.

Before you hear the rest of the tool you have some time to look at questions 15 to 20. Now listen and also questions 15 to 20.

Now I’m delighted to be able to introduce you all to the plans for a new complex Sir if you could please focus your attention on the maps in front of you we will start to the main entrance I make our way towards the cafe which is located behind the wall that we can see directly in front of us just next to the rear entrance in this position the cafe is obscured from the entrances which will keep the space warm and also creates an intimate atmosphere. Once visitors arrive at a station they often need further transport in order to reach their homes therefore we have introduced a taxi rank with its own waiting area in order to reach these facilities the visitors must simply leave the complex via the rear entrance and turn left visitors who have traveled to the station by car can leave it in the car park for a small fee which is located just outside of the rear entrance to the right. At present our station does not have an internal seating area for passengers so they’re forced to wait for their trains outside on the platforms which can be particularly unpleasant during the winter. We have therefore decided to introduce a passenger waiting area inside the new complex to the right of the rear entrance with comfortable seating where passengers can pass the time comfortably in the warmth. As this space is a distance away from the station we have also proposed a waiting area for wheelchair users that is closer as visitors enter through the main entrance the space will be located behind the wall to the left. Finally we have also decided that it will be a great idea to introduce a new tourist office where visitors can get maps and informational now wonderful town we want this new office to be easily accessible so visitors entering through the main entrance we’ll find it directly to that right now I think that’s all I have to tell you please feel free to ask any questions if you would like to name anything else. The end of section 2. You now have holds a minute to check your own business.

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IELTS Listening Test Notes on a Part time Society

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