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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Foreign Food Questions Answers

IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Foreign Food Questions and Answers

Have you ever tried foreign food?
As a travel photographer, I spend most of my time wandering around cities across the world, which gives me an opportunity to try new dishes. In fact, foreign foods in themselves are a delight to eat. For example, when I visited Toronto, I had the irresistible Butter Tart and Croissant, which I relished eating. Besides, some of my favorite foreign food items are the American Chopsuey, Chinese Hakka Noodles, Arabian Shawarma and Baklava, which are mouthwatering and heavenly delectable.

Do you like to try new food?
Ofcourse! I’m a foodie, and one of the perks of being a travel photographer is that I get to try a lot of new food varieties. Whenever I visit any new environment, I refresh myself and seek out new food items as each city across the world has so many unique flavours and dishes worth trying. Further, tasting new dishes widens my horizon about the place, introduces me to a deeper understanding of food culture and the people’s lifestyles in a better way.

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What kind of new food have you tried recently?
As I said earlier, I had recently traveled to the multicultural city, Toronto, which opened my eyes and taste buds to a whole new range of authentic flavours. I went to a restaurant, where they served me hot croissants, crispy chocolate-filled churros, and butter tarts. It was luscious and delicious. The deep-fried and decadent chocolate-filled churros were so splendid that I ordered it twice and not to mention the Canadian buttery tarts, which was a perfect balance of sweet indulgence. i e lt s xpress

What kind of foreign foods is popular in your country?
India’s cuisine culture has Chinese, Iranian, Arabian, Japanese, American, Mughal, Persian, and Mediterranean influences. Increasing demand for foreign foods such as Kabab, Shawarma, Tower burgers, Margherita Pizza, Waffles, Momos, Manchurian, Kunafa, and Sushi proves this. Although these dishes may be foreign, they’re much loved by Indians that these dishes can be found in every corner of the city.

Do you like any food from the countries near your country?
Well, foreign foods are increasingly becoming more accessible and gaining massive popularity in India. I love eating Lebanese Shawarma, Tibetan Momos, Japanese sushi, and Arabian Kebab. These lip-smacking dishes are super popular and absolute favourites of every Indian.


Meaning: too attractive and tempting to be resisted
Eg: The Apple Pie looked irresistible.

Widen my Horizon
Meaning: To have or seek out new experiences
Eg: The cookery show widened my horizons to different culinary and cooking techniques.

Meaning: an open pastry case containing a sweet or savoury filling.
Eg: Caramel filled tarts is the signature dish of the bakery.

Meaning: (of food or drink) having a pleasingly rich, sweet taste.
Eg: The chocolaty caramelized pudding at the wedding was luscious.

Meaning: genuine
Eg: The restaurant uses authentic homemade spices to prepare the flavorsome Biryani.

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IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic Foreign Food Questions Answers

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