In some countries people spend long hours at work ielts essay

In Some Countries People Spend Long Hours at Work Essay

In Some Countries People Spend Long Hours at Work IELTS Essay

In some countries people spend long hours at work. Why does this happen? Is it positive or negative development?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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In some countries people spend long hours at work IELTS Essay

Sample Answer 1

More and more employees find themselves worker long hours these days. This is chiefly due to the evolving nature of work in the 21st century and it is decidedly not a positive change.

Younger generations today cannot expect to work a traditional 9 to 5 and receive good compensation. In the past, a person collected the majority of their income from salary and was able to afford a car, a home, and a stable family life. Nowadays, salaries are lower relative to living expenses, many good jobs have disappeared as technology improves and companies become more efficient, and investing capital now makes up the major share of income. This shift means the average worker often has to work long hours or take a second job to strive for the same standard of living they remember from childhood. It is unsurprising that many today are therefore discontent with their work-life balance. IELT S X PRESS

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This is typically a negative development because it leads to mental health problems. The exception is when an individual has a passion for their job, but few today have the luxury of working in their chosen field. Instead, most must accept jobs they do not love with low salaries. Working long hours, making little money, and not having passion for work can result in the formation of an unhealthy mental state. This ranges according to the individual from mild unhappiness and restlessness to more extreme manifestations such as depression and panic attacks. Many people today have begun self-medicating with alcohol and drugs or turning to a therapist who is only too happy to prescribe mood-altering pharmaceuticals to address the symptoms rooted in large-scale societal problems. ieltsxpress

In conclusion, many people work too much today because of lower overall salaries and this worsens mental health. It is important for individuals today to cut back on living expenses to lead a happy life with less money.

Is it positive or negative development IELTS Essay

Sample Answer 2

Spending extra hours at work is becoming more common in recent years. This phenomenon may stem from people’s need for higher wage and their increasing workload, and I firmly believe that this trend is bringing more cons than pros.

Nowadays, a lot of people are overworking due to the pressure from daily necessities and work. In many cities, due to the escalating living cost, people are made to work extra hours to afford lives. In other words, overworking now is not an option but rather an obligation for many people to survive. In some other cases, people choose to work overtime to cope with their increasing workload. In the modern age, as competition at work is becoming more intense than ever, many people feel an urge to push themselves harder and work longer hours to finish their work, believing that taking on more responsibilities can help them and their organizations thrive.

However, I hold a conviction that this tendency is bringing more harm than good. It is undeniable that earning more money will facilitate one’s life; such a schedule, nevertheless, will put a person under immense pressure, which can make his health deteriorate and cause stress-related illnesses. In a sense, working extra hours will financially benefit people at the cost of their mental and physical health. On the other hand, overworking can accelerate one’s professional growth, however, will leave them little time for themselves and their families. They are less likely to gain work-life balance and will risk the well-being of their close relationships, exposing them to depression and isolation in the future.

In conclusion, while it is understandable why people are spending more time at work, I believe that the merits it brings are not worth the price one needs to pay. IELTSX PRESS

IELTS Essay Topic Work

To forget something important is a common habit and may be listed under a common human error. I am sharing an occasion when I forgot my passport at the hotel.

The last year at the end of my business tour in the UAE, I was preparing for checkout and departing for the airport so that I could catch the flight on time. Quite suddenly, I remembered promising my wife to bring a neckless. Now, to fulfil the commitment, I had to rush to the Gold market and, after that, to the airport. I provided that I wasn’t left with enough time.

So, I skipped many things that were unnecessary and left the hotel within a few minutes. Getting a splendid piece of fortune, I got engaged with a taxi driver who promised to get both the jobs done. As he was well aware of the roads and shortcuts, he made it possible to reach a Gold market with half of my estimated time and, after that, to the airport. I was very much happy and gave some extra tips to the kind and proficient taxi driver and rushed to the immigration counter. Eventually, I took out my documents to show at the counter. That was the only time I realized that the passport was left behind at the study table of the hotel room. IELTSXPRESS.COM

In the state of disbelief, I was quite sure that nothing could help me to catch the flight, as going back to the hotel and returning before the check-in closes were not practically possible. However, after having another thought, I called the hotel staff, and after knowing the miserable situation, they were ready to help and arranged for a driver to send the papers to the airport. I always remain thankful to the taxi driver and the hotel staff; without their help, I would have been in a big limbo.

Now onwards, I always keep my travel documents ahead of everything and developed a habit of re-checking again and again to avoid such situations.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Topic Work

In current years, within certain nations working longer schedules has become a trend amongst some citizens in particular terrains. In this essay, I will discuss the plus and minuses of staying long at work.

On the one hand, long working shifts are advantageous in that men and women would fancy gaining more income to sustain their domestic requirements as well as improving their personal savings for instance, at my workplace working for eight hours will gain you little pay at the end of the month compared to a twelve-hour shift. Therefore, the majority of the workmates decided to adopt the longer schedule. Additionally, to some people staying long at work aids them to taper off the addictive behaviours like alcohol consumption, especially which is done in their free time and indirectly they would have chop off on their expenditures within a month, and this improves the financial savings. ielts xpress .com

On the contrary, longer working shifts are dangerous in such a way that it escalates the stress of these people since they rarely get enough time to chill, and this can eventually lead to a mental breakdown or acquire other medical illnesses like fatigue, back ace among others. Furthermore, it can disseminate relationship bonds, for example, marriage brokerage; for instance, my close friend quarrelled with his wife because he was not giving enough time to the family and they felt neglected socially.

As I sum up, workplaces have a different magnitude of stress; a person staying at work will acquire all the stress. Therefore, the demerits of having long working schedules outweigh the merits. ieltsxpress

In Some Countries People Spend Long Hours at Work Essay IELTS

The paradigm shift has made it mandatory for people to work more in order to lead a luxurious life. This trend can be seen in developed as well as in developing countries. In my perspective, it is a negative development as people will lead a sedentary lifestyle, experience physical problems, and to name but a few.

First off, people’s insatiable desires to earn more make them compelled to work for long hours. They want to be rich overnight. Thus, they even sacrifice their leisure time in doing work at offices. Moreover, they are greatly influenced by the lifestyle of famous celebrities and want to leave that one. What’s more cut-throat competition adds more fuel to the fire; instead of having healthy competition, people adopt unhealthy competition like they are jealous even if they don’t hesitate to crush business ethics or do treachery in businesses.

So, all these activities have a negative impact on them. They lead a sedentary lifestyle. Working long for making profits makes them obese and people face physiological and psychological problems. To exemplify, when people spend maximum time at workplaces, they experience obesity and it leads to severe heart problems and also makes them worried more about their physical health. Besides, due to hectic schedules, they hardly get time to rejuvenate themselves and become isolated from their family members and this thing also depressed them and they lead a life without joys and feelings of love, pity vanishes from their hearts. People become more money-minded and this attitude sometimes compels them to commit suicide and an epitome of it is Sushant Singh Rajput. The protagonist could not bear pressure in mind and took the wrong step.

In conclusion, there are a plethora of reasons for adopting hectic schedule by the people only to earn more money and leading a luxurious lifestyle; however, the negative impacts cannot be overlooked as these now and then force them to make a wrong decision.

IELTS Working Hours Essay

For the smooth running of life, plebeians like to do distinct kinds of work. In many nations, individuals prefer to do full-time time work along with part-time. The upcoming paragraphs shed light upon various ideas and examples, along with some genuine reasons. It has both pros and cons, but the latter one has more impact on the public.

To commence with, the utmost important reason is that in this materialistic world, folk like to earn handsome income to adopt a luxurious lifestyle. For instance, due to inflation, every product’s prices are rising day by day. To fulfil their desired needs, people like to do work for extensive hours. In addition to this, individuals want to complete their future goals, which requires a lot of money. To exemplify, some masses earn money for the betterment of their children. Last but not least, in this modern era people like to stand ahead of others, they like to compete with each other, in this cutthroat competition. IELT  S XPRESS

On the flip side, if people work for long hours, then they are not able to spend their precious time with their kith and kins, which adversely affect their relationship Bond. Moreover, working long hours put a detrimental effect on homosapiens. They can suffer from many ailments, including insomnia, anxiety, depression, mental disorders, to name but a few. To exemplify, a survey had been conducted in recent years which shows that a person can work almost 10 hours. More hours of work can extensively affect their health.

To put it in a nutshell, I retrieved that people should do work according to their needs, but firstly they should look toward their health. With our healthy lifestyle they cannot able to do work in a proper way and as older people said that ” HEALTH IS WEALTH ”.

Is it Positive or Negative Development IELTS Essay

For the betterment of life, individuals like to do miscellaneous types of works. In this day and age, it is irrefutable that an increasing number of people are devoting more time at work than ever before. It has both merits and demerits but this essay will highlight that latter of this approach surpass the former one. IELTS XPRE S S

At the outset, for earning greener and pasture plebeians like to do long hours of work. Because in this competitive world it is mandatory for everyone to do a lot of hard work. To substantiate it, due to inflation folk like to spend long hours at their work to attaining a lavish lifestyle. Moving further, sometimes people want to acquire heaps of knowledge. Therefore, to broaden the horizon as well as paves the way for a dazzling future they have to do long-time work. Without diligence and determination, they cannot achieve anything in their life.

On the flip side, if homo-sapiens spend long hours at the workplace then the repercussions of this are worse. First and foremost, they cannot spend their quality time with their near and dear ones. Consequently, it reduces their relationship bond between them. Apart from it, a long time period at work put a devastating effect on their health. Owing to this they face several ailments, depression, anxiety, Insomnia, to name but a few. A survey was conducted that in China, the majority of people died in road accidents because they spend
long hours at their workplace and do not get proper sleep.

To recapitulate briefly, working overtime is primarily attributed to the demand for higher work efficiency and promotional aspirations. On the other hand, taking too much time to work and definitely has a negative impact on people’s health as well as their products.

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In Some Countries People Spend Long Hours at Work Essay

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