Individual Greed and Selfishness IELTS Essay

Individual Greed and Selfishness IELTS Essay

Individual Greed and Selfishness have been the Basis of Modern Society IELTS Essay

Individual greed and selfishness have been the basis of modern society. Some people think that we must return to the older and more traditional values of respect for the family and the local community in order to create a better world to live in. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

Individual Greed and Selfishness – Model Essay 1

Undeniably, modernization has tremendously affected people’s lifestyles in our contemporary world. Making decisions alone, humans do not value others’ opinions, although this method of living might have had some positive influences. I personally think that its advantages have been less notable than the traditional one.

Now, many individuals prefer to act solely in the past, leading them to succeed in their life more than before. One important benefit is that they have a better independent lifestyle. The more they live without their parent’s assistance, the more they feel more confident. This means, selfishness has led young to have more independence when it comes to the selection of his or her study subject, while they were more under the control of their parents in this matter before. In addition, this has led citizens to become more successful in their businesses. Craving to save more money, businesspersons compete more with their rivals and produce more high-quality products. For instance, the owner of Apple, a well-known cell phone company in the USA, has had a significant prosperous business by 2014. To compete with other rivals, he decided to raise its profit by producing watch cell phones and surpassed other rivals. As a result, his greedy decision has led people to have a different cell phone, and the owner earned more profit.

In contrast, considering traditions can be more helpful in any aspect of life, and I agree with this view. One important factor is that the rate of crime can be decreased far dramatically. Unfortunately, to make more profit, individuals follow rules less than before, and fraud rates have considerably pulled up. However, had they considered the moral aspects being valued in the past, they would not have crossed the line. Another factor is that emotionally people will have a better supportive condition. Clearly, traditions induce citizens to support their relatives or friends. For example, a bankrupted retailer might be helped by his family before due to the traditions people had in the past, while this has remarkably become forgotten.

In conclusion, humans have become less dependent on their families and community. I personally believe that the benefits earned by this method of living have become less obvious than the traditional one our ancestors had. I personally believe that not only the rate of violence will decrease, but people will be backed up by each other emotionally.

Selfishness and Greed IELTS Essay – Model Essay 2

Modernity has lost its moral compass with a society plagued by avarice and egoism. In modern society, everything is judged by money and owning things. The more you have, the more successful you are. Consequently, people are racing with each other in which there is no place for the common interest. This modern attitude of self-interest has ruined the traditional, shared values and left people feeling a deep sense of despair. That is why I agree with the given view that we must retrace the golden times when we valued traditions and respected the family and community so that we can build a happier world and a happier tomorrow.

We live in a world where selfishness and excessive desire are pervaded everywhere. Everybody is competing with each other in order to please himself with material acquisitions and possessions. There is nothing wrong with acquiring wealth enough but there is always pressure on people to go for more and more and as a result, we have no time for family and friends. Each and everybody is busy in his own thirst for more. So, both the individual and the society are being affected by this greedy psychic pattern. For example, since the parents cannot spend quality time with their children due to their busy life, children are very often deprived of the love and affection of their parents. As a result, they cannot learn ethics properly from their parents which results in anti-social behavior, violence, binge drinking, bullying, and so on. To add to it, when greed and individualism become the cornerstone of society, it contributes to the growing gulf between the rich and poor.

In contrast, life in the past was simpler and happier. Everybody loved and respected each other. The elder is respected by the younger and the younger is loved by the elder. Not only the older members of the family but also members of the community looked after the children and their advice was valued. Marriage was deemed as the core institution of the society that the divorce was somewhat unknown to them. In addition, society seemed like a big family that everybody knows each other. Everyone shared each other weal and woe. They lived for each other that sharpened man’s feelings of sympathy, and so bred notions of obligation and consideration. Thus, the values of respect for family and society glued everybody that led a happy life.

To recapitulate, living in this society of consumer culture, we are all being succumbing to the greed that is fueling conflict, inequality, and poverty. From what has been discussed above it can be said easily that the traditional value-based society can be the best remedy for this suffocating world and make a heaven-like world to live in. since we cannot return from the computer-based automated world to the manual world but we can definitely revert to these traditional values to try to create a new society which has both material wealth and prosperity and respect for the family and community as well. IELTSX

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IELTS Writing Task 2 on Human Greed – Model Essay 3

Today, the luxury lifestyle has affected humans’ living conditions fundamentally. While in the past traditional rules were a major base for many communities, now people consider money as a priority. Some believe that our ancestors had a better living situation, and I firmly agree with them.

Undeniably, now personal factors have become the first choice for many people living across the world. One obvious example is that the young have less respect for elders. Thinking solely about the benefits, juveniles value less their parents’ attitudes compared to the past. For instance, to select their marriage partner, the former youth considered their parents’ opinions more than now, whereas now they have become more selfish and do not value their parents’ experience. On the other side, parents have become greedy too.

Clearly, they financially backed up their children before more than now; however, many over 65 people always prefer to have more savings instead of helping their children. As a prime example, my grandfather supported my mother’s education tuition, but she has not paid any cent for my education even she knew I had many problems paying it. From my perspective, our ancestors had better living conditions. One important reason behind it is that they were more supportive to each other. Admittedly, the traditional family structure assisted all age groups to have a better feeling about life. Adolescents need to be supported by their adults during their studies, and seniors received more aid from their offspring. Another one is that communities could adapt themselves to some unexpected critical conditions. In this case, had not European poor citizens been supported by the rich after World War II, their homes would not have been recovered so fast.

In conclusion, development of technology, humans have a lacking consideration for others. I personally believe that the former societies had safer lifestyles because all age groups were more supportive of each other, during critical conditions or any stage of life.

Greed in Human – Model Essay 4

Dwight D. Eisenhower has rightly said, “A people that values its privileges above its principles Dwight D. Eisenhower has rightly said, “A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.” Therefore, I agree with the given statement that we must revert to the golden times when we valued traditions and respected the elderly and our neighbourhoods so that we have a happier today and a happier tomorrow.

Today we live in an era of technology in which the whole Earth has shrunk and become a global village. Everybody is connected to everybody through telephone lines and the Internet but the warmth of relationships has taken a back seat. Most people have more than enough wealth, comfort and freedom but their hearts desire even more. To satisfy their hearts’ greed people have become workaholics and as a result, have no time for family and friends. People have become selfish, isolated and indifferent. Each person is busy in his own quest for more. To add to it, the youngsters who are at ease with the new technology think that the elderly are good for nothing and that is why they don’t respect them.

On the other hand, life in the past was slower and simpler. People loved and respected each other. Family members had a lot of face-to-face contact with each other. Older members of the family were well looked after and their advice was valued. Divorces were very rare as marriage was considered a sacred institution. Moreover, community get-togethers were often organized and people knew the farthest neighbours. Nowadays, the next-door neighbours are also not recognized. There were lesser worries and tensions in earlier times. i e l t s x press

To conclude, living in this modern toxic world, we are all slowly being poisoned to death. Therefore, it is clear that the traditional value-based society is a better world to live in. We cannot return from the age of the jet plane to the age of the bullock cart but we can certainly return to these traditional values to try to create a modern world that has both, material wealth and prosperity and also respect for the family and the local community.

Humans are Selfish IELTS Essay – Model Essay 5

Selfishness and greed have become a social norm nowadays. Some suggest that restoring traditional values will improve lifestyles and have a positive impact on our immediate community.

To commence with, the traditional practice is face-to-face communication. For example, in metro cities, the lack of this form of communication is a contributing factor to bad behavior as millennials learn from social media users who may not be the best either. With direct communication, parents can monitor the activities of a teenager and make the necessary adjustments, while tracking their online activity is more difficult. If only the offspring can learn from the actions of their parents, then most of the problems will be alleviated, and if not, then this will be a worrying trend that looks set to continue.

In addition, the new generation is not equipped with the appropriate knowledge of morality. This is due to a decrease in the discipline in schools, as well as the realization by students of their rights. However, in contrast to this, in the past, teachers were allowed to punish the guilty, including the greedy and selfish, for their consequences. For example, students, in turn, can distinguish between right and wrong morality. Admittedly, traditional methods such as corporal punishment may be overkill for these students; however, it is a concrete step towards educating students as useful managers in society.

To conclude, I strongly reaffirm my position that traditional methods will restore a new generation. It is certainly hoped that these proposed measures will bring order and justice to these criminals, as well as instill various life skills in them.

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Individual Greed and Selfishness IELTS Essay

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