International Travel is Becoming Cheaper ielts essay

International Travel is Becoming Cheaper IELTS Essay

International Travel is Becoming Cheaper IELTS Essay

International travel is becoming cheaper, and countries are opening their doors to more and more tourists. Do the advantages of increased tourism outweigh its disadvantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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International Travel IELTS EssayModel Answer 1

Travelling abroad is becoming more affordable than ever before, and many nations are implementing new approaches to attract more tourists. Although there are still drawbacks of international travel, I think its values are more significant.

On the one hand, the downsides of welcoming foreign visitors are varied. First, the local environment can be adversely affected due to facility and infrastructural development. For example, in Vietnam, many tourism companies are permitted to chop down a great area of forests to construct modern commodities such as hotels and golf courses, exerting dire consequences on natural habitats. As for the countries that play host to international tourists, the rise in costs of living may lay much pressure on local people and be a detriment to domestic travel. This is because the growth in the number of tourists from abroad would encourage costs of hotel rooms and other services to increase. People in the neighborhood and domestic visitors would suffer in comparison.

On the other hand, I suppose the benefits of international travel would eclipse those analyzed disadvantages. First, the regional economy can enormously benefit from the burgeoning tourism industry as more occupations will be created to accommodate the needs of tourists. Local people can have more job opportunities in hotels or restaurants and therefore earn more money to improve their living standards. Second, the increased number of foreign people coming to visit another country would evidently enhance tourism industries, contributing greatly to the wealth of that country. If tourists enjoy their trips, they will recommend the destination to their friends or perhaps they will come back in the future.

In conclusion, it appears to me that the merits of international tourism are more notable than its drawbacks.

International Travel is Becoming Cheaper IELTS Essay IELTS Essay – Model Answer 2

Nowadays, the tourism industry has become a rather lucrative business in many countries that have marvelous natural scenery and cultural heritage. However, whether the pros outweigh the cons remains a controversial topic among many people. I agree with the view that despite the several disadvantages, it definitely plays a significant role in the economic development around the world.

Firstly, it is obvious that as a smokeless industry, tourism can attract a sheer volume of tourists from other places, and then boost the local consumptions like hotels, restaurants, air industry, as well as creating numerous job opportunities. The Australian government, for example, can earn a large proportion of income from its travelling resources with its spectacular scenery along the seacoast each year. Therefore, many countries now are eagerly disseminating their own unique attractions.

Moreover, tourism income may help conserve the natural landscape, wildlife, and cultural heritage. This is mainly because preserving the food, fashion, festivals, and scenery needs a great number of funds. If there is no such huge financial support, the scenic spot will be lack maintenance and disrupted and thus they will be faded away sooner or later.

That is not to say that the tourism industry is flawless. Chances are that local living conditions and lifestyle are disturbed and the environment is degraded due to the fact that floods of travellers pour into the once serene places and bring in rubbish and noise. But like other industries, the governments should legislate to avoid these problems.

In sum, many cities and countries now heavily rely on this indispensable industry; meanwhile, though the pros clearly outweigh the cons, the consequences should be handled by efforts. Only by doing so can we ensure that tourism would be developing in a healthy way.

Tourism Topic IELTS Essay

The global travel industry has witnessed massive growth in the recent decade, attributable to the rise of the low-cost carrier business model. As a result, nations around the world are embracing international tourism as an essential source of economic growth. I believe the advantages of welcoming foreign tourists far outweigh the corresponding disadvantages as long as certain risks are adequately controlled.

Tourism has long been the lifeblood of many economies around the world as well as a tool to carry out international politics. The money that foreign travelers bring to another country creates vital short-term and long-term impacts. In the short term, the expenses paid by tourists go directly to the local populace, improving their livelihood. Thailand probably serves as the best example as many coastal cities such as Pattaya or Phuket have become heaven for people who want to make a good living. In the long-term, private companies, sensing income opportunities, will heavily invest funds into the country, region, or city. These funds will further boost the wealth of the nation. Besides, tourism also plays an integral part in maintaining a balance in global politics by making countries closer and friendlier to each other. The relationship between Vietnam and Korea clearly illustrates how two countries can move from foes to friends by promoting each other’s tourism industry.

Nothing comes without some drawbacks. The growth in international travel has brought up many concerns regarding environmental damages, health issues, and criminal activities. The influx of people to a new destination often creates monumental challenges in waste management. In 2018, the situation was so dire that the government of the Philippines had to shut down Boracay, a hugely attractive traveling destination, for six months to clean out the trash. Airborne diseases, such as SARS or MERS, are also spread faster due to tourism. It is also notable that crime rates have risen sharply in popular holiday spots. However, all of the stated problems can be well handled if governments and nations around the world can cooperate efficiently to promote positive tourism practices. For example, the Southeast Asian countries have created a shared database of people with health risks to track contagious disease movements around the region.

In conclusion, increased tourism will bring about great positive benefits despite certain containable shortcomings. It is expected that countries and companies around the world will further direct their efforts to promote the travel industry.

International Travel Advantages Outweigh Disadvantages IELTS Writing Task 2

As international travel becomes cheaper, more and more people travel and more countries open their doors to increasing numbers of tourists. Some people are of the opinion that international travel does more harm than good whilst others are in favor of the opposite view. From my viewpoint, I prefer the latter opinion for the following reasons.

First and foremost, it is an undeniable fact that international travel goes hand in hand with economic growth since it not only creates millions of jobs but also elevates the tourist industry as well. The most prime example is most countries that have outstanding tourist attractions often has their economic status increased 10% in a few years in comparison with countries that don’t have ones since international travel brings about huge gross profit for travel agencies. Moreover, international travel recruits a huge amount of employees every year and often ensures a high income which results in a decrease in the unemployment rate. In other words, international travel has a great contribution to economic growth in various aspects. Another reason why I advocate international tourism is that travelers can take advantage of it by acknowledging not only diverse cultures but potential business contracts as well. As a matter of fact, tourists have inevitably witnessed and later obtained general knowledge from history to customs by experiencing cultural cross in their visits. For example, in Japan, thumbing up stands for excellent performance whilst in Indonesia, it doesn’t. Moreover, international travel also aids businessmen to reach their full potentials. For instance, an adequate fishing trade circulation may catch the eye of a French businessman who is looking for one on his vacation in Japan. Therefore, it seems reasonable that travelers benefit a lot from international travel.

Some of my opponents claim that international travel has its shortcomings since it may have a negative influence not only on the environment but on society as well. This has some merits on the surface; however, it should be borne in mind that the government has taken strict international travel regulations into practice recently which leads to the fact that rarely can international tourists either violate the law or commit social vices. As a result, international travel has its advantages that outweigh its disadvantages.

In conclusion, international travel stimulates economic development and benefits travelers in various ways. Therefore, the economy and travel experience cannot be upgraded unless international travel is encouraged to become a trend in the future.

IELTS Essay on International Travel

It is irrefutable that international tourism has taken mammoth dimensions. In fact, it has become the backbone of many economies of the world. This situation has both pros and cons. In my opinion, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

International tourism can have many benefits for individuals. The most important benefit is that tourism provides regular employment for many local people who might otherwise be unemployed. They can find work in restaurants or hotels, or with tourist agencies as guides or drivers, for example, and earn regular wages. This, in turn, means that they may be able to save money and improve their standard of living. The second reason is that tourists spend money in the country and this allows local businesses such as restaurants, bars and taxi companies to flourish. In turn, other businesses, food suppliers or petrol stations, for instance, maybe established in order to provide services to support the companies which cater for tourists. In other words, the whole economy of the region develops.

A third reason is that in order for tourists to be able to visit remote areas, roads, airports and hotels have to be built and local people also benefit by being able to use these new facilities. Furthermore, when communications improve, it becomes possible for other industries to move into the area, bringing with them more employment opportunities and increased prosperity. A final reason why I am in favor of tourism is that visitors from outside bring fresh ideas and different ways of doing things to the local community. Consequently, local people may learn from tourists. Likewise, visitors learn about the local people and culture and return home with a deeper understanding of the host country.

On the other hand, that there are some problems associated with international tourism. Firstly, there is the increasing crime rate. Some locals see tourists as easy prey because, not only are they in unfamiliar territory and therefore less able to take care of themselves, but also they carry visible items of wealth, such as cameras and jewelry which can be disposed of quickly for a profit. Another major problem is health. With greater mobility comes the greater danger of spreading contagious diseases around the world. Also to be considered is the natural environment, which can be seriously threatened by too many visitors. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, for example, is in danger of being destroyed by tourists and there are plans to restrict visitors to some of the more delicate coral reefs.

To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that international tourism has both advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

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International Travel is Becoming Cheaper IELTS Essay

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