human activities has had a negative impact on animals and planets ielts essay

Human Activity Has Had a Negative Impact IELTS Essay

Human Activity Has Had a Negative Impact on Plants and Animals IELTS Essay

Human activity has had a negative impact on plants and animals around the world. Some people say that it is too late to do something while others think that actions can be taken to improve the situation. Discuss both sides of the view and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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Human Activity Has Had a Negative Impact IELTS Essay

Sample Answer 1

Human activities, such as deforestation and urbanization, have narrowed the space for other species on the Earth or even threatened their existence. Some believe that the damage is irreversible and so we can do nothing, whereas others persist in carrying out effective measures to alleviate the current situation’ This essay intends to examine both perspectives. However, I personally side with the latter view’

Throughout history, there are many examples, which support the pessimistic view. The south Andean toad became extinct in 1968, and the Sri Lanka legume tree died out completely in the 1980s. They even point out that even if we bring them back, there is no room for them to survive today. The dinosaurs are a good example in this context. if, by some miracle, we are able to bring them back, from where do we get the space for them to move about and proliferate? Finally, they claim that it is futile to save the weak species unless these species themselves are able to continue their life’

On the other hand, we cannot leave things like that to go on, otherwise, we are heading for doom’ Firstly, overexploitation of natural resources should be reduced. Hunting and smuggling of wild animals should be banned. Overgrazing and over-cultivation should be stopped so that we can have sustainable development. Afforestation should be encouraged, which means planting trees where there were none before. Just imagine, in a country like India with a population of 120 crores, if we adopt the motto of ‘each one plant one’, then the results would be stupendous.

There are many examples of successful steps taken by the government and the NGOs to prove that if we try, we can achieve. For instance, the “Royal Bengal Tiger” our national animal, was once on the verge of extinction, but with the efforts of our government and some NGOs we have succeeded in bringing up their numbers. people also donated a lot for the ‘Save the tiger’ project, which was advertised through the media. Many other steps, such as using pre-fabricated materials for doors and windows, have reduced the cutting of trees for wood.

To sum up, although human activities have done a lot of harm to the animal and plant species, it is still not late to make a beginning. Although we cannot reverse the damage, we can stop a lot of further damage, which is otherwise imminent.

Human Activity Has Had a Negative Impact on Plants and Animals IELTS Essay

Sample Answer 2

It is undoubtedly true that some of our activities have a harmful effect on our planet. While some people believe that nothing can be done to solve the negative impact of human activity on the wildlife, I strongly argue that several measures can be taken to solve the problem.

To begin with, some people are of the opinion that the damaging effect of some of our activities on the wildlife cannot be resolved. This, in their opinion, is because many species of plants and animals have already disappeared from our world and it is impossible to get them back. For example, in 2013, a United Nations study found out that several species disappeared from our ecosystem because of deforestation. This clearly shows the depth of the bad effects that our activities have on the wildlife. So, in these people’s opinion nothing can be done to reverse the problem. IELTSX press

Nevertheless, I insist that there are many measures that governments and individuals can take to stop the negative effect that our activities have on our planet. First of all, governments around the world must come together to address the issue of deforestation. This is because it is the main cause of the disappearance of endangered species. For example, the South African government outlawed deforestation in 2015 and since then the results have been impressive as many species have been saved from extinction and soil erosion has been stopped. As a result, the endangered species now have no disruption in their habitats and the production of crops has increased. Individuals can also spread awareness about the destructive effect that some of our activities have on the planet. Obviously there are still many more things that we can do to address the issue.

To sum up, I definitely maintain that governments and individuals can do several things to stop human activity that has damaging effects on our planet. Outlawing deforestation and spreading awareness amongst people about the need to protect wildlife are the actions that need to be taken.

Envrionment Topic Discussion Opinion IELTS Essay

Sample Answer 3

As per many environmentalists, the ecological balance of the blue planet is on the brink of collapse and very soon, the Earth may become inhospitable; however, this notion is quashed by the optimistic lobby that professes that it is never too late and a lot can be done to protect the environment.

Mankind, in an attempt to register radical progress in almost every walk of life, has resorted to exploiting every imaginable natural resource. This has been going on for the last three centuries as humans have gone around denuding the planet to make way for bigger and bigger industrial towns, to provide more and more manufactured goods; create areas for settlements and dwelling units to provide accommodation for an ever-rising population; and bringing land under the occupation of primary activities to practice agriculture – on large scale, Diary-farming – on an industrial scale, and provide pastures for grazing of dairy animals. These activities have culminated in the large-scale destruction of natural habitats of diverse flora and fauna; thus causing the extinction of numerous species of plants and animals, which can never be retrieved now.

Having said that, there is a big group of environmental specialists who assert that the situation is not as desperate as it has been promoted by certain pessimistic naturalists. As per them, mankind has made enough progress to shift focus from naturally occurring minerals to artificially synthesized materials, and revolutionary concepts of using non-conventional energy resources. This has helped society to maximize productivity with minimal use of natural resources; thus, sparing natural habitats and environment for plants and animals. 

In a nutshell, after assessing both views in detail, I feel that despite extensive damage done to the planet, things can be salvaged and humans can make the environment sustainable.  ieltsxpress

Human Activities Negative Impact on Environment IELTS Writing Task 2

Sample Answer 4

The damage people have brought to the flora and fauna of Mother Nature is now clearer than ever before. Some assert that nothing can be done anymore to improve this situation while others believe that people should take action to save the natural world. This essay clarifies these two views and points out that individual actions do count in the fight against the devastation of animals and plants.

Some feel it is too late to repair the damage humans have caused to animals and plants. Indeed, the species like the Dodo birds or the Tasmanian tigers have become extinct somehow due to human indirect actions causing climate change or direct poaching. For these animals, the only way to bring them back to Earth is turning back the hand of time, which only exists in fairy tales. Moreover, the melting of the polar ice caps pushes polar bears into starvation and walruses into losing their habitats. The rising level of the oceans also leads to millions of acres of land submerged in or salinized by seawater, which reduces the area for freshwater plants to grow. This consequence of global warming and the land clearance for urban expansion has destroyed the flora of the Earth, but they are, unfortunately, irreversible. ieltsxpress

However, some believe that actions can be taken to protect the environment. For example, if more serious actions in education and law enforcement had been taken to prevent arsonists in Australia in 2019, then the bushfire in the country would not be so catastrophic as it is now to kill over 500 million animals and drive some to extinction. Likewise, if people stop buying smuggled wood or furniture from companies that do not have forest certification, then over-logging or deforestation would not happen. As for animal protection, if people stop consuming rhinoceros’ horns, elephants’ tusks, or leopards’ fur, these animals would not be at risk. Therefore, if actions are taken against such problems as arson, wood smuggling, and the use of endangered animals’ parts, animals and plants can be saved.

In conclusion, some may feel pessimistic that the damage done to the natural world is irreparable; however, I believe that actions in education, law, and environmentally friendly consumers’ decisions can help curb numerous problems.

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Human Activity Has Had a Negative Impact IELTS Essay

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