More And More Businesses as well as Individuals are Choosing to Communicate

Businesses as well as Individuals are Choosing to Communicate

More And More Businesses as well as Individuals are Choosing to Communicate IELTS Essay

More and more businesses, as well as individuals, are choosing to communicate either professionally or socially using technology rather than being face to face. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the technology for communicating.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Technology for Communicating

An increasing number of companies and people are opting for technology to communicate with others. The main benefits of using technology are improved customer relations and eradication of cultural gaps; however, the key drawbacks are job insecurity and cultural hegemony.

One significant advantage of using technology in the workplace is that it promotes customer relations. In simple words, leading-edge technologies allow users to provide real-time support. This, in turn, establishes strong relations with consumers and prospective buyers. For example, many companies have adopted “call bots” on their websites which can understand client intentions in a natural language and produce a precise response in terms of a particular context, thereby developing intimate customer relationships. Furthermore, technology can also eliminate cultural gaps. With the help of the internet, people from different social backgrounds can easily communicate with each other, allowing the exchange of views and ideas. Consequently, using technology helps to bridge cultural differences.

Having said that, using technology also causes a lack of job security. Since technology keeps on transforming, job security has become vulnerable. For instance, IT experts need to learn continuously to keep up with the changes so as to retain their jobs. Another drawback is that it helps to overrule cultures. While people can easily exchange their notions and views, some dominant cultures are likely to consume others. Teenagers in western societies, for example, have profoundly influenced many teenagers in the other parts of the globe on how they behave, act and dress. Thus, using technology as a medium of communication has also negative aspects.

To conclude, using technology can cement strong customer relations by providing real-time solutions and bridging cultural gaps. However, job security becomes very vulnerable to changes in communication technologies and dominant cultures can manipulate others since technology causes easy interaction.


Digital Communication IELTS Essay

The advancement of technology has changed the way people communicate with each other. As a result, a plethora of companies and individuals are opting to interact online in both professional and social life instead of meeting in person. This essay will discuss both the merits and demerits of communicating online.

Communicating online enables businesses and individuals across the world to stay connected. Firstly, online communication breaks the geographical barrier. People can connect to anyone around the world without having to travel to any place. This has reduced the costs incurred for travel, accommodation and conferences. Furthermore, individuals can find groups of like-minded people from around the world and share their knowledge. To illustrate, an artist can join online drawing sessions where he gets to meet people interested in the specific area of study in arts and collaborate.

On the other hand, miscommunication and data leakage are disadvantages of communicating online. Primarily, online communication using text messages might lead to misunderstandings between the sender and the receiver. This might hurt their relationship. In addition, all our data including text and calls will be stored in some database. There is a potential risk of a data breach. To cite an example, customer details including address, debit/credit card details stored with Dominos and LinkedIn had been hacked and sold on the dark web.

To conclude, using technology for communicating professionally and socially helps us connect to people from around the world. However, online communication might lead to misunderstanding and the potential threat of data loss. Even though there are serious drawbacks, the benefits of communicating online outweigh the disadvantage.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 on Technology

It is an irrefutable fact that the mode of communication has changed enormously with the advent of the internet. People prefer to use different technologies while communicating instead of having a face-to-face conversation. This essay will explain the positive and negative aspects of online communication.

One of the most important advantages of using technology is that it helps to cross the geographical barrier. For instance, a person sitting in India can contact his European clients instantly using email or Skype. This can be beneficial for the expansion of his business as he can interact with people from all over the world. Moreover, this way of interaction helps to reduce a lot of overheads like travel expenses and the cost incurred for setting up a meeting destination.

On the flip side, excessive dependence on communication technologies has its own disadvantages. To begin with, people lose the personal connect/connection when they refrain from face-to-face communication. This can make them feel lonely and depressed as they are devoid of social life and it can have a detrimental effect on their mental health. Furthermore, chances of fraud increase when we converse via phone or email, as we cannot verify the physical identity of the person we are interacting/conversing with.

To conclude, though technology has made communication easier and more convenient, there are numerous disadvantages as well if it is used excessively. So the mode of communication should be chosen judiciously taking into account several factors such as distance and time. ieltsxpress

With the Development of Online Communication

Technology has changed the way people do business now days leading people to do business using social media or online rather than dealing face to face. this essay will determine that business can be done using social media platforms but also raised some significant concerns regarding this.

The use of technology has made doing business very easy and convenient for everyone. one can set at the comfort of home and still do business using apps like zoom, Google meet, etc. Siemens’ attendance of the employee’s working hours idle time can be measured and observed using online social media platforms. there are certain apps that can predict the volume of sales and profit of the business as well. for example, the Google meet app can be used to hold a meeting over the internet of around 100 people at a time with sometimes may not be possible during a face-to-face meeting.

Despite having some advantages the use of technology and social media has certain disadvantages as well. Because of social media, that sense of personal human interaction is reducing day by day. it has also led to certain drawbacks acid that people are now it is very uncomfortable interacting face to face which indirectly affect their communication skills. This in turn also reduces the leadership skills of an individual as well. for example, a leader when giving a motivational speech face to face has more impact on his followers or employees rather than giving over a social media platform like a zoom or Google meet app.

To conclude, both technology and face-to-face interaction must be used in a way that it creates a balance between communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills that will ultimately be more beneficial for the business. people should not depend entirely on technology for running their businesses and create an environment giving space to each of the technology and face-to-face interaction. IELTS Xpress

With the Help of Online Communication

In this era of sophisticated technological breakthroughs, due to rationality, people tend towards new inventions, techniques to become successful in their lives. Nowadays, scientists do myriad efforts to make human life easier and more comfortable. The number of masses opts for the technology for communication rather than having a grapevine communication. This essay will highlight the merits as well as demerits of communication via technology in the subsequent paragraphs.

At the outset, technology brings plebeians from all over the world closer, which is inevitable while running a business. Moreover, individuals are encouraged to run their business overseas as the distance is no longer a barrier for them. Besides this, if folk can communicate online they could avoid traveling long distances to meet with their clients which not only saves time but also saves energy. Apart from it, homo sapiens could reduce their travel expenses. To exemplify, a person can interact with their kith and kin from all over the world via video conferences and emails. Furthermore, there is no fixed time for working as long as folk can connect through the internet. IELTSXpre ss

On the flip side, the business tours would be supplanted by telephonic conversation, via emails, which reduce people’s chance to explore new places. In this way, individuals will lose their miscellaneous skills like social adaptability, cooperation, and leadership. Another point is considered that is a lack of professionalism if the masses do not mingle with others. To cite as an example, when two companies exchange their confidential information through the internet, it does not provide authentication. Consequently, data might be lost or does not deliver accurately.

To recapitulate, although there are numerous benefits while people prefer to communicate through technology, face-to-face communication not only shows the body gestures but also helps to know the feelings of others which is not possible through emails, video conferencing, to name but a few. ielts xpress

Online Communication IELTS Essay

These days, face-to-face communication is declining either in the professional or social setting, owing to the increasing preference of communication via technology. Both the positive and negative aspects of this trend are discussed in this essay.

The first major advantage of this in the field of profession is that it can save valuable time and energy. In the past, businesses saw a great deal of travel, both domestic and international. Information technology has now made businesses across the world under one umbrella. Similarly, now, entrepreneurs can find potential employees for them online, and these people can work for them from anywhere, irrespective of a fixed schedule. Secondly, in the past, social communications were limited to print media or fixed telephone lines. However, tremendous positive changes are seen in this field today, as more and more people are exploring contacts from the distal parts of the world via high definition live audio and video calls.

Of the major drawbacks in the field of professional setup, work discipline is seen improperly maintained in certain situations. When a direct rapport between the employer and employee is compromised, there occurs lax work efficiency, which may affect the productivity of both parties. Similarly, the benefits of teamwork and interpersonal unity among the employees cannot be utilized properly by the employers, which are vital for successful entrepreneurship. In the case of the social aspect, relationships become fragile and more virtual as less emotional attachment is seen in online communications. Hacking and identity thefts are other serious concerns which that modern information technology places before modern man.

To conclude, when time, energy and convenience are seen as the major advantages of this trend, it has some notable demerits related to less productivity security and privacy.

Advantages Disadvantages of International Communication Online

Many companies, people are favoring communication through digital technology rather than traditional methods. I believe utilizing modern and advanced electronic technology is the way of living in the contemporary world. Firstly this essay shall discuss how communication becomes zip and responsive due to technology, secondly, it will explain the downsides of this development.

Since the introduction of break-neck spreading modern technology, we all are feeling like living in a different world as compared to past days, where everything was slow and unproven. These days, building a good conversation is very common through wireless equipment such as cell phones, the internet, and many more. Individual business personalities believe they can have access to any corner of the world where they can start dialing numbers and build a business, which was quite restricted in the old days. In addition, relations between overseas students and their parents are becoming respectful as parents can at least assure that their offspring are safe and studying well enough. Thus, socializing over the telephone or utilizing internet technology is really a blessing for many people.

On the other hand, it is discussed by some that technological communication is deteriorating because of less skill and ability to make a conversation in person. For instance, the current generation is very offensive when it comes to their social lives. In the old days, our grandparents and parents used to be together under a roof and spend quality time with each other, which is really missing by current youth. However, many scams and privacy concerns arise due to the development of this techno craft. For example, Facebook is the global platform to connect any people from any country but the company is stealing the privacy data of individual users. Therefore, the old method of communication is still viable and encouraged by many.

To conclude, we should utilize all the methods of developing technology to make our life easy and smooth, and keep ourselves updated with wise decisions.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Technology Essay

Due to the advent of sophisticated modern technology – a professional world in particular – has adapted its use to a greater extent which also has certain ramifications. Experts throughout the developing and the developed we have been in a humongous argument about choosing this mode of communication despite the traditional method which was initially face-to-face interactions. Whereas, I strongly advocate that technology has enhanced and improved our lives; however, the manifold disadvantages can not be denied. I will dilate my viewpoint in subsequent paragraphs by using examples from the UK work ethics department and Italy center of business to demonstrate my point and support the argument.

On the one hand, there is ample, powerful evidence that denotes that technology innovation has compelled us to use it to a larger extent in the professional world as it plays a cardinal role in getting the economic avalanche of benefits for businesses tremendously. Many studies are being performed on a global level to source the information in the former context. For instance, the recent studies by the UK work ethics department have stated that innovation and advancement in technical equipment, the life of the people who reside – in particular far from home – now feel relaxed as they can communicate with their family hurdle free without any geographical barriers. Needless to say, this in-return encourages spending quality time together despite having the notion of homesickness.

Therefore, technological advancement, on the other hand, Although has significant advantages, manifolds of disadvantages can not be denied. Furthermore, the major drawback of the innovations is that they have made our lifestyle sedentary. For example, one of the recent studies by the Italy center of business stated that due to such advancement there are fewer face-to-face interactions among people which has made them lethargic as well as isolated from society. Hence, the addictive nature has majorly impacted the overall development of a person.

To conclude from these aforementioned statements, I believe that usage of technology is what everyone should be vigilant about as there should be a proper balance between how you want to gain maximum profit without hampering your social and personal cognitive development.

Technology Topic IELTS Essay

Technology is permeating every aspect of human lives. This is apparent in the way in which both individuals and corporations are increasingly using technology to communicate rather than relying on conventional face-to-face interactions. The advantages and disadvantages of this development will be analyzed in this essay.

On the one hand, many argue that technology has abolished the barriers among people and organizations. The most popular depiction cited for this is the shrinkage of time it took to communicate information from one party to another. For instance, Apple offers round-the-clock online customer services to its customers and potential customers, which enables its sales representatives to instantly respond to the questions posed by consumers. As a result, Apple’s customer service is well renowned for its promptness and quality of service. Hence, it is argued that online communication contributes positively to building harmonious relations between businesses and end-users.

On the other hand, many contend that communication through technology has a quality of becoming an addiction to the users to the point where it consumes most of their time. For example, a recent survey by Reddit found that an average American spends around 5 hours a day on websites like Facebook and Twitter. Consequently, a large part of an individual’s day, which would be perhaps better spent on productive activities, is wasted. Thus, the negative aspects of disseminating information through such modern means are clear.

After musing upon both the benefits and drawbacks of communication through the internet, it is felt that the merits of this trend outweigh its demerits. It is hoped that technology will continue playing its part in the betterment of the world.

More Workplaces are Communicating Virtually IELTS Essay

Technology has brought about a considerable shift in the way communication between individuals and companies takes place; a shift from the traditional face-to-face interaction towards online communication. However, the central question is whether the change is positive, or whether there are more drawbacks than advantages?

One of the major plus points of online interaction is there are fewer chances of fraud. No one can deny that they have said a particular thing as there is a record of everything. For instance, if a company promises to offer its employee a bonus of 1000 and the information is sent via mail, the organization cannot deny having sent it. If it does, it has to prove that the mail was malicious.

Secondly, online interaction seems to fit in the busy world we live in. Most people don’t have time to travel, but they still can interact with people they want to with just a click. Even more, it bridges the gap between people living far away. For example- friends who don’t meet regularly can stay in touch using any of the social media sites.

On the other hand, it can be very easy to get distracted if you are constantly chatting online. Like, in a recent survey it was found out that people who used social media tend to be lesser effective at work than those who avoided their use during work. Another major disadvantage of online interaction is the security issue. Since the entire communication is online, it is quite possible that someone might drop in the conversation and steal the important passwords or information.

To conclude, there are both positives and negatives to the use of technology for communication. In spite of the fact that it brings people together and eases communication, some people don’t find it reliable in case of secret information. Personally, I believe that although technology makes life easier one must not entirely depend on it for everything.

Ideas for Online Communication Technology


  • Speed and time
  • Globalization
  • Job creation
  • Cost-effective
  • Improve education sector
  • More business opportunities
  • Eliminates the cultural gap


  • Unemployment
  • Privacy
  • Lack of job security
  • Overruling cultures

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Businesses as well as Individuals are Choosing to Communicate

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