IELTS Listening Practice Test 12 office rental ielts listening history of music in britain

Office Rental IELTS Listening Practice Test 12

Office Rental IELTS Listening | History of Music in Britain

Part 1

Questions 1 – 10
Complete the notes below.

Office Rental


Address: 21 North Avenue
– Type of company: 1__________
– Full name: Jonathan Smith
– Position: 2__________
– Location: near the 3__________
– No. of people: 30
– Preferred size of the area: 4__________ ft2
– Requirements: 24-hour 5__________
6__________ on ground floor
– Preferred facilities: a (an) 7__________ to cook in
a (an) 8__________ away from the workspace
– No. of power sockets Daily exercise: 40
– Daily exercise: a (an) 9__________
– unnecessary: 10__________
– Other requirements: WIFI
– Arrangement of viewing: 3 p.m on Thursday

Part 2

Questions 11-14
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

11 The reason why this island attracts so many tourists is that

A it’s a good place to relax.
B the transport is very convenient.
C the ticket price is relatively low.

12 What is recommended to bring when you visit the island?

A a raincoat
B a sun umbrella
C a helmet

13 What is the most popular attraction at the resort?

A the rose garden
B the sunset
C the freshwater pond

14 What could possibly surprise visitors to the island?

A the size of the island
B a wide range of wildlife
C making new friends

Questions 15-20
What characteristic has been offered for each facility?

Choose SIX answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-G, next to questions


A old prison
B stunning view
C street art
D gallery
E gift shopping
F bird watching
G cycling
H maritime museum


15 tourist centre
16 mountain
17 small theatre
18 art museum
19 pond
20 ancient building

Part 3

Questions 21-24
What feature is there for each character in the novels?

Choose FOUR answers from the box and write the correct letter,

A is deliberately cruel to other people.
B acts with childish innocence.
C resents previous events.
D pays attention to appearance.
E acts in a foolish way.
F has insight into human nature.

21 Rosy
22 Flory
23 Lizzie
24 Estelle

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Questions 25 and 26
Choose TWO letters, A-E.

What are the speakers’ opinions about the literature lectures?

A They are too noisy for virtual learning.
B They are well structured.
C There is insufficient time for discussion.
D They always start punctually.
E They are too shy to take part in discussions.

Questions 27 and 28
Choose TWO letters, A-E.

What improvements can be made in the near future?

A enhancing IT support
B providing more computers
C finding a good librarian
D buying some new photocopying machines
E becoming a good group leader

Questions 29 and 30
Choose TWO letters, A-E.

What do the speakers think of the group discussions?

A The class is too large.
B It’s easy to find time to meet.
C Group sizes are suitable.
D The class time is properly managed.
E They find that the class is very effective.

Part 4

Questions 31 – 40
Complete the notes below.

Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

History of Music in Britain

In the 18th century

– During the Industrial Revolution people moved to cities to work in the 31________

– In the 1850s, the culture was influenced greatly by 32________ from different countries.

– Originally music reflected the work life of different 33________ in those days.

– Different songs were created in the same 34________ although people were from a variety of nations.

– The songs written by the workers during this period mainly came from their feelings about harsh 35________

– Some small musical works were composed by people who were protesting against difficult living conditions.

– The musical trends were led by 36________ performers.

In the 19th century

– During this period, some musical groups had expanded their popularity among 37________

– In the late 1870s, the 38________ came into contact with these flourishing musical traditions.

– Some music produced by these groups is still preserved in museums.


– These musical genres still exert an influence on 39________ culture.

– Enthusiastic fans are still collecting and keeping the 40________ of music from those days.

IELTS Listening Test 11 Answers

Office Rental IELTS Listening Answers

1 advertising
2 regional manager
3 station
4 10,000
5 security
6 reception
7 kitchen
8 basement
9 gym
10 furniture

Tour Gide Talk about Relaxation Centers IELTS Listening Answers

11 A
12 A
13 B
14 C
15 E
16 B
17 C
18 D
19 F
20 A

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Lara Tommy Students talking about a book club IELTS Listening Answers

21 C
22 E
23 F
24 A
25 B
26 C
27 B
28 D
29 D
30 E

History of Music in Britain IELTS Listening Answers

31 factories
32 immigration
33 industries
34 language
35 jobs
36 young
37 audiences
38 middle class
39 classical
40 recordings

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Office Rental IELTS Listening Practice Test 12

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