People of older and younger generations work together IELTS Essay

Older and Younger Generations Work Together IELTS Essay

People of Older and Younger Generations Work Together in the Same Workplace IELTS Essay

People of older and younger generations work together in the same workplace. Do you think there are more advantages or disadvantages for this?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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Older and Younger Generations Work TogetherIELTS Essay

Nowadays, people of two generations are working together seems a common thing in workplaces. I opine that it offers more positive effects than ill effects.

At the outset, one of the advantages of working two generations together is, there will be an effective knowledge sharing among the young and old people. What this means is that older people are more experienced and they have the practice and knowledge to face the work issues in a more logical manner than the individuals who are not matured as them. As a case in point, one of my friends work as a quantity surveyor, and he has mentioned that most of his colleagues are lot more experienced people and hence, he could get greater exposure and knowledge through them.

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Secondly, working together could be a solution to the labor turnover of older people. To start with, older people would not lose their jobs as young people started to enter into the job market. As a case in point, I have seen that even in my company, the working culture has encouraged young people to work with mature people because it is a good way to have different opinions to drive the company towards the success, and it still working well for our business. What is more, society would not face the problem of having high labor turnover for the elders. ieltsxpress

On the flip side, there will be conflicts when two generations are started to work together. In a sense, obviously, people who are born in two different spans would not hold the same beliefs and opinions. So, that could lead to some conflicts within the workplace in instances where asking for the opinions and allowing to make decisions for the workers. Moreover, young people might feel that they have been underestimated by the senior management when the priority is giving to experienced people when having important discussions as they have been exposed to the company issues.

To recapitulate, it is crystal clear that working two generations together would enhance more pros than the cons. Hence, I opine that existing trend which is working old and young people together should be more encouraged among the business world.

IELTS Essay on People of Older and Younger Generations Work Together

Nowadays, professional environment, populated by a workforce that constitutes of personnel from diverse generations, experiences varied challenges, while also bringing along certain benefits. I, however, personally feel that it would be quite inappropriate to descend into a squabble weighing benefits and drawbacks: an organization with such a mix is bound to reap rich benefits, by virtue of having access to seasoning, as well as energy and flair.

Having two generations striving together to attain organizational objectives, is bound to provide an unparalleled edge over rivals. Many human resources experts cite various reasons for this notion: such a business has not only an expansive experience and a pragmatic vision to guide the organization through the thin and thick in various spheres of business – by devising strategies and plans, but also a workforce of young enthusiastic professionals, to implement carefully devised strategies, raring to go and take a shot at success.

Besides this, older workers – with an extensive exposure by their sides – help enrich experience of young employees through a productive engagement and dialogue. This way, a business is able to perpetuate business ethics, work culture and success; expertise and proficient skills are  transferred to the younger generation of personnel.

However, a certain section of management experts express their reservations about such a mixture. To support their views, despite lacking much substance, they cite instances of rift struggle fuelled by generational divide between the young and  the older personnel. They feel that as the aspirations, approach and expectations of people born decades apart tend to vary enormously, there is little chance of them working harmoniously and joining hands. ielts x pre ss

In the end, there is hardly any pitfall in individuals from diverse generations coming together to work. It is a fact that a successful army has always been led by seasoned commanders and battle fields conquered by young soldiers.

IELTS Advantages Disadvantages Essay

It is true that multi-generational workplaces have become the norm in recent years. Despite their apparent disadvantages stemming from generational gaps, I believe that the advantages of this trend outweigh its drawbacks.

On the one hand, there are many reasons why it is difficult to work in a multi-generational company. One primary reason is that since people from different age groups typically have different mindsets, it may be challenging to collaborate with a colleague who is at another stage of life. This issue might cause some conflicts within a team decision-making process. For example, young professionals tend to act quickly to seize the opportunities instead of deliberately think about the situation as senior employees do. Another reason is that experienced peers could discriminate trainees who are inexperienced. This results in unhealthy behaviors within the company, and it hinders the productivity of their team.

Nevertheless, honoring diversity in workplaces brings several gains for companies. Firstly, a diverse working group can observe a situation at multiple perspectives, which leads to meaningful discussions and solutions. In contrast, if all team members are at the same age, they might not realize the critical opinions of other age groups. Secondly, by maintaining employees of different ages, such companies can ensure a healthy talent and management pipeline at all levels and positions. Senior employees may mentor younger ones in order to develop their leadership skills, and managers are able to identify future leaders from such internal potential candidates. Finally, the companies will bring the best out of their people when they maintain harmony between professionals of all age groups within their workforce.

In conclusion, people should embrace the multi generations mix in today’s workplace because its benefits shadow the drawbacks mentioned above.

People of Older and Younger Generations Work Together Essay

It has been seen that in companies young and elderly people are working together. This essay believes that despite young employees are more active while working, experienced employees are the backbone of a company as they have acquired knowledge with time how to successfully run an organisation.

Younger employees are more energetic and have more ideas when compared to older workers. This is because they have a strong desire to learn about their job, and they believe in sharing unique ideas with management. As a result, they finish work in less time and exceptional thoughts can help an organisation to become successful. For example, the Facebook company prefers to hire young graduates because their hiring team believes that young people are more energetic and bring more ideas to the organisation.

I believe that elderly people are more beneficial to a company. This is because elderly people have a vast amount of experience in their field. This gives an upper hand to them to solve any issue in the production line or other managerial issues in the company. Thus, older people help to create a good ambience at the workplace. To illustrate, I work in a big organisation and there is a mix of young and older workers in the company, however, the managerial team of the organisation has experienced people, and this is helping the organisation to grow at a rapid pace.

In conclusion, young workers are more eager to learn about their work and share their unique views, I believe that experience of older people is more helpful to the workplace.

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Older and Younger Generations Work Together IELTS Essay

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