Over consuming Sugar is Unhealthy ielts essay discussion opinion

Over Consuming Sugar is Unhealthy IELTS Discussion Essay

Over Consuming Sugar is Unhealthy IELTS Essay

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Over consuming sugar is unhealthy. Some people think that the government should take responsibility to control it. Others think that individuals should take responsibility for sugar intake.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.
You should write at least 250 words.

Model Answer 1

The issues related to sugar intake are pushing people to think about who must take initiative to control its consumption whether government or residents. The administrative authorities can levy a higher tariff on sugary products, however, I believe that people should learn regarding the negative effects of excessive sugar intake.

Increased tax by the food department on products containing high sugar is going to raise the prices of these products. Due to this, people will have to pay extra money to buy and, this will lead to lower sales and lower consumption. A recent study by MIT revealed that raising 5% of the taxes on any product in the market, a significant drop in sales can be achieved. What is more, the extra tax will increase the income to the government and these accumulated funds can be utilised in the healthcare sector. However, I believe that many people have still buy sugary products due to being obsessed with sweet items and have enough money to buy.

There are those who believe that residents should make themselves aware of the diseases related to excessive intake of sugar. They think that unhealthy eating habits of people make them suffer from diseases and therefore people must quit the intake of products having high sugar content. For example, my friend who was suffering from diabetes because he was fond of sugar products and medicines used for controlling diseases stopped working and thus he pledged not to take any sugar product. Now he is living a healthy life on changing his diet. I believe initiative taken by individuals have more impact on controlling bad eating habits.

In conclusion, although the higher price of sweet products can reduce the consumption, it might not feasible to stop people to eat such products, and therefore, it is better if citizens are aware of their diet and their eating habits.

Model Answer 2

Most organisms depend on glucose for energy, but for humans, excess sugar can be abysmal. Some people would claim that the government is responsible for controlling sugar in our diet, while others opine that it is a personal choice.

In any country, it is the government that controls and limits the prices of commodities, including sugar. Certain measures may be implemented; packaged and processed edibles can be regulated by imposing a strict limit on the amount of glucose. However, a person’s consumption of sweets and confectionaries cannot be checked by the authorities. This is because, at a personal level, the authorities are tied down and there are limited options to control the malaise introduced by this white poison. Therefore, authorities would be perplexed with this commodity’s control.

Not many realise that our health is our responsibility. An excess amount of blood-sugar might lead to ailments, such as diabetes and liver disorder. Eventually, this attracts unnecessary expenses and introduces family issues. For instance, one Christmas a box of pastries caught my eye, and I ate it all. By evening I had to be hospitalised and incurred huge expenses. Obesity is another concern linked with uncontrolled consumption of sugar-rich junk. Teenagers who are overweight face many challenges, and are often, bullied at school. Thus, an individual’s role in this affair is quite significant.

Certainly, the local body can take some actions to discourage the use of sweets and confectionaries. However, with my abysmal experience, I would opine that it is a matter of personal choices and the governing body is the least responsible.

Model Answer 3

Eating sugar in excessive amounts can lead to health problems. According to some people, governments are responsible for their citizens’ health and hence they ought to control sugar consumption while others opine that it is the duty of individuals. In my opinion, everyone should take care of their own health and control the intake of sugar as they understand their body requirements better than others.

It is the moral duty of the government to keep the nation healthy and fit. There are many ways through which excess sugar consumption can be controlled by the government. Firstly, the government should impose higher taxes on sugar and sugary products. For example, if the government levies a high tax rate on these products, their selling prices will be increased and people will be discouraged to buy them. Therefore, consumption will automatically go down. Secondly, governments should run health awareness programs to educate people about the adverse ramifications of over sugar intake. If they are aware of the negative side of having excess sugar, they will share the same with their family and friends too and this will motivate them not to include excess sugar in their diet.

On the other hand, no one can take care of a person’s health better than themselves as individuals know their own body requirements better. Also, everyone is different and cannot be measured on the same scale. For instance, if someone has a family history of diabetes then he should take precautions and consume less sugar than the others because he is more likely to develop diabetes.  In addition, there are multiple ways through which people can regulate their sugar cravings. For example, they can use sugar-free products instead of real sugar.

To conclude, although governments should take the initiative to control excessive sugar intake, in my opinion, largely, it is the responsibility of individuals to restrict themselves from consuming more sugar and take precautions to avoid any negative consequences on health.

Model Answer 4

People these days are fully aware of the harmful impact of sugar on our well-being. A few people opine that the higher authorities must regulate the public’s sugar intake, whereas others postulate that the onus for this lie on the individuals themselves. This essay believes that it is an individual’s bounden duty to look after his eating habits. However, the essay will discuss both views.

A section of society holds the belief that government must take the responsibility of curbing the consumption of sugar by people. As per them, the government has the power and resources to make stringent guidelines that would prompt people to limit their sugar intake. Hence, this duty should fall under the frame of operations of the government. However, this argument is incorrect because mitigating the habits of individuals is a daunting task that would require a lot of time and energy. Moreover, the government’s central focus on such issues could hamper the development and progress of the nation. For example, despite the government’s strict policies against tobacco, people still indulge in tobacco consumption.

On the other hand, a few people opine that individuals are the best caretakers for their health. People are well aware of the requirements of their body and can manage their well-being in a better way. Moreover, a paradigm shift in eating habits requires a lot of willpower and determination from the individual’s end. Hence keeping the individuals accountable for maintaining their sugar intake is a prudent approach. Japan is the prime example, where the overall health of people is in good shape because of the age-old tradition of giving more importance to health by the people of that nation.

In conclusion, although higher authorities must take measures to decline excessive sugar intake, as per my opinion, mainly, it is the indubitable responsibility of people to refrain from savouring excess sugar and avoid any disastrous effects on fitness.

Model Answer 5

People know that overconsumption of sugar is detrimental for health but how that should be controlled is somewhat controversial. Many believe that governments ought to shoulder the onus of controlling sugar consumption, yet others place accountability for curbing sugar intake on the individuals. This essay will expound both views, and I believe that both individuals and governments should take responsibility.

To commence with, controlling sugar intake is an obligation of the authority so as to keep the nation fit and healthy. The authority spends millions of dollars to treat and prevent diseases, and increasing sugar intake can be responsible for many people falling victim to those diseases. With a comprehensive set of policies, governments can curb the overconsumption of sugar efficiently and effectively. They can set standards for sugary foods and restrict the production and sales of harmful sugar items. They can also monitor food supplied to hospitals, workplaces and schools, and run campaigns to make the mass people aware of the dangers of higher consumption of sugar and sweet items. Likewise, another effective policy the government can implement is the restriction on sugary food advertising and commercial promotion. Put simply, governments ought to tighten regulations on food advertising to children, including sugary items so that the acceptability, awareness, and availability of sugary food advertised are reduced.

On the other side, individuals are the cornerstone of any business, and the money they spend shapes the products sold in the market. In other words, the more consumers tend to purchase sugary products, the more they are produced. If people do not purchase such products enriched in sugar, then it would definitely reduce their production. The boycott of plastic packaging in many places have brought plastic production to a lower level and this is the best example of public responsibility. Similarly, the production of sugary foods will be cut if the individuals boycott those products.

To conclude, excessive sugar intake is harmful to people and both the authority and people should shoulder the onus of reducing the production and intake of sugar. Their collaborative efforts will improve the situation and public health.

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Over Consuming Sugar is Unhealthy IELTS Discussion Essay

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