people aim to achieve a balance in between their work and lives ielts essay

People Aim to Achieve a Balance in between work & lives

People Aim to Achieve a Balance in between their work and lives – IELTS Essay

Many people aim to achieve a balance in between their work and lives, but few people achieve it. What are the causes of this? How to overcome this problem?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

You should write at least 250 words.

This essay was asked on 16th September 2021, Morning Slot, India.

Work-Life Balance IELTS EssayModel Answer 1

It is true that parents shoulder a huge responsibility and that raising children is by no means an easy task. However, I completely disagree with the idea that we should therefore force all mothers and fathers to attend parenting courses.

In my opinion, the idea that all future parents should take a parenthood preparation course is completely impractical. Many prospective parents have jobs and busy schedules, and they may not be willing or able to attend regular parenting classes. This raises the question of whether those who missed the classes or perhaps refused to attend, would be punished. I believe that it would be wrong to do this, and it would therefore be impossible to enforce the idea of compulsory training for parents. Besides, even if parents could be forced to attend, I doubt that people would agree on what good parenting entails, and so it would be difficult to create a parenting course to suit everyone.

As well as being impractical, I would argue that training courses for parents are unnecessary. Mothers and fathers have been raising children without any formal help or official interference for thousands of years. Parenting skills are learnt from family members, friends, neighbours and the surrounding culture. Perhaps more importantly, adults learn to be good parents by instinct, by trial and error, and by getting to know their own children; for example, a good parent will try different strategies when faced with a badly-behaved child, and will gradually develop an understanding of what works to correct the behaviour. None of this requires the intervention of a taught course.

In conclusion, while compulsory parenting lessons might seem like a good idea, I believe that such a scheme would be unworkable and largely pointless.

Aim to Achieve Work-Life Balance IELTS Essay – Model Answer 2

Everyone wants to achieve a balance between their work and life. Unfortunately, not many people succeed in this. There are several reasons for this. There are also some solutions.

To commence with, the right priorities are essential to achieving work-life balance. For example, people who prioritize family over work should not make the mistake of accepting jobs that require them to spend a lot of time in the workplace. Such work will bring them a good salary, but most likely they will have to sacrifice their personal life. If we look around, we can see that most of the people who complain about the imbalance in work and personal life are high-paid leaders. They may not have time for their family due to the complex nature of their work and this is something they need to understand before accepting such work. Hence, people who really want to make time for themselves and their families are better off choosing a job with reasonable work schedules and wages. In other words, it’s important to prioritize correctly before we can even try to achieve a work-life balance.

Time management is also critical. Each person spends a lot of time a day on useless things. For example, most people these days spend an excessive amount of time on social media. They are simply wasting this time because there is nothing they can do by updating their social media status hourly. People who are looking for time for their married life should stay away from such time wasters. It’s also important that people focus on one thing. At work, they need to focus on their work because this simple strategy will allow them to finish their work faster and find time for their family. Another factor that upsets the work-life balance is the employee’s tendency to bring work home. This should be avoided unless it really matters.

In conclusion, knowing your priorities is key to achieving a proper work-life balance. Time management is critical. It is equally important to have realistic goals and ambitions.

A Balance between Personal and Professional Life IELTS Essay – Model Answer 3

It is seen these days that people are struggling to maintain a work-life balance, however, there are very few people who in reality are able to achieve a balance. This essay will suggest that the main difficulty while achieving stability in job and home life is to work at lower wages and the solution to this issue is making a law so that people have a decent income.

The primary reason why it is difficult for most people to achieve a balance between work and life is that people have a lower monthly income. Due to this, people have to work extra time to increase their earnings which leaves no time for them to spend with family. Therefore, it becomes difficult for most people to make a balance between work and personal life. For example, a recent survey by the Times Now found that 30% of working people were doing two jobs because one job was not covering their monthly expenses.

To tackle this issue, a law should be introduced by the government regarding the better salary packages offered to employees. This leads to people do not require to work overtime to earn more. This enables people to have some leisure time after work, which people can spend with their family or pursuing their hobbies. To illustrate, recently the government of Finland proposed a 4 days work week, it is claimed that it will result in people have some free time to spend with families and pursue their interests.

In conclusion, a lower remuneration is the main reason why people are not able to make a balance between work and life. This issue can be solved by the introduction of legislation that gives them the right to have a good salary package.

Work-Life Balance Cause and Solutions IELTS Essay – Model Answer 4

In the modern era, people are extremely busy in their professions and this often leads to conflict with their personal lives. I think this is primarily due to a highly competitive environment and the availability of the internet. This issue can be solved by switching off the technology and encouraging employees to meditate.

The present work atmosphere is highly competitive in which companies try to provide better customer service than others. This puts tremendous pressure on employees and they are compelled to work for more than 12 hours. For instance, many Apple employees work for more than 18 hours a day so that the company can develop iPhones that are superior to the competitors. This situation is further accentuated by the universal availability of the internet. Employees are often expected to keep in touch with their superiors and customers through email and WhatsApp. This often interferes with the personal aspects of life. Consequently, individuals are unable to spend a moment of love, care, and peace with their family and friends.

I think this situation can be ameliorated by switching off the technology. If a person switches off his professional phone after 6 pm, he can spend quality time with his family. This also refreshes him for greater productivity during work hours. Also, this should be made a company policy since healthy and psychologically relaxed employees boost revenues of a company. Moreover, companies should train employees in meditation even during work hours. Various studies have proved that a few minutes of meditation after long work hours can boost the efficiency of employees.

In conclusion, a high level of competition and technology are responsible for shattering the work-life balance of employees. It is prudent to turn off the technology and spend time with the family to boost economic productivity.

Work-Life Balance IELTS Essay – Model Answer 5

Work-life balance is something that most people aim for, but it is indeed a massive undertaking. As it is by no means an easy task, many people fail to achieve it. In this essay, I will outline several reasons behind this situation and suggest several possible ways to help people strike a balance between work and life.

There are a variety of causes of the failure to achieve work-life balance. Firstly, in the light of fiercer competition among companies, many workers are forced to work extra hours to maximize profits, which may cause them to struggle to spend time on recreational activities, Furthermore, many workers, in fact, are willing to handle the heavier workloads to make more money. Finally, we currently live in a materialistic society where the priorities of many people are cash, possessions, and status. Thus, to reach these goals, people often participate in the pursuit of wealth, and so they spend most of their time working instead of on other aspects of their lives.

However, several measures could be implemented to mitigate work-life imbalance. One possible solution is that enterprises should extend holiday entitlement to enable their staff to alleviate stress. By going on holiday, workers could escape from the hectic pace of urban life, rejuvenate themselves, and be ready to go back to work. Another feasible remedy is to spend more time with families and friends. If people arrange a specific time of the weekend to strengthen family bonds or to cement friendships, they may temporarily forget their materialistic pursuits and realize that family bonding and friendship create more lasting happiness. In these ways, I believe that people can have a balance between work and life.

In conclusion, work-life imbalance stems predominantly from the willingness to work overtime to pursue material values, However, people can tackle this problem by spending more time with their family members and friends.

Ideas for Work-Life Balance IELTS Essay


Work-life Balance

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People Aim to Achieve a Balance in between work & lives

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