Public health is the responsibility of the government ielts essay

Public Health is the Responsibility of the Government Essay

Public Health is the Responsibility of the Government IELTS Essay

Some people think that public health within a country can be improved by government making laws regarding nutritious food. Others, however, think that health is a matter of personal choice and responsibility. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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Public Health is the Responsibility of the Government IELTS EssayModel Answer 1

A healthy nation is a wealthy nation. This essay will discuss whether health care is the duty of the government or the individual himself. According to me, the government can be held responsible for the public health care centers while at a personal level, individuals must take care of their health.

The government can improve the health care facilities of a nation. The state can take adequate measures to ensure decent health care infrastructure. Officials can also promote healthy communities, like for instance, promotion of free eye care or dental checkup organized by the state. Awareness about communicable diseases and their prevention is also the duty of the government. Keeping our environment clean is not the sole duty of the individuals but of the government as well. The distribution of national resources on health care centers scarcely can be problematic for society as a whole. IELTSXpress

Under other conditions, health is the ultimate responsibility of the individual. Factors like hereditary conditions and inactive lifestyle of humans do contribute largely. Even if the illness is self- inflicted or not, one must take care of their health without depending upon the government. There are some measures that individuals can implement in order to improve their health. For instance, activities like smoking and intoxication can be avoided by the people themselves in order to enjoy an active lifestyle.

In the final analysis, to contribute for the nation and be responsible citizens, we need to have a certain level of health and well-being. For me personally, well-being is an individual’s responsibility and they must not fail to assume this responsibility. Though the Government needs to provide adequate healthcare facilities, as a basic human right, people must not take advantage of the welfare facilities provided by the nation.    IELTSXPRESS

Public Health IELTS Essay – Model Answer 2

Due to the increasing pollution and higher population density, healthy living and the government’s role in it is a great concern for many. Some opine that the government needs to pass laws regarding food intake to improve public health, while others oppose this idea as they believe that it is a matter of individual choice. The following paragraphs will shed some light on this debate before drawing a logical conclusion.

To begin with, a healthy lifestyle is a choice and habit of an individual. No matter how many laws are passed and how strictly the government monitors the food quality, if a person does not follow a healthy lifestyle and eating habit, he will surely suffer from health-related issues. Thus the choices of individuals greatly affect the overall health condition of a nation. To lead a healthy life, citizens not always need expensive food, gym facilities, expert dieticians and so on. For instance, the rich population of a country suffers from obesity, diabetics and many other diseases that are less prevalent among middle-class people. ieltsxpress

On the other hand, the use of chemicals, preservatives and adhesives in food items should be banned, and only the government can ensure that. Even after having a proper diet and regular exercise, if people are forced to eat foods that have chemicals and harmful ingredients, they would suffer from dangerous diseases. Using unauthorised chemicals, selling expired and low-quality foods should be halted by the authority. Infrequent market monitoring and the lack of quality control for food items are two reasons our market is full of unhygienic food items. The government’s initiative can reduce this depravity and crime to a great extent.

To conclude, the citizens of a country have to follow a healthy lifestyle, while the government must ensure hygiene in food production and food sales. Their combined initiatives and efforts can greatly promote public health.

IELTS  Essay on Public Health and Government – Model Answer 3

There are people who think that public health is the responsibility of the government and vice versa. In my opinion, people’s health are both the responsibility of the government and supported by their own attention to their lives.

The government supposed to be the side who thinks and creates the rules, public facilities related to health care and its tools, increases the awareness about the important of health, and also provides the health personnel such as doctor, nurse, dentist, etc. It has one function in organization called as Ministry of Health that in charge to focus on health programs in the nation. Either for prevention and mitigation actions, this organization hold a role to centralized all directions related to health in national or regional stages.

On the other hand, without the society’s concern, the government acts would be useless because it works in two-way. How much the government do their works, it does not make any difference without people’s involvement on supporting the health program. For example on nutrition balance, while the government shares information about it without people care with their own food consumption, the impact of high cholesterol or affected with diabetic is highly possible. If people eat more food with high sugar, instant food, and junk food without control they possibly have high cholesterol, uric acid or high blood sugar that near to diabetes.

People’s attention is also important despite the government still should be the first institution which has one step ahead before public as its responsibility to protect the citizens. It likes domino effect that the two sides supposed to work together on achieving the goals about health.

Public health is the responsibility of the government IELTS – Model Answer 4

As a result of escalating pollution and enormous population, healthy meals is a great concern for many. While the health budget for the government is increasing annually, the general public health state, on the contrary, is threatening. Some opine that the government needs to pass legislation concerning food intake to improve public health. In contrast, others oppose this notion as they consider that it is a matter of individual option.

To begin with, a healthful lifestyle is a choice and habit of an individual. No matter how many laws are passed and how strictly the government tracks the food-grade, if somebody does not follow the healthy lifestyle and eating addiction, he will surely suffer from health-related issues. Thus the choices of people greatly impact the overall health state of a country. To lead a wholesome life, citizens don’t require expensive meals, gym facilities, expert dieticians and so on. As an example, the wealthy population of a state suffers from obesity, diabetics and lots of other diseases that are not as common one of the middle-class individuals. This demonstrates that purchasing ability and budget aren’t the most important aspect of a healthy life. ieltsx press

On the other side, the use of chemicals, additives and additives in food items should be completely banned, and the government can ensure that. Even following appropriate diet and exercise, even if people are made to consume foods that have sudden chemicals, they’d suffer from harmful diseases. Utilizing unauthorized substances, selling expired, and low-fat meals should be forbidden. Infrequent market monitoring and the absence of quality control for food things are two reasons our marketplace is full of unhygienic food items. The government’s initiative could greatly lessen this abrupt corruption and crime in the food business and market.

In conclusion, the citizens of a nation need to practise a healthy lifestyle while the authorities should ensure hygiene in food manufacturing and food markets. Both of their joint efforts and initiatives can greatly boost public health.

Government on Nutritious Food IELTS Essay – Model Answer 5

Personal and public health are tightly related to food choices. While some people believe that the government should regulate nutrition to improve public wellness, others argue that it should be people’s decision whether to pursue a healthy diet or not. This essay will discuss both points of view and explain why the authorities should not control the types of food people can buy.

Legislators could impose laws concerning nutritious food in an effort to have a healthier population, therefore, decreasing public health costs. Even if this could be considered a good idea, it would be very quite difficult to implement. To achieve this target, the rulers could impose a levy on unhealthy food options, or reduce their availability on the grocery stores shelves. In Italy, for example, products such as carbonated sugary drinks and chips are heavily taxed. As a result, the sales of these items have decreased. However, if the authorities start to take control of what their citizens can or cannot eat, it may be seen as limitation of freedom. ieltsxpress

Since personal freedom is an extremely important human right, many people think that they should be responsible for their choices regarding the food and drinks they decide to consume. I agree with this opinion because limiting nutritional options, even if it is done with the best outcome in mind, could consequently create dissatisfaction among the population, which would possibly lead to other public issues such as protests and demonstrations. A better approach could be educating the public about a healthy diet, which would help people make better-informed decisions about the food they consume. Many developed countries around the world employed this strategy and saw public health gains.

In conclusion, even though the government is able to control the dietary habits of its population through taxation and restrictions, healthier citizens and reduced public health expenses isn’t the only possible outcome. Limiting personal freedom could result in social unrest and for that reason diet decisions are better to be left up to well-informed individuals.

Public Health IELTS Writing Task 2

A fair amount of people believe that health and hygiene can only be improved through government oversight, such as imposing some food supply policies; however, others believe that personal decision and responsibility have played a vital role in this matter. In my opinion, both government legislation and personal care are needed. ieltsxpress

To commence with, one of the important causes of health problems is the food people consume. If governments pass various laws related to this issue, the level of problems that people face during their lives will increase and life expectancy will be extended. In addition, by improving agricultural techniques, the mortality rate comes down, as better nutrition will be shared among the people. For instance, if urban centers begin to supply clean water and clean up waste, there will be a drastic reduction in water and nutrition, and general personal hygiene will increase. In this way, governments can be critical in helping to reduce mortality and improve health.

However, people were given advice on what are the causes of illness and how they can prevent infectious diseases while taking care of their personal health, so they need to pay attention to such simple topics as watching their hand, not using others brush, and visiting a doctor in every specific period for medical check up. Moreover, sports were one of the necessary areas to reduce the risk of disease, so provided that there is a regular daily exercise, especially as they get older they will not face difficulty. Thus, public health will not develop without personal hygiene.

In conclusion, it is clear that conditions are vital aspects for promoting health-related products as well as self-awareness. In my notion, both self-care and government concern for aspects that affect health are equally important, and these improvements in hygiene can be more effective if both groups work together.

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Public Health is the Responsibility of the Government Essay

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