Some Companies Sponsor Sports as a Way to Advertise Themselves

Some Companies Sponsor Sports IELTS Essay

Some Companies Sponsor Sports IELTS Essay

Some companies sponsor sports as a way to advertise themselves. Some people think it is good, while others think there are disadvantages to this. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. You should write at least 250 words.

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Some Companies Sponsor Sports IELTS Essay

Today’s business world has become highly competitive. Many transnational companies, therefore, sponsor popular sports events so as to stay competitive or advertise themselves. However, many seem to have a positive opinion about this, yet others believe the influence of these corporations on sports through sponsorship deals has a detrimental effect. In my view, the advantage beneficiaries secure from sponsorships can outweigh its negative impacts. ieltsxpress

There are two significant drawbacks to corporate sponsorship deals in sports events. One of the major disadvantages is the reputational risk. The key source of reputational risk is heightened sensitivity to the detrimental health impacts of some product classes, such as alcohol, tobacco, and junk foods that are enriched with sugar, salt or fat that may translate it into contentious for a sporting spirit to partner with corporations of these product categories. Another major disadvantage is the operational risk. To illustrate, operational risk takes place when sponsors demand to change the format or rules of the event, or when they exert undue influence on the event’s timing, content, and even participants.

sports sponsorships by multinational companies, however, also confer many advantages. For a start, sponsorship very often is regarded as a vital source for operational expenditures of an event. The operating budget for many renowned sports events relies solely on the sponsorship revenue; the failure to get sponsorships is more than likely to cancel the event entirely. A case in point is the 2011 Colorado Springs Pro XCT event, a professional mountain biking competition. The event was cancelled owing to the lack of financial sponsorship. Apart from that, sponsorships also reap benefits to the players or athletes as it covers costs, for example, match fees, kit, equipment, accommodation, and so on. Corporate sponsorships thus offer many decisive advantages.

To conclude, while there are some disadvantages, the beneficiaries of the benefits can reap from corporate sponsorship are enormous. Therefore, I think that the advantages of sponsorships negate the shortcomings that stem from this business and partnership agreement.

Some Companies Sponsor Sports as a Way to Advertise Themselves

Global sport is a multi-million dollar industry and many corporates vie one another to bag publicity by spending money for its conduct. Many are of the view that MNCs bearing the expenditure of conducting such events is right but others argue that it has demerits. Both these contrasting viewpoints are examined in this essay before stating my opinion.

On one hand, large conglomerates sponsoring mega sports events get wide publicity of their products through audio-visual media besides illuminated billboards and banners at the venue. To elaborate, Pepsico International has been incurring millions for organizing international cricket matches. Carbonated beverages produced by the company are not only advertised but also these are freely distributed to the participants which ensure wide acceptance for the same. Thus, such sponsoring of sports tournaments elicit media coverage to the company in particular and the game in general.

On the other hand, such companies select and support only sports events which are popular and have wide viewership. This paves the path for other regional sports and sportsmen to be ignored who find it difficult to achieve financial support and global exposure. It is in evidence on record that athletes of lesser known events either find it hard to survive or to participate in costly competitions because multinational corporates sponsor only games of high repute. Many clippings on television news channels and radio news would substantiate my contention. Hence, it is can be stated that companies have been promoting certain sports only for their own benefit.

Having critically examined both perspectives, it is unambiguously opined that large business houses have been sponsoring sports only for self- aggrandizement. Such promotions deny opportunities for less popular sports and games; thereby many sportsmen get ignored. It is hoped that right-thinking entrepreneurs would extend support to financially weak athletes irrespective of their sport or game.

IELTS Essay on Topic Sports

Many believe that the influence of multinational companies on sports through sponsorship deals has a harmful effect. In my opinion, while advertising creates potential conflicts of interest, this a positive situation overall as it funds the sports industry.

The growing primacy of sponsorships in sports can be problematic when it precipitates an ethical dilemma. In recent years, many Middle Eastern corporate entities linked closely to governments with poor human rights records such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar have purchased and are now endorsed by major footballing leagues and teams. This raises the question of whether such leagues should accept morally bankrupt ownership. A similar example was seen in the NBA recently, which has signed various lucrative sponsorships with Chinese companies and was put in a difficult position when a league executive expressed support for the independence movement in Hong Kong. The league was forced to backtrack amid pressure of boycotts from China.

Nonetheless, advertising is a key part of the viewing experience fans have come to expect. The advertisements themselves are slightly annoying at best, but they allow leagues to make games widely available to watch and guarantees the salaries of the best players. Most games, whether it be football, basketball, tennis or another sport, can be viewed for free on major television networks or online. Advertising allows the distributors and owners to earn enough for this to be a viable option. Moreover, leagues do not operate in a vacuum. If one league banned all advertising, then players would simply switch to play somewhere else where salaries are higher. Advertising is therefore an unavoidable, crucial prerequisite to having the top players.

In conclusion, the fan benefits outweigh the pernicious impact of sponsorship deals in sport. It is regardless important for leagues to balance competing ethical, economic, and entertainment priorities.

Some Companies Sponsor Sports IELTS

The way of advertisement has changed over time, nowadays sponsorship is common among the other ways. Some argued that there are many benefits to advertising, while other people think it has more drawbacks. Both views are valid, in my opinion, the advantages more than disadvantages

On the one hand, some people claimed that advertising is modern art and it a key part of modern business. The most obvious advantage is that companies can tell us about their product, without it we have fewer choices. For example, most of the people know Nick and Adidas brand through their advertising in the world cup of football. Also, advertising is a creative industry that employs many people, without it, there would be high unemployment.

Some companies sponsor sports as a way to advertise themselves. On the other hand, although, there are advantages of sponsorship they are also some disadvantages. Sometimes advertisements can manipulate people, especially in cloth trends. Furthermore, as we live in consumer culture, advertisement companies persuade us to follow the latest trend and encouraged us to associate a certain brand with a higher status. Moreover, children can easily be influenced by advertisement and some of them put pressure on a parent to buy think. For instance, my smallest brother asked my father to upgrade his phone with every new series.

To sum-up, the benefit of sponsorships is a controversial topic, in my point of view the advantages of it overweight the disadvantages.

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Some Companies Sponsor Sports IELTS Essay

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